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How long does concrete floor last?

Last Updated: 23rd May, 2020

A properly installed, sealed and maintained polished concrete floor can be expected to last a hundred years or more in even the harshest commercial environments. Its life-span will also far surpass that of other floor coverings, such as carpeting, vinyl tile and wood laminates.

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Consequently, are concrete floors easy to maintain?

Pros of Concrete Floors Low-maintenance: The same properties that make concrete floors so durable also make them easy to care for. Properly sealed concrete floors shrug off dirt, grit, stains, spills, and hard impacts. A little sweeping and damp mopping is all that's required to keep them looking like new.

Beside above, are concrete floors a good idea? The good things! Concrete flooring is very durable and very resilient so this makes it difficult to damage. With concrete flooring you don't have to worry about things like high heels, pet claws or furniture legs damaging its surface because it's just nearly impossible. Concrete flooring requires minimum maintenance.

Also question is, are concrete floors durable?

Concrete floors are extremely durable and easy to clean, and they resist water when properly sealed. Concrete works well with radiant heating, and the surface absorbs heat to cut energy bills.

How do you finish a concrete floor?

Top Concrete Finishing Options

  1. Acid Stain. An acid stain for concrete floor has a very bold look, recognizable by its mottled appearance and highly variegated finish.
  2. Water-Based Stain.
  3. Fast Stain.
  4. Acrylic Sealer.
  5. Standard Epoxy.
  6. Metallic Epoxy.
  7. Terrazzo or Granite Epoxy.
  8. Quartz Sand Epoxy.

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Can I polish old concrete?

Almost any structurally sound concrete floor, whether new or old, can be polished. But there are some exceptions. For new floors, no special mix design is required to achieve good results. However, the floor should be in place at least 28 days before polishing begins to ensure adequate curing.

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Do polished concrete floors crack?

Polished concrete is more susceptible to cracking.”
Keep in mind that all concrete floors will crack, whether polished, coated, or untreated. Cracks can be somewhat controlled by sawing joints into the surface of the floor, and existing cracks can be filled and sealed to prevent further damage.

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Is concrete floor cheaper than tile?

You'll pay anywhere between $2 and $15 per square foot for new concrete floors and top that off with the cost to refinish. Tile will usually cost under $5 per square foot which means in many cases, tile will either be cheaper than concrete or hover right around the same price.

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Are concrete floors bad for your feet?

The reality, however, is that hard concrete floors take a toll on the body due to their inflexibility. Having to stand and walk on hard concrete floors for long periods of time can lead to sore feet, swollen legs and even knee and back pain. Over time, you may suffer from injuries and/or chronic pain.

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Are concrete floors bad for your health?

Polished concrete floors are a toxic-free flooring alternative because they aren't treated with chemicals or sealers that can emit harmful VOCs. Even medical facilities are installing concrete floors because they have no ill effects on indoor air quality. See To Your Health.

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Which is better epoxy or stained concrete?

Alternatively, you can choose an acrylic version which adheres to the concrete but penetrates deeper than normal paint. You can see the focus with epoxy is on protection while staining is more about aesthetic features.

Direct Comparison:
Concrete stain Epoxy
Value for money Good Excellent
Adhering Good Excellent

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Do stained concrete floors scratch?

Stained concrete floors are attractive, colorful and durable. Though concrete floors are hard and tough, they are still susceptible to damage, just like any other kind of flooring. Improper care, accidents and even normal use can scratch the floor, and the best way to repair the damage depends upon how severe it is.

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Is concrete floor cheaper than wood?

So if you are considering hardwood, do some pricing per square foot before making your decision. Bamboo you may find to be the least expensive wood per square foot. Concrete flooring is usually cheaper and can start as low as $2 a square foot.

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Do concrete floors crack?

Concrete has very high compressive strength, but low tensile strength—that is, it stands up very well under heavy loads, but does not tolerate stretching or bending of any kind. If exposed to severe changes in temperature (as in a building without climate control) a concrete floor may crack as it expands.

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Can you do concrete floors upstairs?

Thankfully, the answer is “Yes!” concrete floors can be installed on the second floor of a house. They are great for upstairs bathrooms or if you simply want to continue the style of your first story up to the second story.

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Is stained concrete slippery?

Like any hard, smooth surface, stained concrete can become slippery when wet, especially if it has been coated with a high-gloss sealer. For concrete floors or walkways exposed to moisture or in areas with a lot of foot traffic, there are ways you can increase the slip resistance without affecting the color.

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Is polished concrete waterproof?

Firstly, polished concrete floors are waterproof. Our grind and seal process creates a shiny, reflective and protective surface which cannot absorb water (like carpet or wood) or become discoloured (like stone or bare tiles). This makes for easy clean up – from a spill to a storm!

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How do you insulate a concrete floor?

There are two ways to handle insulating concrete floors. You can attach wood sleepers to the floor, fill the gaps with rigid-foam insulation, and then apply your finish flooring. Or, as demonstrated here, you can cover the slab with rigid-foam insulation, add two layers of plywood, and then add the finish flooring.

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Does stained concrete increase home value?

Getting concrete floor coatings or a decorative concrete overlay is not a luxury – it's an investment that can pay off over time. Not only will the investment improve your enjoyment of the home and reduce your maintenance, but it will also improve the value of your home.

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What is the best flooring to put on concrete?

Since flooring experts generally recommend against installing traditional strip or plank hardwoods below grade, the six best options for basement flooring over concrete are:
  • Wood.
  • Laminate.
  • Carpet.
  • Vinyl Tile.
  • Ceramic Tile.
  • Rubber Tile.

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Can you put concrete floors in a house?

Plain concrete slabs have served as the flooring material for basements, garages, patios, and utility areas for many years, but concrete is now also a viable material in home interiors, where it can be polished, etched, or stained to serve as the finished flooring surface.

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Can you heat concrete floors?

Due to their high thermal-mass, concrete floors are ideal to be heated by an underfloor heating system. Concrete provides quick heat-up times and retains heat well, even storing the warmth produced by solar gain, making a heated polished concrete floor a great option to improve the comfort and warmth of your home.