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How far is Oakland from LA by plane?

Last Updated: 22nd May, 2020

The distance from Oakland to Los Angeles by planeis337 Miles. This is the air distance on the most directroutetaken by the vast majority of flights.

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Accordingly, how far is Oakland from LA?

343 miles

Likewise, how far is Oakland Airport from LAX? 338 miles

In this manner, how long is the drive from LA to Oakland?

Driving time from Oakland, CA toLosAngeles, CA. The total driving time is 5 hours,38minutes. If you're planning a road trip, you mightbeinterested in seeing the total driving distancefromOakland, CA to Los Angeles, CA.

How far is Los Angeles from Las Vegas?

263 miles

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Is Oakland close to San Francisco?

Distance from Oakland, CA to SanFrancisco,CA
There are 8.33 miles from Oakland toSanFrancisco in southwest direction and 11 miles(17.70kilometers) by car, following the I-80 W route.Oakland andSan Francisco are 16 minutes farapart, if you drivenon-stop.

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Is Oakland California near Los Angeles?

Distance from Oakland, CA toLosAngeles, CA
There are 343.39 miles from Oakland toLosAngeles in southeast direction and 371 miles(597.07kilometers) by car, following the I-5 Sroute.

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How far is San Francisco from Los Angeles?

The shortest distance (air line)betweenLos-Angeles and San-Francisco is347.53mi (559.30 km). The shortest routebetweenLos-Angeles and San-Francisco is381.99mi (614.75 km) according to the route planner. The drivingtime isapprox.

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How far is Oakland California to San Francisco California?

Distance between San FranciscoandOakland is 13 kilometers (8 miles). Drivingdistancefrom San Francisco to Oakland is 20kilometers (12miles).

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How far is Oakland to San Diego?

Distance from Oakland, CA toSanDiego, CA
There are 454.51 miles from Oakland to SanDiegoin southeast direction and 491 miles (790.19 kilometers)by car,following the I-5 S route. Oakland and SanDiego are7 hours 29 mins far apart, if youdrivenon-stop.

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Where should I stop between LA and San Francisco?

13 Best stops on an LA to San Francisco Drive
  1. Santa Monica. Even though Santa Monica is still a part ofLosAngeles, it makes for a fantastic first stop when driving fromLosAngeles to San Francisco.
  2. Malibu.
  3. Santa Barbara.
  4. Solvang.
  5. Pismo Beach.
  6. Hearst Castle.
  7. Elephant Seal Vista Point.
  8. Big Sur.

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How long drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco?

How Long Will It Take? The total distancefromLos Angeles to San Francisco on 101 is about 420 miles.Youcould spend a week on the trip if you make every stop andfollowevery interesting side road, but you can do it in muchlesstime.

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How long does it take to get from Los Angeles to San Francisco?

It takes about 8.5 hours to travelbetweenMonterey Park and downtown SanFrancisco.

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How long is the drive from LA to San Diego?

Driving the 120 miles betweenSouthernCalifornia's two largest cities, Los Angeles andSanDiego, is a fairly straightforward trip. With minimaltrafficproblems, the journey can be done in as little as two to twoand ahalf hours. Unfortunately, you're almost certain tofacesignificant congestion along the route.

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How far is Long Beach from LA?

Distance between Los Angeles andLongBeach is 32 kilometers (20 miles). Drivingdistance fromLos Angeles to Long Beach is 41kilometers (26miles).

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Where should I stop on a road trip from LA to San Francisco?

Below are the 12 gorgeous stops we made during our highway1road trip from San Francisco to LA.
  • Half Moon Bay. A quick stopover at Half Moon Bay to grabacoffee but there wasn't much going on at the beach.
  • Monterey.
  • Carmel By The Sea.
  • Bixby Bridge & Big Sur.
  • Morro Bay.
  • San Luis Obispo.
  • Pismo Beach.
  • Solvang.

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