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How many people can you tag Facebook?

50 people

Then, can you tag all your friends on Facebook?

When you compose a note, you havetheoption to tag your friends. Tagging yourfriendsnotifies them of your note. You mustmanually entereach individual friend to tag everyonein aFacebook note. Click "Profile" from the upper-rightcornerof the Facebook Home page.

Secondly, how do you mention someone on Facebook who is not your friend? Facebook allows its users to either tagormention friends in their posts or comments by simplytypingthe friend's name or prefixing “@” beforethename. But, on the other hand, it is not common tomentionsomeone that is not in your Facebookfriend listin your posts or comments.

Also, how do you tag more than 50 people on Facebook?


  1. Featured Answer. UDit 3 answers. Click on “Select PhototoUpload” Click on “Post Photo” Now again gointoyour folder where you have uploaded the photo. Now open thephoto innew tab.
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Why can't I tag someone on Facebook?

The friend may have disabled tagging or set it up sothattheir approval is needed for the tag to show. Althoughyoucan't override your friend's post settings in thisregard,you can view the setting options under account settings,timelineand tagging.

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What is a tag on Facebook?

When you tag someone, you create a link totheirprofile. The post you tag the person in may also beadded tothat person's timeline. For example, you can tag aphoto toshow who's in the photo or post a status update and say whoyou'rewith. When you tag someone, they'llbenotified.

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Why can't I tag someone on Facebook photo?

Likewise, anyone can tag you intheirphotos. When friends tag you, the defaultsetting isthat the tag is added and published automatically,withoutyou having the option to review it first. The photowillalso appear on your wall and depending on your privacysettings,people will be able to see it.

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How do I tag all my friends on Facebook Android?

To tag a friend in a comment, typethe“@” symbol followed by the first few letters ofhername, and select from the resulting list. To tag friendsinphotos after uploading, open the photo and clickthetag-shaped symbol.

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How do I tag someone again on Facebook?

To tag an image, you simply click theperson'sface, and then begin typing his or her name. To expeditethis task,Facebook begins guess what you're typing, whichmakestagging go much more quickly. If you use TagSuggestions,your tagging job is even easier.

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How do I tag a photo on Facebook Mobile?

Method 1 Tagging a Photo in the AndroidApp
  1. Go to the Facebook App on your Android phone. Find the apponyour phone and tap it.
  2. Go into the photos section.
  3. Find the photo you want to tag.
  4. Open the options on the photo.
  5. Hit the tag button.
  6. Tag someone.

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How do I tag myself in someone else's photo on Facebook?

To tag a photo that has already been posted:
  1. Click the photo you want to tag.
  2. Hover over the photo and click Tag Photo at the bottom.
  3. Click the person in the photo and start typing their name.
  4. Select the full name of the person or Page you want to tagwhenit appears.
  5. Click Done Tagging.

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How do I turn off automatic tagging on Facebook?

  1. Log into Facebook and click on the downward arrow in theupperright corner:
  2. Click on “Settings”.
  3. In the left column click on “TimelineandTagging”.
  4. Under “Tagging” find “Who sees tagsuggestionswhen photos that look like you are uploaded?” andclick“Edit”.
  5. Select “No one”.

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How do I mention a friend in a comment?

Mention friends in comments
  1. Click on the Pin you want to share.
  2. Click Comments under Photos and Comments.
  3. Type "@" in the "Add comment" field and begin typing afriend'sname or username.
  4. Select your friend's name from the list that pops up.
  5. Type your comment and press Enter.

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Can someone tag me on Facebook if we are not friends?

Anyone can tag you in photos and otherposts.Tags from people you're not friends with mayappearin your timeline review, where you can decideif youwant to allow them on your timeline. Remember, postsyou choosenot to allow on your timeline may appear in NewsFeed andelsewhere on Facebook.

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Can you tag non friends on Facebook photo?

The only difference between tagging aFacebookfriend and tagging anyone else is that aphototag of a person who is not a Facebookfriend isnot linked to that person's profile, andthey do notreceive notification of thetag.

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Can my friends see when someone mentions me in a comment?

Anyone who can see the comment (andthepost it's attached to) can also seethe'mention', which is analogous to a tag on amainpost. However, you're the only person who would geta'notification', so otherwise it would becatch-as-catch-canas to whether other peoplewould actually seeit.

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Who can tag me on Facebook?

Anyone can tag you in photos and other posts.Tagsfrom people you're not friends with may appear in yourtimelinereview, where you can decide if you want to allowthem onyour timeline. Remember, posts you choose not to allow onyourtimeline may appear in News Feed and elsewhereonFacebook.

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How can I remove all tags on Facebook?

You can also remove tags from multiple postsatonce:
  1. Go to your activity log.
  2. Click Photos in the left column.
  3. Click to check the box to the left of the posts you'd liketoremove a tag from.
  4. Click Report/Remove Tags at the top of the page.
  5. Click Untag Photos to confirm.

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What is the difference between tagging and sharing on Facebook?

Their name is then added to the post as“[YourName] was with [Their Name].” They, too, receiveanotification that they've been tagged. So a mention isessentiallyfor when you want to talk about someone, while atag isessentially for when you want to say you werewithsomeone.

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How do I tag someone on Facebook with Chrome?

This wikiHow teaches you how to tag aFacebookfriend when you comment on a post. When you do, yourfriend willreceive a notification that you mentioned them in thepost.

Method 2 Desktop
  1. Open Facebook.
  2. Scroll down to a friend's post to comment on.
  3. Click on the comment box.
  4. Type “@” followed by the name of a friend.

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How do I untag someone?

How to Untag People From Something I SharedonFacebook
  1. Deleting the Post. Locate the story you want to remove atagfrom and hover over the story.
  2. Remove Photo Tags. Locate the photo with the tagged personyouwant to remove and click on the photo.
  3. Untag Multiple Photos. Click the "Activity Log" button onyourFacebook Timeline.

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How do you find your tag list on Facebook?

Browse to and log in to youraccount.Type a Facebook friend's name in the search bar atthe top ofthe page, and then select the person's profile when itappears inthe list below. Click "Photos." All of the photosand videosthat this user has been tagged in willbedisplayed.