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How long do shocks last on a truck?

In general, a shock absorber should lastat least 50,000 miles before you need to have it replaced. However,the real determining factor is where you drive and how you drive.For instance, if you do a lot of off-road driving, or spenda lot of time on dirt roads, your shocks will wear out muchmore quickly.

Similarly one may ask, when should Shocks be replaced on a truck?

Experts say that shocks and struts shouldbe replaced every 50,000 to 100,000 miles. However, that'sjust a general recommendation.

Similarly, how many miles should you change your shocks? 50,000 miles

Additionally, how long do truck shock absorbers last?

Those variables make it virtually impossible to assign anumber of years or miles as a broad stroke, though we wouldexpect shock absorbers (or struts on vehicles withstrut-type suspensions that incorporate the shocks into anassembly with springs and other suspension parts) to last atleast four or five years unless

Should I replace all 4 shocks at the same time?

It's not necessary, but it's usually recommended toreplace them in pairs, for example, both front struts orboth rear shocks. However, if your car is not very old,replacing only one strut or shock absorber may beenough, since the opposite side is not worn out yet.

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How can I tell if my struts are bad?

Symptoms of bad shocks or struts include:
  • Badly cupped tires and/or noticeable tire shaking, wheel shimmyor vibration after hitting a bump.
  • Suspension bottoming on rough roads or when backing out of adriveway.
  • A bouncy ride.
  • Body sway or rocking when cornering or driving in strongcrosswinds.

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What does a bad strut sound like?

Knocking noises when driving over bumps
The strut is filled with an inner shock,bushings, and supporting components that eventually wear out overtime. If you notice a knocking or clunking sound coming froman area near the front or rear tires, it's most likely due to wornout or broken struts.

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How much do rear shocks cost to replace?

The average cost for a shock absorberreplacement - rear is between $227 and $363. Laborcosts are estimated between $149 and $189 while partsare priced between $78 and $174.

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How do I know if my shock absorbers are worn?

Is Your Car “Cursed?” 6 NoticeableSymptoms of Worn Shocks
  1. C – Car veering or sliding in side winds?
  2. U – Uneven wear appearing on your tires.
  3. R – Rocking, rolling and rattling.
  4. S – Swerving and dipping when applying your brakes.
  5. E – Excessive vibration in your steering wheel.
  6. D – Delayed or longer stopping distances.

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How much do shocks cost?

Typical costs: Shock absorbers or struts cancost $25-$350 or more each, depending on the make and modelof vehicle and the quality of the part. Although it couldcost as much as $1,400 for a set of four, mostdo-it-yourselfers spend an average of $150-$250 to replacefour shocks/struts.

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How many miles do struts last?

Some manufacturers recommend replacing strutsevery 50,000 miles, other auto experts say 100,000miles is a good range. Hawley recommends somewhere inbetween 60,000 and 100,000 miles. “If you change themas a part of routine maintenance, you're not going to have anyproblems,” Hawley says.

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Will new shock absorbers improve ride?

Improved handling, shorter stopping distances, and asmoother ride are the benefits you realize from changingstruts. Air shock absorbers improve ride quality by limitingsuspension movement. Worn shocks can make for anuncomfortable ride, but, more importantly, they cancompromise your ability to control the vehicle.

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What makes shocks go bad?

This is a common issue in larger vehicles when ashock or strut goes bad. Nose diving is caused whenyou apply your brakes, and the front of the vehicle starts to pointtoward the ground. This is because your shocks or struts arenot strong enough to handle the weight of the vehicle.

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How long does it take to change shock absorbers?

Replacing a single set of shocks, forexample takes between 2-3 hours, as does eitherside's control arms. Lesser work such as replacing a springor shock absorber will take less.

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Are shocks and struts the same thing?

A vehicle will have either a shock or astrut at each wheel, never both. The major differencebetween shocks and struts is that a strut is astructural part of the vehicles suspension system where ashock is not. A strut is also crucial part of thevehicles steering system and greatly affects alignmentangles.

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Do you have to replace shocks in pairs?

It's not necessary, but it's usually recommendedto replace them in pairs, for example, both frontstruts or both rear shocks. This is because a newshock absorber will absorb road bumps better than the oldone. The answer is no: if the spring is in a good shape, itcan be re-used with the new strut.

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What is the best brand of shock absorbers?

1. Bilstein 24-186742 – Best Overall.Blistein is always the best brand to go for when looking forthe best shock absorber for smooth rides, and this is one ofthe key reasons why their 5100 Series rear shock is ourtop pick.

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Can bad shocks cause death wobble?

Death wobble is often blamed on a failedsteering stabilizer or shocks and struts. While thesteering stabilizer is not usually the only cause ofdeath wobble, the extreme abuse that the stabilizer and theshocks take during the death wobble causes them towear out very quickly.

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Can worn out struts cause vibration?

Worn out shocks/struts will notcause a vibration, they will cause the car to"float" because they are no longer damping the low-frequencyoscillations of the coil springs. The entire car will bemore "bouncy", but they will not cause avibration in the steering.

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Do new struts make noise?

Internal shock or strut noise is uncommon. Themost common cause for clunking noises over bumps is themounts or attaching parts. Other suspension and steering componentsoften cause noises that the shocks/struts get blamedfor: Ball joints, sway bar bushings & links are commoncauses.

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How do I make my truck ride smoother?

HomeBlogHow to Give My Truck a Smoother Ride
  1. Reduce the unsprung mass.
  2. Soften the suspension system.
  3. Change the wheels and tires.
  4. Modify the chassis.
  5. Eliminate the vibrations.
  6. Get new leaf springs.

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How long will Bilstein shocks last?

Generally, shocks can take you up to 50,000 milesor 5 years before you need to replace them.

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When should I replace my absorber?

In fact, they're considered a normal maintenance item,and they should be replaced relatively regularly. You should alsohave your shocks and struts inspected at each oil change. Ingeneral, a shock absorber should last at least 50,000 milesbefore you need to have it replaced.

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How do shock absorbers work?

Shock absorbers slow down and reduce themagnitude of vibratory motions by turning the kinetic energy ofsuspension movement into heat energy that can be dissipated throughhydraulic fluid. Orifices perforate the piston and allow fluid toleak through as the piston moves up and down in the pressuretube.