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How long do cichlids hold eggs in their mouth?

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28 days

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Accordingly, do fish hold eggs in their mouth?

African cichlids, which are maternal mouthbrooders,arean example of fish that continue toprotecttheir young even after the eggs have hatched.FemaleAfrican cichlids hold eggs in their mouths for 21 to36days. During this time, the female does noteat,leaving no opportunity for an egg toescape.

what fish keeps its eggs in its mouth? In this case, the male catfish keepstheeggs in the mouth and so long as the eggsarein the mouth unhatched, the fish does not feed.Inthe case of Tilapia, the eggs are reared in themoutheither by males or both (males and females).Accordingly, themouth breeding habit is uniparentalorbiparental.

Moreover, how many eggs do cichlids lay?

Oreochromis aureus: 160 – 1,600

How long do jewel cichlid eggs take to hatch?

3 days

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Why fish eat their babies?

Why do some fish eat their own eggs? Summary:Manyanimals go to great lengths to ensure the survival oftheiroffspring -- yet some species actually eat someor all oftheir babies. Nor is there always an obviousexplanation --like a food shortage -- for such filialcannibalism.

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Is tilapia a fish?

The name tilapia actually refers toseveralspecies of mostly freshwater fish that belong to thecichlidfamily. Although wild tilapia are native to Africa,thefish has been introduced throughout the world and isnowfarmed in over 135 countries (1). Summary: Tilapia isthename for several species of freshwater fish.

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How does the fish reproduce?

Nearly all fish reproduce bysexualreproduction - the fusion of sperm produced fromtestes andeggs produced from ovaries. Fertilization is external inmostfish species. Large quantities of eggs and spermaresimultaneously released into the water by females and males.Thisprocess of egg release is termed spawning..

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Do cichlids protect their babies?

Cichlids lay eggs, either in caves or onrocks,and they defend the eggs until they hatch and thentheycontinue to defend their babies. Cichlids areveryprotective of their spawning, and in smaller tanks(lessthan 30 gallons) when they spawn they will try and claim theentiretank for their spawning territory.

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How do fish protect their eggs?

The babies know to swim into the parentfish'smouth when they are threatened. Others, such as someLabyrinthfish, will build a bubble nest on the surface ofthe waterto keep the eggs in, and then defend it fiercelyagainst anywho would come near. Other fish will builda nest onthe bottom and defend it.

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What does mouth breeder mean?

Mouthbrooding, also known as oral incubationandbuccal incubation, is the care given by some groupsofanimals to their offspring by holding them in the mouthofthe parent for extended periods of time.

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Why do cichlids eat their eggs?

When their eggs were taken away for aprolongedperiod, the females of a cichlid fish species ateboththeir own eggs and foreign eggs. Theyquicklyswitched between parental duties and ensuring theirownenergy supply. This behaviour enables them to cease to carewhilerecouping lost energy.

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Can Convict cichlids change gender?

The cichlids become one sex or theothernot simply based on their absolute size, but rather based ontheirsize with respect to the fish around them." 50mm is 2 inchesand100mm is 4 inches, so yes a Convict can changeitssex.

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How do you know if fish are mating?

Preliminary Signs
Your fish will show signs of matingbeforethe actual mating happens. Look for fish thatpair offor groups of males showing interest in a female. In thecase of thesilver dollar fish, the males will aggressivelychase thefemales around the tank.

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Do male cichlids hold eggs?

Once a male has fertilized the eggs,thefemale will pick them up, and incubate them in her mouth foraperiod of 21 to 36 days, depending upon the species andtemperatureof the water. Most male Cichlids (and even somefemales)have "egg spots" on their anal fin. In this photo ofamale Ps.

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Will female cichlids lay eggs without a male?

:: Yes they can, butafemale when mature will lay eggs without a male.Ifthey have spawned together, he would be helping her protecttheeggs.

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How many convict cichlids can I put in a 75 gallon tank?

with luck you can house 2 pair of convicts ina75-gallon tank. They are toughlittlebuggers.

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How do you know when cichlids are breeding?

The male does a mating dance in front of hertoshow her the spots on his rear lower anal fin, which looklikeeggs. As she follows closely to him, he fertilizes the eggs inhermouth. She will harbor the eggs in her mouth until theyhatch.Observe a male cichlid that is not amouthbrooder.

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How fast do cichlids grow?

An African cichlid can grow to 4 to10inches at maturity, depending on the species. Adequate nutritionisobviously important to the fish's growth, but environmentalqualityalso determine's a cichlid's growth rate and hishealth overa lifetime. An African cichlid can live up to10years.

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How many fry do Peacock cichlids have?

She will stay inside the cave and incubate them inhermouth for up to 28 days until they hatch (you should expectbetween12-50 little Peacocks). After the fry havehatched,in an aquarium the female will generally leave them totheir owndevices.

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Will Convict cichlids eat their fry?

no the parents will not eat their fry,Ihave a breeding pair of convict cichlids who have 2batchesof babies in the same tank, the babies areabout amonth to 2 months apart in age and from 2 different motherssamefather. I have had to give away a good majority ofthebabies just to lower the number in the tank.

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Do fish carry their babies in their mouth?

How to Tell if a Fish Is Pregnant WithBabiesin Her Mouth. Several groups of fish use abreedingstrategy called mouth-brooding. Mouthbreederscarrytheir eggs, and later their young, intheirmouths. This allows the adults to protecttheireggs.

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Do African cichlids eat their babies?

African Cichlids do keep their fryintheir mouths to protect them, but they also DO haveatendency to eat each other's fry.cichlid'sare very aggressive in nature, all fish eattheir young, butthey are more likely to. The only way toprevent it is to seperatemom from the fry. That's how theyprotect theirbabies.