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How much did it cost to make Wallace and Gromit?

30 million USD

In this way, how much money did Wallace and Gromit make?

Box office performance

Film Budget Box office gross
Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit $30 million $197,593,152
Shaun the Sheep Movie $25 million $106,209,378
A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon TBA $41,914,963

Additionally, what does Wallace say to Gromit? Wallace: No crackers Gromit! We've forgotten the crackers!

Considering this, how long did Wallace and Gromit take to make?

Working with Plasticine models takes an incredibly long time to film "“ A Matter of Loaf and Death, a half-hour special featuring Wallace and Gromit in a bakery-based murder mystery that aired this past Christmas Day, took 18 months to complete.

How did they make Wallace and Gromit?

8. Gromit is made entirely from modelling clay, apart from his eyes and nose, which are simple beads, and the armature that runs through his body, like a skeleton. Just like most of the other characters created by Aardman Animations, Gromit is made from Newplast, a modelling clay made in Newton Abbott, Devon.

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What does Gromit mean?

Editors Contribution. Gromit. An unclean person. Damn Adrian, you're such a filthy gromit.

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How much is Nick Park worth?

How much is Nick Park Worth? Nick Park net worth: Nick Park is an English director, writer, and animator who has a net worth of $10 million.

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Is Wallace and Gromit CGI?

Wallace & Gromit: The Case of the CGI Bunnies. Wallace and Gromit are two of the most popular characters to come of out of British animation studio, Aardman Animations. One of the most recognizable aspects to the Wallace and Gromit films is their handmade quality.

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How old is Gromit?

Gromit's age is unknown, but he can be implied to be a young dog, somewhere around 5 human years, and 35 dog years. Gromit was originally meant to be a cat, but Nick Park changed him into a dog because it proved easier to model.

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What is Aardman Animation worth?

Aardman films have made $1 billion worldwide and average $147 million per film.

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What is the robot in Wallace and Gromit?

The Cooker became a deuteragonist of Wallace and Gromit. An audio adaptation of A Grand Day Out called the Cooker the Moon Machine.

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How tall is Gromit?

Michelangelo's David is 17ft tall, Nick Park's Gromit is 4in.

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What is Wallace's last name?

Wallace. Wallace lives at 62 West Wallaby Street, Wigan, along with his dog Gromit. His last name is never given.

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Is there a new Wallace and Gromit movie?

' mystery Gromit! Today, fans throughout the world can see Nick Park talking about Wallace and Gromit's forthcoming new film. Within an interview style short film, available only on the internet, Nick reveals that the plasticine duo's new adventure will be made for TV.

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How Claymation is done?

Claymation is a type of stop-motion animation, which means it's essentially shot frame by frame and then compiled together to form a fluid action onscreen. After each time, the filmmaker stops the camera recording, the subject—in claymation it would be a figure sculpted in clay—is adjusted ever so slightly.

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What was the last Wallace and Gromit film?

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Country United Kingdom United States
Language English
Budget $30 million
Box office $192.6 million

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What happened to Wallace and Gromit?

Plasticine superstars Wallace and Gromit may have had their final adventure, according to their Oscar-winning creator. He suffers from the eye condition macular degeneration and hasn't voiced the character since the Wallace and Gromit World of Invention series on the BBC four years ago.

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How long did a grand day out take to make?

24 minutes



How old is Shaun the Sheep?

The Guardian noted that the series "hits the four-to-seven-year-old age group smack in the eye." Gareth Owen, the producer of the series, said Shaun the Sheep is aimed at viewers "aged four to seven, though in reality, the age range is four to 87", as the series became popular among all different age-groups.

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What Clay is best for stop motion?

The best clay for your Claymation
From the nature of the different types of clay above, the non-hardening plasticine or plastalina clay is the main clay used in stop animation. These are manufactured in different colors and stay soft and moldable even for a long period of time being exposed to air or room temperatures.

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What cheese does Wallace and Gromit like?

Fortunately, inspiration struck when in 1995, Wallace proclaimed Wensleydale as his favorite cheese in A Close Shave. Wensleydale had previously been mentioned by Wallace in A Grand Day Out, as he wonders if the moon is made from the substance.

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Is Wallace and Gromit set in Wigan?

62 West Wallaby Street, Wigan, Lancashire is the home address of Wallace and Gromit. In this shot, "A-Z Wigan" can be seen on the dashboard, further proof that the duo live in the town.