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How long does it take for discus to lay eggs?

Last Updated: 6th February, 2020

Spawning usually takes place on a flat vertical surface,but many pairs choose to lay their eggs on a broadleaf plant such as an Amazon Sword. The eggs are fanned forthree days before they hatch and the fry is then moved around theaquarium by the mouth of the parents many times for another 4days.

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Likewise, how often do discus lay eggs?

When and if the discus spawn in thisstage, they will lay eggs every week for up to fifteenweeks. This cycle usually occurs twice a year and can berigged with careful adjustment of feeding, temperature and waterconditions.

Secondly, why do my discus keep eating their eggs? Another reason is that the egg might beunfertilized. They could also be feeling unsafe which is why theyeat their eggs. If you want to breed discus fishsuccessfully, finding out why discus fish eat theireggs is essential. This can enable you to prevent suchsituations or at least understand it better.

Similarly, you may ask, at what age do Discus start breeding?

Females usually mate at about 9 months of age,while males usually mate at 13 months.

How many babies do discus have?

originally the wild discus would produce 300-400fry per spawn. hatched and raised artificially if my pairsdid not produce an average of two hundred fry per spawn iwould split up the pair.

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Do discus really need daily water changes?

Although all tropical fish aquariums requireregular water changes, discus aquariums in specificneed frequent water changes. For this reason, youshould change your discus' aquarium water atleast once a week. Some people change 20 to 25% of theiraquarium's water two to three times a week.

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How long do discus fry feed off parents?

Since the laying of eggs by a pair of discus wehave 9 days off – it will take three days incubationof eggs, three days larvae discus will need to absorb theyolk sac, three days the fry will feed only theirparents' skin secretions. After this time, be ready forintensive feeding of discus-puppies.

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How long until discus fry free swim?

We usually remove the fry from their parentsafter they've been free swimming in the aquarium for 14days.

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Do discus fish need light?

Aquarium Requirements
In the aquarium, discus fish need very littlelight. Ambient light will likely provide enoughillumination for the fish in most cases. However, despitetheir fondness for darkness, they do come from the tropics-- so make sure they receive 10 to 12 hours of light aday.

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Are Discus hard to keep?

Discus that you find in your local store are notwild caught and are most likely kept in your regular tap water andshould not be much harder to keep than any other fish. Getsome driftwood for the tank, keep up with your waterchanges, and feed them a good/varied diet, and nothing else toit.

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Can discus live in tap water?

All Discus will live in water prepared bya reverse osmosis filter - but do they all need it? Muchwill depend on the water your fish have spent theirlives in prior to reaching your tank. Wild Discus willrequire soft, slightly acidic water and generally the onlyway to achieve this is to use a reverse osmosisfilter.

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How do you keep discus healthy?

To keep discus, keep them in a tank thatholds at least 10 gallons of water per fish. Install a heater andthermometer in the tank so you can keep the temperaturebetween 84 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, set up a high-qualityfilter in the tank to keep the water clean.

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How do you tell a male from a female discus?

Males have thicker foreheads and lips. As yourdiscus grow, you'll be able to separate the men from theladies by the shape of their dorsal fins. A male's dorsalfin becomes pointed, while a female's maintains its roundshape and is usually shorter than a male's.

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Why do discus eat their fry?

Feeder Fish
Most of the time the pair eats the frydue to stresssuch as shadows above and around the tank, too muchtraffic, bad water quality, or even a weak spawn. Any one of theseand a few others could be the reason why they are eating thefry.

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Can you breed discus in a community tank?

For Discus, breeding is instinctual andnot emotional. Once you are reasonable sure you havea good pair (or you purchased a proven pair) it is time toset up a breeding tank. Many people will panic when,after keeping a group of discus in a community tank,they witness their first batch of eggs.

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How much is a discus fish?

Live Aquaria lists Discus fish that are pricedfrom $48.99 all the way to $239.99 while Discuss Madness listsDiscus fish $40 to $179. On the other hand, DiscusGuy offers fish starting at $17.95 and going up to$185.94.

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What do you feed discus fry?

The best first food to feed them on is newlyhatched brine shrimp. They love it and they will grow very quicklyon this. The best way to start it is to wait until the fryare five days old. Then start off the first brine shrimphatchery.

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What size tank does a discus fish need?

If you keep a pair of companions with plants, then yourequire a 65-gallon tank. Recommended dimensions are40” x 20” x 20”. The two fish should be ofthe same size and at least 14 cm long. Rearing group ofdiscus will need a 50 gallon tank for 10fish.

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What Colour should discus eggs be?

If the eggs are infertile, they will turn whitewith fungus after a day or so. Fertilized discus eggsgenerally have a tan to orangish color.

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How do you take care of discus fish?

Discus prefer warm, soft, acidic water. pH shouldbe between 6.0 and 7.0, with hardness between 1° and 4° dKH(18 to 70 ppm). Temperature should be kept between 82° and86° F, although wild Heckel discus prefer water near90° F. Use an Aqueon aquarium heater to maintain proper watertemperature.

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Which fish can be kept with discus?

Other suitable tank mates for discus include:clown loaches(make sure they have a place to hide in the aquarium),German blue rams, rummy nose tetras, glowlight tetras and rosytetras.

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How do you breed fish?

  1. Pick out a healthy adult fish of each sex. In order to breedfish, your first step is to determine their biological sex.
  2. Place the parent fish together in a separate tank. This tank isoften known as a “spawning tank.”
  3. Condition the fish to make them more robust.