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How much are pilot points worth?

Last Updated: 24th April, 2021

One (1) point is worth one cent ($. 01) when redeeming points earned. *Points may not be used towards tobacco, alcohol or lottery.

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Correspondingly, how much are Loves points worth?

Spend Like Cash Earn one point per gallon of Diesel fuel purchased and one point per dollar spent on all tire care purchases in our truck tire care centers. Each point is equal to one cent in value.

Likewise, how do I use my pilot rewards card? Earn rewards and get exclusive offers on your favorite food and drinks. To redeem, just save the offer in your app and it will load directly to your myRewards account. Scan the app or swipe your card to redeem your savings. New items are added daily so check back often to keep saving money!

Also asked, can I use my pilot points for gas?

Points for Every Diesel Purchase, Every Time As a myRewards member, you'll receive points and credits whenever you purchase certain fuel, products or services from any of our locations. The points can be redeemed immediately for things like food, WiFi and showers.

How many gallons do I need for a free shower at Flying J?

To receive the free daily showers, professional drivers must fill up at Pilot and Flying J locations a minimum of 500 gallons of fuel in a month. One shower will be issued to the driver's MyRewards account each day for the remainder of the month in which the award was earned and for the entire following month.

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Do loves reward points expire?

My Love Rewards points expire only if the account remains inactive for more than 365 days without an earning or redemption transaction.

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How do you earn brilliant distinction points?

Brilliant Distinctions members earn 100 points per $150 spent on SkinMedica products. If you haven't already, register for Brilliant Distinctions. Then, log in through Dermstore to link your account. You'll earn Brilliant Distinctions rewards with every SkinMedica purchase.

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How many lives points equal a dollar?

1,000 points equals $1 in value. Whenever you shop, you keep earning new Points. The more you shop, the more Points you'll earn. Points expire one year after they are earned.

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How many gallons for a shower at loves?

Earn a free shower credit when you fuel at least 50 gallons. Plus, showers are free every day when you earn Diamond or Platinum status. My Love Rewards gives you more ways to earn and spend your points. Earn points on fuel, store food and drinks, merchandise, Speedco and Love's Truck Tire Care.

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Can I use my loves points for gas?

My Love Rewards gives you more ways to earn and spend your points. Earn points on fuel, store food and drinks, merchandise, Speedco and Love's Truck Tire Care. You can spend your points at Love's-owned restaurants, Speedco and Love's Truck Tire Care, on store food and drinks and merchandise.

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What does Platinum mean at loves?

My Love Rewards
Below: 1-499 gallons per month = 1 point. Gold: 500-999 gallons per month = 2 points. Platinum: 1,000-1,499 gallons per month = 3 points.

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How do I get a loves reward card?

You must have a My Love Rewards card.
If you do not have a My Love Rewards card, go to a Love's store and ask for one at the counter. You can find your My Love Rewards # on the back of your card. Complete form below to verify registration.

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How do pilots get WIFI credits?

Just enter the building, swipe your card at the kiosk and select "free 24 hour wifi" then it spits out a code to use back in the truck. Just like free showers. Drivers could earn free access credit per fill up or after so many gallons per month get a free month Again, just like the showers.

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How much are showers at pilot?

The driver buys 50–75 gallons of fuel and receive a free shower, otherwise the showers cost $10-$15 dollars. The showers come with a cloth place may, wash cloth and towel which is turned in after the shower. Pilot truck stops insist you have a CDL to shower there.

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Can I use my pilot card at Speedway?

The Pilot Flying J MyRewards loyalty card will be honored at the 41 Speedway locations. Pilot Flying J and Speedway have entered into a joint venture consisting of 120 travel plazas, primarily in the Southeast.

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What does shower power mean at pilot?

Shower Power
Earn a shower per day for the rest of the month and the entire next month when you fuel over 1000 gallons per month.

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What is pilot shower power?

There's something to be said for a nice hot shower after a few hundred miles. And, with Shower Power, that something is “FREE”. Fuel over 1,000 gallons in a month, earn a FREE shower a day. Additionally, there will be a 10-day expiration on all earned shower credits.

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How do I add EFS card to pilot App?

To set up your EFS card in the app, please follow these steps.
  1. Step 1: Open the Pilot Flying J app and tap the fuel icon along the bottom.
  2. Step 2: Create a new Wallet Code to help password protect your EFS card information in the app.
  3. Step 3: Then add your card number to the app by taking a picture of your EFS card.

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Does pilot accept personal checks?

Pilot/Flying J Travel Centers
Cashes checks?: Yes. Additional information: Check cashing services are available at all locations 24 hours a day. Customers can cash a check (up to $999.99) for a fee, which can vary by location.

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Does pilot have Apple pay?

Apple Pay: More brands like Pilot Flying J that do accept Apple Pay. Local & food stores w/ Apple Pay. Currently, there are 130 local & food stores that accept Apple Pay.

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Does Flying J have WiFi?

WiFi is available for free while inside Pilot Flying J facilities. Pilot Flying J operates more than 650 locations throughout North America.

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Does pilot take American Express?

Pilot Flying J announced Wednesday it will now be accepting American Express credit cards at the pump for fueling transactions. Additionally, the myPilot app virtual wallet will now accept American Express and other major credit cards, giving drivers new payment options for fuel.

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Can anyone use the showers at Pilot truck stops?

But if you don't meet the fuel requirement, you can still get a shower. All you have to do is pay $9 -- a fee that includes a freshly laundered towel, wash cloth, bathmat and soap.