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How much are malarkey legacy shingles?

Malarkey Legacy Shingles Pricing
This is the top of the line shingle in the dimensional style and you will pay for it, however for the technology and longevity it is really a value at $110-125 a square.

Hereof, are malarkey shingles good quality?

Malarkey asphalt shingles have a strong following among roofers, especially on the West Coast and in the Pacific North West. Malarkey shingles also get good ratings from homeowners. The consensus is that Malarkey products are a premium shingle at a higher price than most, but backed by an above-average warranties.

One may also ask, how long do Malarkey shingles last? Roofers as well as building inspectors report that many Malarkey roofs they have seen last well over 30 years and look very good. This is an incredibly long service life compared to other asphalt roofs.

Also to know, how much does a bundle of malarkey shingles cost?

Malarkey Shingles All products have limited lifetime warranty Weight per bundle Price per bundle
Malarkey Legacy Laminate Architectural Polymer Modified Shingle With Scotchgard 68.75# (31.2KG) $36.25
Malarkey Smart Start With Scotchgard™ (Required for 130 mph warranty) 81.25# (36.9 KG) $59

How many square feet are in a bundle of malarkey shingles?


Weight Per Bundle Bundles Per Square Algae Resistance
Approx. 81.25 lbs 4 Yes

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What is the best brand of shingle?

Asphalt Shingle Roofing: 4 of the Best Brands in the U.S.
  • GAF Marquis WeatherMax® The GAF Marquis WeatherMax shingles are one of the best reasons that three-tab shingles have remained the most popular roofing material in the country.
  • CertainTeed XT™ 25.
  • Owens Corning Supreme® AR.
  • Tamko Heritage® Vintage.

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How many 3 tab shingles are in a square?

When shingles come three bundles to the square, there are 29 standard-sized shingles (12 in. by 36 in.) in each bundle. Figuring out the roof area is the first step to determine how many bundles you'll need to order.

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Where are malarkey shingles manufactured?

PORTLAND, Oregon - Malarkey Roofing Products®, the premier North American building materials manufacturer, in collaboration with 3M, is pleased to offer 3M™ Smog-reducing granules to roofing shingle lines for roofing contractors and building materials distributors across the United States and Canada.

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Is Iko A good shingle?

Very good warranties: IKO has solid warranties, and the top warranty is easier to qualify for than top warranties from most other brands. IKO makes 10 shingle lines. Eight are covered with a lifetime limited warranty, the highest percentage among leading shingle brands.

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Are Energy Star shingles worth it?

Energy Star estimates that the average Heating & Air Conditioning Costs for Homeowners in the U.S. is $1,000 per year. The Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) estimates that the average energy savings for reflective shingles to be between 7% and 15% of cooling costs.

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How much is a bundle of shingles at Home Depot?

Architectural shingles fall in the range of $25 to $35 per bundle. The ones that cost more than $35 are for different shapes or extra coatings for added protection. Home Depot doesn't have a laminated shingle that is more than $37 whereas Lowe's does, but Lowe's carries far more products, or has a greater selection.

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Are malarkey Highlander shingles impact resistant?

Laminated Architectural Shingles
The Legacy®, Vista®, and Highlander® NEX® architectural shingle lines, and Ecoasis™ NEX® shingles are designed to give a dimensional appearance to the roof. These products offer a range of options providing impact resistance and protection from algae staining.

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How many bundles of shingles do I need for 2000 square feet?

How Many Shingles Do I Need to Cover a Roof? The number of bundles or squares you need will depend on the surface area of your roof, and its pitch or slope. For example, a 2,000-square foot roof will require 20 squares or 60 bundles.

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How much is 1 square shingles?

In roofing terminology, a "square" is 100 square feet. Composition shingles (asphalt or fiberglass) come in bundles that cover 1/3 square. Roofing comes in rolls 3 feet wide and 36 feet long, for a coverage of about 1 square.

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What is the price difference between 3 tab shingles and architectural?

Price: Three-tab shingles cost less than architectural shingles, and therefore are often used on lower-value homes, or when budget is a concern. In general, architectural shingles may cost about 25% more than 3-tab shingles, but they are considered the standard for higher-end homes.

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What does a bundle of shingles weigh?

The vast majority of roof shingle bundles weigh between 50 and 80 lbs. Architectural style shingles generally weigh 65 to 80 lbs. per bundle, while 3 tab shingles weigh 50 to 65 lbs. per bundle.

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How much are Timberline HD shingles?

Popular architectural shingles, Timberline Natural Shadow, are $0.87 per square foot; $29 per bundle; $87 per square. Another top selling architectural shingle, Timberline HD, costs or $0.93 per square foot, $31 per bundle; $93 per square. Timberline HD Ultra are $1.33 per square foot; $33.45 per bundle.

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How many bundles of shingles do I need for 100 square feet?

The square footage of a roof is normally measured in "squares" of 100 feet. Each square will need three bundles of shingles to cover it. Find the total square footage of your roof by multiplying the width by the length and then divide that number by 100 and you will get the number of squares you need to cover.

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How many shingles do I need for a 24x24 garage?

Take your roof footprint area and multiply by the roof pitch factor (1.06 for a 4/12 roof). Divide that by the actual coverage of the shingles you're using. Average three tabs are usually about 3 bundles per square. Architectural shingles will need up to 6 or 7 bundles per square.

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How do I figure out how many bundles of shingles I need?

To estimate roofing materials, start by finding the total square footage of the roof and divide the number by 100 to determine the number of "squares" in the roof. Since it takes 3 bundles of shingles to cover a square, plan to purchase 3 bundles for each square. Then, add 10% to the number to account for waste.