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How long after PRK can I smoke?

You should also refrain from rubbing your eyes,smoking, swimming, or engaging in strenuous physicalactivity during the first two weeks after surgery. Yoursurgeon will advise you as to when it is safe to resumenormal exercise.

Similarly, is it OK to smoke after Lasik?

Your doctor will tell you when it is safe for youto drive following surgery, typically after one day.Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes for at least the first weekafter LASIK surgery. Read in moderation for the first fewdays after your LASIK procedure. Smoking isallowed, but the smoke may irritate your eyes.

Similarly, can you smoke after eye surgery? Do Not Smoke While You AreHealing After LASIK, you'll want to avoidsmoking for a few weeks so your eyes can full heal.This is just playing it safe and making sure that you willnot trigger any serious attacks of dry eye or majoreye irritation.

Also know, how long after Lasik can you smoke?

When to Quit Smoking Ideally, patients should give up smoking for atleast several weeks before LASIK and another four to sixweeks after their laser eye surgery. By refraining fromsmoking during this time, patients can ensure thatthe body is in optimal condition for LASIK surgery and therecovery that follows.

Can u drink after Lasik?

However, drinking alcohol after LASIK orany other form of laser vision correction is likely to increaseyour chances of experiencing side-effects. To keep the risks to aminimum, we advise patients avoid drinking alcoholfor at least 24 hours following surgery, sometimes a few daysmore.

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Can you cry after Lasik?

Q Does 'crying' affect the LASIKoutcome? Ans. In some cases, crying has not resulted in anyharm, in some it has as below. Any rubbing of the eyes immediatelyafter LASIK can pose a risk to the 'flap' which has beentaken.

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How many years does Lasik last?

Long-Lasting Results
Prospective patients often ask me, “aftersuccessful LASIK, how long will the resultslast?” The answer for most people is years oreven decades. However, there are some exceptions to the rule.Approximately 5 percent of patients develop small changes in theireyes that require a second procedure.

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What drug do they give you before Lasik?

Additionally, I prescribe 75 mg pregabalin(Lyrica; Pfizer, Inc.) the night before surgery and thenb.i.d. for 2 to 3 days after LASIK and 4 to 5 days afterPRK. After counseling and about 15 minutes before surgery, Igive 5 mg oral diazepam (Valium; Roche Pharmaceuticals) tomy patients.

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Can you smoke a cigarette after surgery?

Quitting smoking even the day before yoursurgery can lower your risk of complications. But try not towait that long; the earlier you quit the better —preferably a week or more before your surgery. It's alsohelpful to not smoke during your recovery fromsurgery.

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Can I watch TV after Lasik?

Since your eyes are still healing, they will beespecially sensitive in the first 24 hours after theLASIK procedure. So it's recommended to wait at least 24hours before watching TV again. Watching TVimmediately after the procedure can cause your eyesto strain, and that will negatively affect the healingprocess.

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How do you clean your eyes after Lasik?

You should clean your eye lid margins fromthe day after your treatment with sterile tissues. You canwipe and clean your face away from the eye. Do notremove the eye patch on the day of treatment. Do not takehead bath or splash water into the eye and face for 2weeks.

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How do you shower after Lasik?

The day after surgery, you are permitted to dothe following: Shower, but continue to avoid any soap orwater in the eyes. Restrict your movement to light activities. Workshould probably be avoided but working at home isacceptable.

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Can you wear makeup after Lasik?

During your LASIK recovery, it is ok towear face makeup like foundation and concealer aslong as it does not get very close to your eye. In general,you want to minimize the things going into or around youreyes as much as possible after LASIK.

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Can I wash my face after Lasik?

A Guide to Post-LASIK FacialCleansing
Generally speaking, you should wait at least 24hours after LASIK before washing yourface.

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What can you not do after laser eye surgery?

In the weeks after surgery, try to avoidstrenuous exercise or impact, which can dislodge the healingcornea. You should also refrain from wearing eye makeup for at least a week and try to avoid getting soap orshampoo near your eyes. Avoid rubbing youreyes too, even if they feel itchy.

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Can I drink coffee after Lasik?

This will help smooth the cornea. To preventdehydration, do not consume alcohol, caffeine orchocolate. Drink plenty of water throughout theday.

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How long wear sunglasses after PRK?

Wear sunglasses on bright days for at least 1year after surgery and avoid too much sunexposure.

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Do and don'ts after cataract surgery?

For a safe and speedy cataract surgery recovery,follow these tips: Don't drive on the first dayfollowing surgery. Don't do any heavy liftingor strenuous activity for a few weeks. Immediately after theprocedure, avoid bending over to prevent putting extra pressure onyour eye.

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How does smoking cause cataracts?

Doctors believe smoking contributes tocataracts by altering the cells of the lens throughoxidation. There is also evidence that smoking leads to theaccumulation of heavy metals like cadmium in the lens.Smoking also increases a person's risk of developing maculardegeneration.

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How long after cataract surgery can you wear eye makeup?

There is no set rule for how long you shouldwait; every patient will be different. At the very minimum,most patients should not wear any type of make-up (powders,foundation or eye make-up) for at least one weekafter surgery. Some patients may need to wait onemonth after surgery.

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Can you have a glass of wine after surgery?

Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours afteryou leave the hospital or while you are taking aprescription pain medicine.

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When can you drink alcohol after surgery?

If you drink alcohol, do not consume itfor at least 48 hours before surgery.

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Can you drink beer after surgery?

It is important to stay hydrated. ✓ Do NOTdrink alcohol, drive or operate heavy machinery for 24 hoursafter your surgery or while taking pain medication✓ Do NOT do heavy lifting (nothing more than a gallon ofmilk) for 6 weeks after your surgery if youhave an incision.