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How much diesel does a locomotive use?

Similarly, a typical train might haul 3000 tonsof freight 500 miles and consume approximately 3185 gallons ofdiesel fuel.

Then, how much power does a diesel locomotive have?

The diesel engine makes 3,200 horsepower, and thegenerator can turn this into almost 4,700 amps of electricalcurrent. The four drive motors use this electricity to generateover 64,000 pounds of thrust. There is a completely separate V-12engine and generator to provide electrical power for therest of the train.

Secondly, do diesel trains have gears? Well, if you mean do trains have transmissiongears, the answer is no. Nowadays locomotives areequipped with Diesel-electric system where, as Robert J.Kolker said, the Diesel engine is coupled to an alternatorwhich in turn drives the traction motor.

In this manner, how much does a diesel locomotive cost?

A diesellocomotive could cost from $500,000-$2 million. While anelectric locomotive could cost more than $6 million.Price depends on whether it is powered by AC or DC traction,how much horsepower it has, or what electronics it isequipped with.

What type of diesel fuel do trains use?

Diesel locomotives first entered widespreaduse in the 1930s, and were meant to replace steam. They havean extremely large internal combustion engine powered by dieselfuel, which generates electricity to power a series of electricmotors that turn the wheels.

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What is the most powerful diesel locomotive?

The AC6000CW is a 6,000-horsepower (4,500 kW)diesel electric locomotive built by GETransportation. It is among the world's most powerfulsingle-engined diesel locomotives.

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How many MPG does a train get?

(3000 tons x 500 miles) / (3185 gallons) = 471ton-miles per gallon. This efficiency might be stated as“a train can move a ton of freight 471 miles on agallon of fuel.” In this example, the train isapproximately 3.5 times more efficient at haulingfreight.

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How many horsepower is a train engine?

Chicago:World Book, 2000. "Most electric locomotivesweigh between 100 and 200 short tons (90 and 180 metric tons) andprovide about 6000 to 7000 horsepower (4500 to 5200kilowatts)." Pennsylvania Railroad Diesel LocomotivePictorial Fairbanks-Morse Locomotives.

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Why do diesel trains use electric motors?

The ignition of diesel fuel pushes pistonsconnected to an electric generator. The resultingelectricity powers motors connected to the wheels ofthe locomotive. A “diesel” internalcombustion engine uses the heat generated from thecompression of air during the upward cycles of the stroke to ignitethe fuel.

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Why do trains have two locomotives?

The reason for that start is that there aretrains with no obvious locomotive. These are almostalways passenger trains and they have multipleengines. In some cases one on each axle. On freight trainsit's about overcoming the inertia of the load and then keeping itrolling and then stopping.

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How much horsepower did the big boy have?

A Big Boy locomotive along with its tenderweighed about 604 tons and measured more than 132 feet (40 metres)in length. It had a maximum power capacity of more than6,000 horsepower and could haul a 3,600-ton train unassistedup the Wasatch Mountain grade.

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Do diesel electric trains have batteries?

The locomotive was powered a 190-kW dieselengine and four electric motors, with a maximum overallpower 360 kW powered from batteries. The batterieswere recharged while the diesel engine was running, byregenerative braking or from external electricpower.

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What has the most horsepower in the world?

2,000-horsepower Lotus Evija becomes theworld's most powerful production car. Until today, theworld's most powerful production car was the all-electricRimac C_Two, which makes a puny 1,914horsepower.

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How many cars can a train pull legally?

One unit can easily pull 100 carson the flat if you only want it to go 10-12 mph. Put it on a 2%grade and a 3000 hp unit can only pull about 6-8cars at about 15 mph. Western RRs usually rate theirtrains in Horsepower/ton.

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What is the strongest train?

The Re 620 is the single most powerful individualelectric locomotive in the world—producing 10,500 horsepowerand providing up to 398 kN of effort through its six drive axles. Asingle Re 620 can pull up to 800 tons on a 2.6 percent gradient at80 km/h.

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How much horsepower does a BNSF locomotive have?

According to the BNSF Career page, a singlelocomotive is now capable of producing 35,000HP.

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How heavy is a locomotive?

The larger high horsepower 4 axle units like GP 60 ordash 8 b weigh 299,000 and the big 6 axle road units like SD 70,dash 9 c, AC- 4400, weigh between 389,000 pounds to 400,000 pounds(a full 200 tons) and some are even heavier at 422,000 to435,000 pounds.

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What does a new locomotive cost?

Prices back in 2001 were from about $1,500,000 for DCunits like an SD70 to about $2,300,000 for an AC unit such as theSD90MAC, with the average price for a new locomotiveat about $1,700,000.

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How much do train engineers get paid?

The nation's 38,790 locomotive engineers made$52,940 per year, or $25.45 per hour, as of May 2011, states theBLS. Salaries fell to less than $35,730, or $17.18, for the lowest10 percent of engineers or rose to more than $79,340, or$38.14, for the highest 10 percent.

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How do diesel locomotives work?

Diesel Locomotives use electricity to driveforward motion despite the name 'diesel'. A largediesel engine turns a shaft that drives a generator whichmakes electricity. This electrical energy powers large electricmotors at the wheels called 'traction motors'.

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How much can a locomotive pull?

That totals 27 MILLION pounds of weight pulled(or 14,000 tons). Depending on the type of locomotive,steepness of the grade of track, and sharpness of the curve in therailroad track, a loco may pull more or lessweight.

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How long is a diesel locomotive?

GE Dash 9-44CW
Length 73 ft 8 in (22.45 m)
Width 10 ft 3 in (3.12 m)
Height 16 ft 0 in (4.88 m)
Loco weight 425,000 lb (192,800 kilograms) or 212.5 short tons (189.7 longtons; 192.8 t)

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Why train engines are not switched off?

Another reason for not turning off dieseltrain engines, lies in the engine itself. It is alsointeresting to know that while diesel locomotives areidling, fuel consumption is more than when the train ismoving. This is because, while idling, the batteries are beingcharged, and the air compression is in operation.

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