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How much does it cost to activate a bluebird card?

Last Updated: 29th January, 2020

Get a Bluebird Account Set Up Kit for $5 at aWalmart store near you, start using your Temporary Cardimmediately, then register at, or. Registerdirectly online at, or. Download theBluebird Mobile App from the App StoreSM orGoogle Play and register through the Bluebird MobileApp.

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Keeping this in view, does Bluebird have a monthly fee?

Bluebird card: The bottom line No monthly or purchase transaction fees,and several free ways to add money to the card. Comes with valuableperks and services, such as spending alerts and family subaccounts,from American Express.

Additionally, how does a bluebird card work? Cash Withdrawal: Because the Bluebird works likean ATM card, you can put value on the cardthen withdraw it as cash without an ATM fee if you have directdeposit linked to your account.

Similarly one may ask, can I withdraw money from Bluebird at Walmart?

Withdraw Cash at ATMs If you still have a Temporary Bluebird Card, youcan use it for ATM withdrawals for a limited timevirtually anywhere in the US that accepts AmericanExpress® Cards, including ATMs at Walmartstores, but only once you register for a Bluebird Accountand complete e-mail verification.

Can you transfer money from Bluebird to bank account?

Transfer from Bluebird To BankAccount You can move money from your Bluebirdaccount to your checking account. Many folks may notneed to use this option because you can use Bluebirdto pay bills which can't be paid by credit card and foreveryday transactions.

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Can you use Bluebird on cash App?

Can a Bluebird card be used with squarecash? Cash App supports standard, U.S.-issued AMEX,Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit and debit cards. ATM, PayPal,prepaid bank cards and business debit cards (debit cards issued forBusiness Checking Accounts) aren't supported at thistime.

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Can you overdraft Bluebird card?

You are protected fromoverdraft.
You can pre-authorise checks before youwrite them with the Bluebird mobile app or online. The fundsare immediately deducted from your account so you know thecheck will be covered when cashed. You do not have topay any stop payment or overdraft fees.

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How much does a bluebird card cost at Walmart?

Consumers can sign up for free on,or choose to buy a $5 account set up kit at a local Walmartfor immediate use (with limited functionality). The set up kitincludes a starter card, which can be funded with cash or adebit card at the register with any dollar amount between $1and $500.

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Can you overdraft a bluebird card?

The biggest prepaid debit card players saythey've never charged overdraft fees and have no plans tostart. Chase and Amex, which offer the Liquid and Bluebirdproducts; and Green Dot, told NBC News they are not adding anyoverdraft protection to their cards.

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Can you get a Bluebird card at Walmart?

You can set up a Bluebird account throughthe Walmart MoneyCenter with no activation fee or monthlycharges; and once you're up and flying, you'll haveaccess to a wide range of free and low-cost services: Free DirectDeposit. Free cash withdrawals at MoneyPass ATMs. No replacementfees for lost or stolen cards.

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Can you load a bluebird card with a credit card?

It's well known that Bluebird can not be loadedwith a credit card, but instead requires a PIN-enabled debit(gift) card to load. Unfortunately there's anadditional limitation that came into play over the last year:You cannot use a Vanilla-branded gift card to loadBluebird or buy money orders at Walmart anymore.

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How many Bluebird cards can you have?

You can't even have one Bluebird andone REDbird, for example. You have to choose justone. And, if you're satisfied with $5,000worth of increased credit card spend per month, onecard is plenty. If you want more than one card,the key is to convince family or friends to sign up forcards and to let you manage them.

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How much money can I take off my bluebird card?

You can use your Bluebird to pay bills(such as your credit cards), send checks, and to withdrawcash at ATMs. Bluebird now charges $2.50 forwithdrawing cash at out-of-network ATMs. But it hasincreased the daily withdrawal limit to $750 per day untilyou reach the $2,000 per month maximum.

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What does a bluebird symbolize?

A bluebird is usually perceived as a symbol ofjoy and happiness that are expecting you in the future. If thisbird has appeared in your life, it will remind you of all thebeauty of the nature around you. You should enjoy the nature andall beautiful things that you have in your life.

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Can you transfer money from American Express card to bank account?

“Today, money can be sent online toanother country in minutes. People can transfer moneydirectly from their bank accounts, or use a credit or debitcard. There is no need to visit a bankmoney can be sent directly from a mobile device or laptopcomputer.”

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How do I cancel my bluebird card?

If you want to switch from Bluebird to Serve orREDcard, Amex wants you to call to cancel. Bluebirddoes not have a visible option to cancel your accountonline. In fact, their FAQ says: “A Bluebird Membercan suspend, reactivate, or cancel the Account simply bycalling us.” The number they give is: 1 (877)486-5990.