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How far is Mt Hamilton?

Hamilton Road (part of State Route 130) is a sinuous 19-mile (31 km) road located in California's Diablo Range, in Santa Clara County, California, USA, climbing up to Mount Hamilton, a mountain pass at an elevation of 4,216ft (1.285m) above the sea level, and the site of Lick Observatory, the first permanently occupied

Considering this, how high is Mt Hamilton?

1,300 m

Similarly, how do I get to Mount Hamilton? How to get to Mount Hamilton: From San Francisco, take U.S. 101 south for 50 miles to San Jose and take exit 382 for Yerba Buena Road.

Also know, how do I get to Lick Observatory?

Lick Observatory is located on the summit of Mt. Hamilton in the Diablo Range east of San Jose. To get there from Interstates 101, 280, or 680, take the Alum Rock Avenue exit and head east. Turn right on Mount Hamilton Road (CA route 130) and drive 18.5 miles to the Observatory.

Is Mt Hamilton closed?

Mt. Hamilton Road (CA Highway 130) is closed between Quimby Road and 9.8 miles east of the junction with I-680 due to a washout. It can take months before Mount Hamilton Road will be open again. UPDATE 03-18-2017: According to CalTrans, Mount Hamilton Rd may be fixed by the end of April.

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How far is Mount Hamilton from San Jose?

Distance from Mount Hamilton, CA to San Jose, CA
There are 13.35 miles from Mount Hamilton to San Jose in west direction and 24 miles (38.62 kilometers) by car, following the CA 130 route. Mount Hamilton and San Jose are 47 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop.

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How long does it take to hike Hamilton Mountain?

Located in the Columbia River Gorge Natural Scenic Area within Beacon Rock State Park, Hamilton Mountain can be tackled one of two ways. Try hiking it straight up and down for a six-mile roundtrip, or take the loop for a 7.5 mile round trip.

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