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How much did the Witcher 3 make?

Last Updated: 24th March, 2020

CD Projekt Rich: Witcher 3 revenues total $250million, trilogy sells 25 million.

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Consequently, how much money did the Witcher 3 make?

The Witcher developer CD Projekt Red has releasedfinancial data for the first half of the year. As you might haveguessed, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was one of thecompany's main contributors. Overall, the Polish studio pulled in319 million Zloty, which comes out to $82.7 million.

Also Know, how much did the Witcher 2 make? CD Projekt RED is diffusing a lot of those inflatedbudgets for their games, as they revealed that The Witcher 2only cost $10.36 million to produce, and both Cyberpunk 2077 andWitcher 3 have accrued about $7 million in expensesso far.

Just so, how many copies sold Witcher 3?

Apparently, The Witcher series as a whole hassold over 40 million copies in total, but 20 millionof those sales came from The Witcher 3 alone (across allplatforms). When you compare those numbers to, say, GTA V's sales(which were around 100 million as of May 2018), they may seem quitesmall.

How long did it take to make The Witcher 3?

about 3.5 to 4 years

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How old is Geralt in Witcher 3?

In the books, Geralt is roughly 80–85 bytheir conclusion. In the games, Geralt ages a bit, he'sroughly ~94 in The Wild Hunt. Witchers age slowly, and canlive for several centuries, thanks to the mutagens they receiveduring the Trial of the Grasses.

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Is Ciri more powerful than Geralt?

Geralt is stronger than her because he hasexperience, wisdom, and self control.

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How old is Vesemir?

Geralt is thought to be 100-ish, Yennefer is said to beborn in 1173 and W3 should take place in 1273-1274, Triss isapparently a "young" sorceress so probably less than 100, Ciri willbe 22 in W3, Dandelion is probably 40 something, Vesemir ishundreds of years old.

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Will there be a Witcher 4?

While Developer CD Projekt Red hasn't confirmed thatthere will ever be a Witcher 4, it certainly hasn'tbeen ruled out completely. In an interview with Eurogamer in May2016, CD Projekt Red co-founder, Marcin Iwinski, said the team“didn't have anything planned” when it came to the nextWitcher game.

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How many hours does Witcher 3 take?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, by someaccounts, is 70 hours long. A “speed run” is 25,and I've heard some have taken as long as 100hours to beat it. And Projekt Red itself has said that thereare potentially 200 hours of gameplay in there if peoplereally want to find it.

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Is The Witcher 3 hard?

The Witcher 3 is harder than Skyrim but easierthan Dark Souls – unless you venture into permadeathterritory. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is unusuallypositioned in the RPG pantheon. But if you're not really keen onRPGs with action gameplay you may be on the fence, and with goodreason; this is no Skyrim.

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Did The Witcher 3 make a profit?

CD Projekt Rich: Witcher 3 revenues total $250million, trilogy sells 25 million. CD Projekt, the group that ownsboth famed developer CD Projekt Red and GOG, has announced their2016 financial results and ho-boy, they've made some dollarsand cents.

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Is The Witcher 4 coming?

The fact thatanother The Witcher gamewill happen-but it won't be called The Witcher 4 – was reiteratedby Kicinski toBankierin July 2018. Interestingly, we do know that anew CD Projekt Red triple-A RPG is on the way to release in2021, according to a company management report. And, no, it isn'tCyberpunk 2077.

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How many copies did PUBG sell?

50 million copies

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Is Witcher 3 really open world?

But none of them hold a candle to The Witcher 3.The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt blows every otheropen-world experience of 2015 out of the water in twoimportant ways: its quest design andworld-building.

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Is The Witcher 3 a sequel?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a 2015 actionrole-playing game developed and published by CD Projekt, based onThe Witcher series of fantasy novels by Andrzej Sapkowski.It is the sequel to the 2011 game The Witcher 2:Assassins of Kings.

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Do I need to play Witcher 1 and 2?

But, no it is not necessary. But if you want fullknowledge of the Witcher lore, then you may go and play 1and 2 and read the books of which there series is basedon.

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What is the Witcher world called?

Like the first two games, The Witcher 3 is set ina land known as The Continent. Yes, that's actually theworld's name. Broadly speaking, it's a fantasy worldlike a lot of fantasy worlds you may already know. There are elvesand dwarves; dragons and castles; mages and sorceresses who castfearsome spells.

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Who wrote The Witcher?

Andrzej Sapkowski
Przemysław Truściński

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How long did Cyberpunk 2077 take to make?

As of this writing, there are 268 days untilCyberpunk 2077 comes out. For further chronological fun,consider the fact that there are about 21,000 days between now andwhen Cyberpunk 2077 takes place. We don't know the exactdate the game begins or else I could give you a more exactfigure.

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How big is the Witcher 3 world?

Members of gaming forum NeoGAF crunched the numbers onworld sizes for various other open-world games, andthe results are astounding. Skyrim's game world, forexample, is only around 39 square kilometers, making Witcher 3'sworld roughly 3.5 times larger than that of Bethesda'sopen-world epic.

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How did Geralt lose his memory?

Geralt chased them, eventually encountering Lethoand his brother Witchers of the Viper. After an unknownamount of time with the Hunt, Geralt was rescued by Ciristorming a gathering of the Hunt. He fled and suffered amnesia fromthe Hunt's magic, and was found by Vesemir, Eskel, and Lambert nearKaer Morhen.

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Is Witcher 2 open world?

The Witcher 2 is an open world, non-linearRPG that features full, hands-on real-time combat and a branchingstory that's affected by your decisions.