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How far apart should you plant cedar trees?

Space seedlings or very small plants, under 1foottall, between 8 and 18 inches apart. Tallerplants,usually sold in 3-gallon or larger pots, shouldbe spacedbetween 5 and 7 feet apart.

Accordingly, how close should you plant cedar trees?

We have had the most success when people spaceour3-3 1/2 foot trees 20 inches apart. You can spacethemas close as 12 to 14 inches to create a denser hedgefaster.5 to 6 foot cedars may be spaced from 20 to 30 inchesapartdepending upon how dense you want the hedge the daythey areinstalled.

One may also ask, what is the best time to plant cedar trees? It's incredibly important to plant cedar treesatthe right time. Summer is not the best timeforplanting cedar hedges. It's recommended to plantcedartrees either in early spring or in the fall.

Similarly, you may ask, how far apart should red cedar trees be planted?

You should probably not plantthetrees a distance from your wall that is lessthanhalf the width of the mature tree. Kansas ForestServicerecommends a planting spacing for redcedars of 6 to10 feetand University of Missouri Extension recommends a spacing of8-12feet.

What plants grow well near cedar trees?

Plants That Can Grow Under Cedar Trees

  • Convallaria Majalis. Convallaria majalis (lily of thevalley)grows well as a goundcover under cedar trees.
  • Epimedium grandiflora. Epimedium grandiflora (bishop's hat) isalow-growing groundcover that can grow well under cedartrees.
  • Hosta. Hostas grow well underneath coniferous trees.
  • Pulmonaria.
  • Platycodon Grandiflorus.

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Do cedar trees need a lot of water?

Water frequently
One of the most important things in learning howtoplant cedar trees is watering them properly. If itdoesn'train, you should water your new hedge at least once aweekfor over an hour or so. Keep the soil moist, butnotsoaked.

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How do you care for a newly planted cedar tree?

Water small trees regularly and allow them todryout completely between each watering. Fertilizer is generallynotnecessary unless the soil is very unhealthy. Once thetreeis mature, cedar tree care involves little morethan regularmulching and removal of dead or diseasedbranches.

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What kind of soil do cedar trees like?

It prefers moist soil, but ismoredrought-tolerant than most eastern cedar trees. Easternredcedar has dark green to bluish evergreen leaves withascale-like appearance. Plant it in full sun in almostanytype of soil. Eastern red cedar tolerates clay,sand,compacted soil and urban pollution.

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How long do cedar trees take to grow?

Mature eastern red cedar produces a good cropofseed every two to three years. When grown from seedinnurseries, eastern red cedar will take one totwoyears to reach an appropriate size for replanting.Treestaking root in the wild will develop large, strong rootsystems inrocky and shallow soil.

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How often should you water cedar trees?

Keep the soil around the newly plantedtreecontinually moist for at least a month. Yourseedlings withneed ½ inch of rain or ½ bucket ofwater perweek for 6-8 weeks. Water during dry spellsas needed, evenfor the next three to four years.

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How do you plant hedges for cedar trees?

Hedging Cedar Planting Tips
  1. When to Plant. Spring…
  2. Distance between. For a good hedge, plant 60 centimeters(2feet) to a maximum of 91 centimeters (3 feet) apart from mainstemto main stem.
  3. Prepare the hole. Prepare the planting hole by digging awidthabout twice as wide as the root ball.
  4. Fertilize.
  5. Water, water, water.

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How much does cedar trees cost?

Native Cedar Trees - Installed
Height in feet Price each installed Minimum order required (only for installation)
10 - 10 ½ $119.95/ea. 10
12 - 12 ½ $199.95/ea. 5
14 - 14 ½ $399.95/ea. 5

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Do cedar trees have deep roots?

Even if a tree tends to develop deeprootsnaturally -- like the cedar -- it won't doso if theroots have nowhere to go. In ideal conditions,treeshave been known to develop roots down to 20 feetbelowthe surface of the soil, but in most cases, thedeepestroots are 6 to 7 feet down.

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Are cedar trees fast growing?

The average growth rate of cedartreesdiffers slightly by species, but most cedars have a mediumtofast growth rate. Michael Dirr, in his "Manual ofWoodyLandscape Plants," classifies a medium growth rate as13 to24 inches per year, and a fast growth rate as 25 inchesormore.

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What do cedar trees need to grow?

Purchase cedar shrubs at a local garden centerandplant from spring to early fall in well-drained,fertilesoil. Cedar grows best in slightly acidic, moistsoil. Spaceplants 3 to 5 feet apart, depending on the type ofcedar.Plant so the crown of the plant is a fewinches abovethe soil line.

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How tall do cedar trees get?

Cedar trees can grow to heights of over 120feet.Some species grow to 180 feet.

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How fast do cedar hedges grow?

Western Red Cedar
It is one of the fastest growing cedars. Itcangrow 30 – 60 centimeters (1-2 feet) per year. Asahedge it will make an excellent wind and noise breaker.Itcan be kept as a hedge from 1.8 – 2.4 meters(6– 7 feet) or let grow to atallerhedge.

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Do deer eat cedar trees?

Deer can cause minor and extensive damagetocedar trees and seedlings. Deer rip at and snapoffbranches and bark while feeding, especially when food isscarce,and the tender leaves of the cedar make an attractivesnack.Repelling the animals and protecting cedar trees canstopthe deer from grazing.

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How long do red cedars live?

This tree has a tendency to “shed”itsouterbark, and the color underneath is more of a dull grey.Thebark is very sturdy and has been crafted into small sheltersandalso small furniture. Life span: Depending if it is in itsnaturalhabitat, the Red Cedar can live between 100years toabout 300 years.

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Do cedar trees have berries?

This “cedar,” like most of themanyother trees given that name, is not a cedar atall.It's a juniper. And despite having round, blue fruits thatlookjust like berries and not at all like cones, easternredcedar is a conifer.

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How far from a wall should you plant a tree?

Size is also considered when planting shadeorother trees, because they vary in height and spread.Largetrees, up to 70 feet or more should be plantedatleast 20 feet from the home, medium-sized trees up to70feet tall, 15 feet from the home, and small trees 30feettall or less, 8 to 10 feet from the home.

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How tall do red cedar trees grow?

Form and Foliage
It grows between 50 and 70 feet tallwitha 25-foot spread in cultivation, but wild trees canreachheights of 200 feet.

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Should you use bone meal when planting trees?

This encourages roots to spread out intothenative soil, rather than staying within the confines oftheplanting hole. We do recommend addingmycorrhizalfungi and bone meal to the backfill. Bonemealprovides essential minerals that promote sturdy rootsystems andstimulate plant growth.

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What is the best fertilizer for cedar trees?

For established cedars, select acompletefertilizer such as 10-8-6 and apply it in springbefore newgrowth starts.