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How many Levin Furniture stores are there?

Today, the company founded by Sam Levin in 1920 includes 33 stores in Pennsylvania and Ohio and employs 925 people.

Likewise, who bought Levin Furniture?

Levin said the new owner is a large Midwest furniture chain called Art Van Furniture, recently acquired by a Boston private equity firm call Thomas H. Lee Partners. Under the deal that has yet to be inked, Robert Levin, now in his 60s, will retire, but the Levin name will live on.

Similarly, how much did Levin Furniture sell for? In acquiring Levin, Art Van is getting a company that had sales of $220 million in 2017 and is the top furniture retailer in Western Pennsylvania and Northeast Ohio and one of the largest in the nation, Levin said.

Then, who makes Levin Furniture?

Art Van Furniture announced Monday that it had acquired Levin and the company's 35 stores across Pennsylvania and Ohio. Art Van also said that it had bought Altoona-based Wolf Furniture, which has showrooms in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

Who is the owner of Art Van Furniture?

Founded in 1959, the company is headquartered in Warren, Mich. Art Van Furniture owned by Thomas H. Lee Partners, L.P. of Boston. Visit for more information.

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