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How much does a packer brisket cost?

On average, brisket is around $4 to $5 a pound. Stores usually price higher if it is a cut that wastes part of the beef. This means that a flat cut brisket is pricier, at around $8 a pound, while a packer or Texas brisket cut can be as low as $2 or $3 per pound.

Herein, how much is brisket per pound?

Generally, butchers recommend calculating about ½ pound per person, uncooked weight. I always get at least two pounds over the recommended amount, which allow for guests taking larger portions, and will hopefully leave you with some nice leftovers.

Likewise, how much does a packer brisket weight? Whole, untrimmed briskets weigh 8-20 pounds.

how much is brisket per pound at Costco?

Costco Kirkland USDA Prime Brisket $3.79/lb YMMV.

How big is a Packer brisket?

The photos here show a whole 12-pound packer brisket as it arrived from the packer. The cutting board is 20" x 14". The fat cap is 1/4" to 1/2" thick.

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How much brisket do I need for 8 adults?

per person, you'll need 64 oz. of finished product, or 4 pounds. Your 12 pound brisket is plenty for 8 people. Figure 30% loss, so 12 lb.

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Is brisket a cheap cut of meat?

Beef Brisket
Brisket costs less than other cuts because it's relatively tough and requires more cooking time. The results, however, are delectable and well worth the effort. When buying this cheap grilling meat, look for marbling and uniform thickness.

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What is a good price for brisket?

The Average Cost of Brisket
You can find prices ranging from roughly $2 a pound to as much as $22 per pound. Of course these are just the extreme ends of the beef brisket price range. On average, brisket is around $4 to $5 a pound. Stores usually price higher if it is a cut that wastes part of the beef.

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How much does a full brisket cost?

In grocery stores and some butchers, they'll trim it up and then charge $4.99/lb (Yeouch!). But I usually find whole packers at at Club warehouse stores for anywhere from $1.89-2.69/lb now. If you can't find a good price and are planning to do pulled beef (not sliced), look at chuck roasts.

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What is brisket called at the grocery store?

Because it's so large, brisket is usually cut into two pieces. Most grocery stores carry the first cut, which is also called the flat. It's leaner and slices neatly. But your butcher may have the second cut, also known as the deckle point.

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Is a brisket expensive?

Brisket. Untrimmed beef brisket is still one of the least expensive cuts of beef you can buy. When selecting a good beef brisket, look for one with a decent layer of fat, but not too thick; the fat is vital to good smoked brisket, but an excessive amount is a waste of money.

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Does Sam's Club sell brisket?

Sadler's Smokehouse Sliced Whole Brisket (Priced Per Pound) - Sam's Club.

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Does Costco have good brisket?

Prime grade brisket prices at Costco. My Costco will sometimes carry whole choice briskets and they are in the $5/lb range, while, as most of us know, prime grade brisket has consistently been below $4/lb at Costco for a while now.

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Is Costco meat good quality?

1. Meat and Poultry. While Costco does sell good quality meat and poultry, their prices tend to be much higher than local grocery stores. While you have to cube the meat yourself (Costco's is pre-cut), that extra 10 minutes will save you money.

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How do you buy a beef brisket?

3 Tips for Buying Brisket
  1. Know the cut you want. Beef brisket comes in two cuts separated by a layer of fat.
  2. Buy the right size. As we mentioned, brisket is usually cut as small as two pounds and as large as 14 pounds.
  3. Don't worry about the marbling.

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Why is prime brisket cheaper than choice?

At my Costco the prime is a whole packer untrimmed. Less desirable because there's at least a few pounds of waste on a whole packer that needs to be trimmed off before cooking. The choice is just the trimmed flat portion, so you're only paying for meat, not fat and gristle and such.

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How do you prepare brisket?

Season the raw brisket on both sides with the rub. Place in a roasting pan and roast, uncovered, for 1 hour. Add beef stock and enough water to yield about 1/2 inch of liquid in the roasting pan. Lower oven to 300 degrees F, cover pan tightly and continue cooking for 3 hours, or until fork-tender.

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What should I serve with brisket?

These are 10 side dish recipes that are perfect to serve alongside beef brisket.
  • How To Make Fluffy Potato Kugel.
  • How To Steam Asparagus in the Microwave.
  • Diane Morgan's Baby Carrots with Dill.
  • Kohlrabi and Cabbage Salad with Maple Lemon Dressing.
  • Gingery Roasted Butternut Squash & Sweet Potatoes.
  • Brown Butter Radishes.

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How much weight does brisket lose cooked?

1.5 to 2 pounds lost to trim
So, a 14 pound brisket will yield 7-8 pounds of cooked meat. Three servings per pound, you are looking at 20 to 24 servings per raw 14 pound packer. You trim a chitload more than I do.

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How much is a brisket sandwich?

RE: Portion sizes for brisket sandwiches
Maybe 60-70 pounds of packer brisket. Figure 3-4 sandwiches per finished pound of meat. Figure 1/3-1/2 cup each of the beans, slaw, and/or potato salad. Prepared stuff usually says you can get about 15 servings per 3 or 4# carton.

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How do I know when my brisket is done?

With brisket, this means you want an instant-read thermometer. Stick it in the middle of your brisket and check the internal temperature. So when is brisket done? There's a pretty big range of acceptable temperatures for brisket, with most cuts needing an internal temp of between 195 and 215.