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How long should you study for PHR?

This is impossible to answer. In researching people who certified, the answers range from 2 days to a year. According to the HRCI, most test takers spend more than 60 hours studying for the exam. Your personal schedule will have the most bearing on your timeline.

Just so, what is the pass rate for the PHR exam?

59% Pass Rate To pass you need a scaled score of 500. There is no partial credit for any of the questions. Those who take the test and fail can't find out what their right and wrong answers were. Clearly, you need a strategic study plan.

Similarly, how many questions is the PHR exam? The exam is computer-based, with 150 scored questions and 25 pretest questions that do not count towards your final score. The test is made up of mostly multiple-choice questions. Candidates will have 3 hours to complete the exam.

One may also ask, how do I study for the PHR?

Another commonly recommended guide is Anne Bogardus' PHR/SPHR: Professional in Human Resources Certification Study Guide.

  1. Flashcards.
  2. Take Advantage of Technology.
  3. Ask Your Coworkers.
  4. Take a Course.
  5. Join a Study Group.
  6. Read & Listen to HR Thought Leaders.
  7. Identify Weaknesses.
  8. Have Your ID Ready.

Is PHR exam difficult?

The HR Certification Institute (HRCI) offers seven certifications for Human Resources professionals. The Professional in Human Resources (PHR) is one of the most popular certifications. It's also notoriously difficult.

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What if I fail the PHR exam?

If you've failed the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification exam, you may retake the same exam but must wait 90 days from the date of the original exam. You have a maximum of 120 days in order to complete the retake exam. and does not mean that the exam will have the exact same questions.

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How much does a PHR make?

PHRs earned average annual salaries of $65,000 as of 2013, according to the job website Indeed. Most PHRs have at least a bachelor's degree in human resources or business. Employers may also prefer at least a year or two of experience in human resources.

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Are HR Certifications Worth It?

Even if you already have a job in HR, obtaining an HR certification can still be worth the expense when it comes time to ask for a raise. An HR certification is one way to prove you have the knowledge and skills to move up in your career, especially if you want a management position.

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Is the SPHR exam difficult?

Passing the SPHR Certification Exam
The Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification exam is tough.

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Which HR certification is best?

Which Certificates Are Most Prevalent in 2018?
Certifications % of HR Pros
SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) 15.4%
Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) 7.9%
SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) 5.3%
Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR) 0.7%

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What is the best PHR study guide?

Best PHR / SPHR Prep Books: Reviewed
PHR / SPHR Prep Book Award
1 PHR / SPHR Professional in Human Resources Total Test Prep Bundle Best Overall
2 PHR / SPHR Professional in Human Resources Certification Deluxe Study Guide Best Value
3 PHR / SPHR Exam For Dummies Budget Pick

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How much is the PHR?

Exam Application Fee* Exam Fee
PHR $100 $395
PHRca $100 $395
*PHRi $100 $395
SPHR $100 $495

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What does PHR stand for?

professional in human resources

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Is SHRM Learning worth it?

While they are accredited and SHRM is a well respected organization, the certifications don't have the years behind them that HRCI certifications boast. Whether you decide upon a certification from HRCI or SHRM, however, the SHRM Learning System is definitely worth its weight in gold—I highly recommend it.

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What do I need to bring to PHR exam?

What to Bring to the PHR/SPHR Testing Facility
  1. Driver's license or state ID card.
  2. Military identification card.
  3. Passport.
  4. National identification card.

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Is the PHR exam multiple choice?

Type: SPHR/PHR certification exams consist of 225 multiple-choice questions, to be answered within 4 hours. These questions are randomly generated from a question database which has several hundred questions. There is no negative marking.

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How long is PHR certification good for?

Your PHR certification is valid for three years after testing. To maintain your PHR credential, you must earn 60 recertification credits over a three-year time span or retake the exam. Learn more about HRCI recertification requirements.

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Which certification is better PHR or SHRM?

What's the Difference Between the PHR and SHRM-CP? The PHR (Professional in Human Resources) certification is granted by the HR Certification Institute, and the SHRM-CP (Certified Professional) certification is granted by the Society for Human Resource Management.

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How much does an SPHR make?

SPHR Annual Salary ($99,905 Avg | Jan 2020) - ZipRecruiter.

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What does PHR SHRM CP stand for?

As you may have heard, SHRM has announced its own certification credentials, the SHRM-CP (Certified Professional) and the SHRM-SCP (Senior Certified Professional).

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