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How many students appear for IES every year?

Last Updated: 2nd April, 2021

Nearly 2.2 to 2.5 lakhs students appeared in ESEexam every year and only core branches students areallowed to give ESE beanch.

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Accordingly, how many ies are selected every year?

Hence, IES exam is considered as one of thetoughest examinations in the country. Nearly, two lakh candidatesappear for the examination every year. Engineering officersfor Government of India are selected on the basis ofcombined three stage recruitment process - IES Preliminary,IES Main and Personality Test.

One may also ask, how many candidates appeared IES 2017? Check IES 2017 Final Cutoff Approximately 500 candidates have beenshortlisted by UPSC out of which 209 Candidates are from theunreserved category, 159 Candidates are from OBC, 88 from SCand 44 Candidates from ST. There are 90 candidatesthat are put in Reserved list.

One may also ask, how many students apply IES exam?

Engineering Services Examination commonly knownas ESE is conducted annually by UPSC to recruit engineers offour domains i.e. Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics& Telecommunications for the Techno –Managerial posts.The examination constitutes a two-stage writtenexamination followed by an interview.

How can I become ies?

Get a B.E./B Tech Degree from a recognizedcollege/university in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical or Electronicsstream. 3. Give the ESE (Engineering Services Examination),conducted by UPSC. But, for getting an awesome rank in one of thetoughest examination, you need an exceptionalpreparation.

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Which is better IAS or IES?

both the IAS(Indian Administrative Services) andIES(Indian Engineering Services) are good posts. both havesame rank, same income and also same facilities are given to both.IAS deals with Administration and IES deals withtechnical field. as IAS is Administrative Service so it hasmore power than IES.

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Which branch is easy for IES?

If you are interested for IES(Indian EngineeringServices )then you can opt Civil Engineering. IES isconducted by UPSC every year this is one of the part of CivilServices. Students from Civil/Electrical/Mechanical/Electronics& Communication Engineering branches can write UPSCconducted IES entrance examination.

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How many seats are in IES?

UPSC IES/ESE Year wise / Branch wise Vacancy
Branches → Year ↓ CE TOTAL
2018 165 588
2019 252 581
2020 495
2021 Wait … 600 approx

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Is IES equal to IAS?

The IES is a very specialised and technicalservice. The IAS is more of a generalist. An IESofficer functions in technical areas like roads, railways,manufacturing, defense, construction, public works,telecommunications, power, etc. An IAS officer is expectedis hold diverse portfolios in his/her career.

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Can an IES officer become IAS?

Yes friend an ies officer is eligible to writeias exam,if you fulfill the other eligibility criteria thenyou can apply for the ias civil services exam. CIVILSERVICES ELIGIBILITY: <>you must have an indiancitizenship.

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What is the power of IES officer?

IES: IES is the Technical branch of theUnion of Government of India. They are required to performadministrative as well as technical duties for the Government.IES officers are generally employed in Indian RailwayEngineering service, Military Engineering Service, CentralEngineering Service.

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Is there any reservation in IES?

Number of attempts for IES exam is for generalstudent it is 4., for OBC it is 7 times. and for SC/ST it is 9time. ### Yes , OBC category get reservation in age field ,Sectional cut off field and Vacancy field. Pattern for IESexam is given below .You can follow the pattern for preparation forIES exam.

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What is IES officer?

What is Indian Engineering Services (IES)?IES refers to the services that cater to the technical andmanagerial functions of the Government of India. The Union PublicServices Commission (UPSC) conducts the IES exam and theUnion Government of India appoints IES officers based on therecommendations made by the UPSC.

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Is IES officer a Class 1 officer?

An IES Officer is a group A gazettedofficer undee government of India .As an IES Officer, many people will under you.

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How many seats are there in IES for ECE?

How many seats will be available for ECEin IES? Manas Panda, AIR-5 in ESE-15.

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Who can write IES exam?

Graduates clearing or topping IES are usuallyfrom Indian Institute of Technology or Indian Institute of Science.The candidate can be of any age between 21-30 years as on 1January (for general candidates) of the year they are taking theexam. The upper limit is relaxed for certain sections of thecandidates.

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Can automotive engineers use IES?

Can automobile engineering graduates apply forIES exams? Any Engineering Graduate can apply forIES, But you need to apply through Four Branches Only(Mechanical, Electrical, Civil & ECE/CSE).

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What is IES exam pattern?

Stage 2: It is also referred to as MainsExamination. There are two papers in thisexam. They are of Conventional Type. Stage 3: PersonalInterview or Personality Test. This is the final round in IESexam, carrying 200 marks.

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What is IES salary?

Pay Scales and Band Pay of IES Officers
Senior Scale Rs.15600/- 39100/- (5-6 years after joining IES)
Junior Administrative Grade Rs.15600-39100/- (Minimum 10 years after entry)
Selection Grade Pay Rs.37400-6700/- (20 years or more after entry)
Super Time Scale Rs.37400 – Rs.67000

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What is the salary of IES officer?

6th Pay Commission – IESOfficers
During 6th pay commission IES officerswere placed in PayBand III which has a scale of 15600-39100 and agrade pay of 5400. So, the basic pay comes out to be21000 (=15600+5400). At present DA is at 125%.

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Is IES exam difficult?

Competition Level of IES and GATEExam
The IES exam is conducted by the Union PublicService Commission (UPSC) and is appeared for by more candidatesthan GATE. With a larger syllabus and much more difficultpapers, the IES exam sees only a few brilliant candidatesget good ranks in their first attempts.

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Who has more power ies or IAS?

IES & IAS both are appointed as ClassA govt officers thus powers they have are almost equal. Onlydifference is IAS is more connected to general public& administration thus they are gain more popularityotherwise both have equal powers.

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What is the basic salary of IES officer?

6th Pay Commission – IESOfficers
During 6th pay commission IES officerswere placed in PayBand III which has a scale of 15600-39100 and agrade pay of 5400. So, the basic pay comes out to be21000 (=15600+5400). At present DA is at 125%.