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How many Colours does iPhone 7 plus have?

Last Updated: 14th June, 2020


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Similarly, how many colors does the iPhone 7 plus have?

The iPhone 7 comes in five colors:rosegold, gold, silver, and two shades of black.

Also, what are all the colors of the iPhone 7? Here are all five iPhone 7 colours

  • Jet Black.
  • Gold.
  • Silver.
  • Rose Gold.
  • Black.

Similarly, what is the most popular iPhone 7 plus color?

Sprint announced on Thursday that the jet blackiPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus rank No. 1 for largercapacitymodels, ahead of matte black in second place. Rose gold—lastyear's most popular color— dropped tothird, while goldis in fourth and silver is in fifth.

What comes with a iPhone 7 Plus?

Inside the box, there is an iPhone 7 Plus,Apple'sLightning EarPods and a 3.5mm adapter. The new LightningEarPodscomes without 3.5mm jack support. To recall, Applehasditched the 3.5mm jack in its new smartphones - iPhone 7andiPhone 7 Plus.

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How long is the iPhone 7 plus battery life?

On average, the battery lasts between 12 and18hours with around 6-8 hours of usage (this isn't screenontime as Apple reports usage as both activelyusingthe phone and having apps etc working inthebackground).

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Which Colour iPhone is best?

If so, then Black and Jet Black are yourbestoptions.
  • If you want an iPhone that isn't as slippery, get the jetblackiPhone 7.
  • If you want a classic, stick with matte black iPhone 7 .
  • If you want some extra flair, go with gold or rose gold.
  • If you hate the look of scratches, silver iPhones are yourbestbet.

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How much is iPhone 7 plus worth?

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
Storage 32GB 256GB
iPhone 7 $360 - $380 $460 - $480
iPhone 7 Plus $460 - $480 $560 - $580

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How much is a new iPhone 7?

Right now, the iPhone 7 costs $100 less thanitdid a year ago: the regular 7 starts at just $549, andtheiPhone 7 Plus starts at $669. Again, the newiPhone 8and 8 Plus cost $699 and $799 to start,respectively.

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What color does iPhone 7 plus come in?

Both Jet Black and Black colors havematchingblack antenna bands, and are exclusive to theiPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 7 andiPhone 7Plus are also available in Silver (with silverantenna bands),Gold and Rose Gold (with white antennabands).

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What color is Space Gray?

Space-Gray Color Scheme
Color Information
Spanish Gray Name: Spanish Gray Hex: #989898 RGB: (152, 152, 152) CMYK: 0,0,0, 0.403
Silver Foil Name: Silver Foil Hex: #AFAFAF RGB: (175, 175, 175) CMYK: 0,0,0, 0.313
Silver Sand Name: Silver Sand Hex: #C6C6C6 RGB: (198, 198, 198) CMYK: 0,0,0, 0.223

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What is the iPhone 7 made of?

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus aremadeof a 7000-series aluminum unibody with a glass front forthescreen. On the jet black models, there is an additional layerthatmakes the aluminum body glossy-looking.

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When did the iPhone 7 come out?

September 16, 2016

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Is there a blue iPhone 7?

This is what the iPhone 7 could look like indarkblue. The latest word on the street isthatthe iPhone 7 will come in a new "Deep Blue"color.Apple will allegedly discontinue its "Space Gray" color infavor ofthe new blue shade, according to JapanesesiteMacotakara.