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How many 3s does Curry make per game?

Playing for the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry led the NBA with an average of 5.1 3-pointers made in 69 games . Note: * NBA minimums for 3-Pointers Made Per Game Leaders this season: 58 games.

2018-19 Regular Season.
Rk 1
Player (Team) Stephen Curry (Warriors)
3-Pointers Made 5.1
Gms 69

Likewise, how many 3's does Curry average per game?

Per Game

Season Age 3PA
2011-12 23 4.7
2012-13 24 7.7
2013-14 25 7.9
2014-15 26 8.1

One may also ask, what percentage does Steph Curry shoot from 3? Redick (82.5 percent) and Kyle Korver (72.1 percent). 3) From way downtown: Curry made 51.6 percent of shots between 28 feet and the half-court line (47 feet) in 2015-16. The rest of the NBA hit 20.8 percent. Curry made more deep 3s than 10 NBA teams combined.

Additionally, how many 3s did Curry make this season?

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry gave us a glimpse of where the league was headed in 2012-13 when he set a single-season record with 272 3-pointers. Three years later, he staked his claim as the greatest shooter ever when he made a stunning 402 3s. Curry has the record in sight again this season.

What's the most 3 pointers Steph Curry has made in a game?

Players Who Made 9 or More 3-Pointers

3-Pointers Player Team W/L Game
13 Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors W 116-106 vs. Pelicans
12 Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors W 121-118 OT @ Thunder
12 Donyell Marshall Toronto Raptors W 128-110 vs. 76ers
12 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers W 119-98 vs. Supersonics

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Who is better Kyrie or curry?

Kyrie is better than curry in all of those techniques and he can also get to the rim and finish among big men better than curry due to his athleticism. Having said that, for their respective teams, Curry is more important than Kyrie as most of the offense for his team flows through Curry. He is the co-ordinator.

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Is Steph Curry a Hall of Famer?

Stephen Curry is a three-time NBA champion and two-time league most valuable player. But Curry is “not a Hall of Famer yet.” So said NBA legend Michael Jordan in an interview with Craig Melvin that aired Tuesday on NBC's “Today” show.

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How many 3 does Curry have?

List of National Basketball Association career 3-point scoring leaders
Rank Name Total 3-point field goals made
1 Ray Allen* 2,973
2 Reggie Miller* 2,560
3 Stephen Curry^ 2,492
4 Kyle Korver^ 2,428

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How much is Stephen Curry worth?

Steph Curry's net worth is $130 million.
As you can expect, a large part of Curry's net worth comes from his 10 years on the court. In 2017, Curry signed the NBA's first $200 million contract, and he's had the league's top salary for the past two seasons, averaging out to a staggering $40 million per year.

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How many steals does Curry average?

Stats and Ranks
2018-19 27.3 92
NBA Rank 6th 31st

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How many 3 pointers does Steph Curry average a year?

By Year TEAM 3P%
2019-20 GSW 24.3
2018-19 GSW 43.7
2017-18 GSW 42.3
2016-17 GSW 41.1

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Who is the best basketball player?

LeBron James is currently the best player in the NBA. Despite missing the 2019 NBA Playoffs after joining the Los Angeles Lakers, we simply can't push aside what he has accomplished over the past few years. He led the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers to multiple championships.

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What records does Steph Curry?

Share the record for most consecutive seasons with at least 200 three-pointers made with 5. Share the record for most three-pointers made in a single postseason with 98. Most games with 5 or more three pointers made by a duo with 4. Most three-pointers made in a single season by a duo with 678.

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Who has made the most 3 pointers of all time?

Where Steph Curry stands on the current NBA all-time 3-point list
  • Ray Allen – 2,973.
  • Reggie Miller – 2,560.
  • Stephen Curry – 2,285.
  • Jason Terry – 2,282.
  • Kyle Korver – 2,280.
  • Jamal Crawford – 2,180.
  • Vince Carter – 2,165.
  • Paul Pierce – 2,143.

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How many times Steph Curry dunked?

Steph Curry's dunks
To date, Steph Curry has 29 successful dunks in his career, with 26 of them happening in the regular season.

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How many triple doubles does Steph Curry have?

All career triple doubles (including playoffs) by Stephen Curry
2019 Playoffs 20/05/2019 13
2017 Playoffs 4/06/2017 10
2015-2016 Regular Season 22/01/2016 10
2015-2016 Regular Season 28/12/2015 14

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Will Steph Curry break all time scoring record?

The answer is only a matter of time before he becomes the NBA's all-time three-point king. Curry, who turns 30 on March 14, needs 974 three's, so if he maintains his current numbers he will break the record sometime during the 2020-21 season with more than 3,000 three-pointers made.

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Who is the best 3 point shooter?

Ranking the NBA's All-Time Greatest 3-Point Shooters
  • Stephen Curry (43.6)
  • Jason Kapono (43.4)
  • Steve Novak (43.0)
  • Kyle Korver (42.9)
  • Steve Nash (42.8)
  • Joe Harris (42.7)
  • B.J. Armstrong (42.5)
  • Klay Thompson (41.9)

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Is Stephen Curry the best?

Look: Stephen Curry is a fantastic player. He is a borderline top five player in the NBA and, at worst, is in the top 10. He is the greatest shooter in league history. But his track record in the finals is not where it needs to be if he wants to be considered a top 10 player who has ever played this game.

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What is in a shot of curry?

He just knew it was time to shoot. His 3-pointer from well beyond 30 feet with 0.6 seconds left in overtime gave the Golden State Warriors a 121-118 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday night. Curry finished with 46 points, and his winning shot was his 12th 3-pointer, tying the NBA single-game record.

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How many 4th quarters did Curry sit?

Curry accomplished the feat in just 30 minutes, as he sat the entire fourth quarter with Golden State leading 103-76 after three quarters of play. The two-time NBA MVP made 11 of his 21 attempts from the field, including eight of 16 from three-point range. He also went 15-of-16 from the free-throw line.

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How good of a shooter is Steph Curry?

Simply put, Curry isn't just the best 3-point shooter ever, he's the best deep 3-point shooter ever. Consider this staggering stat: This season Curry is shooting nearly 54 percent on his 3s between 30 and 35 feet.

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Who has the highest 3 point percentage 2019?

25, 2019).
  1. Stephen Curry — Golden State Warriors (44.6%, 255 3-pointers)
  2. Davis Bertans — San Antonio Spurs (47.1%, 113 3-pointers)
  3. Buddy Hield — Sacramento Kings (44.8%, 203 3-pointers)
  4. Joe Harris — Brooklyn Nets (47.8%, 140 3-pointers)
  5. James Harden — Houston Rockets (36.7%, 276 3-pointers)