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How much does it cost to start a cold stone?

Last Updated: 15th May, 2020

Traditional Cold Stone Creamery Restaurant
Type of Expenditure Amount
Initial Franchise Fee $12,000 to $27,000
Rent/Security Deposit (for 3 months) $2,500 to $26,000
Travel and Living Expenses (2 persons) while training, not including salaries, if any, for you and your employees $3,000 to $7,500
Lease Review Fee $0 to $2,500

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In this way, how much does it cost to own a cold stone?

The total investment estimate for a Cold Stone Creamery franchise ranges from $50,200 to $467,525.

Additionally, how much did Cold Stone Creamery sell for? With this information they agreed to buy Cold Stone for approximately $80,000,000."

In this regard, how much does a Cold Stone Creamery owner make?

Cold Stone Creamery Franchise Owners earn $56,000 annually, or $27 per hour, which is 7% lower than the national average for all Franchise Owners at $60,000 annually and 13% lower than the national salary average for ?all working Americans.

How much does Cold Stone make a year?

Cold Stone Creamery® is an exciting franchise in the rapidly growing ice cream segment, which generates $8 billion annually in revenue, according to Yahoo® Finance.

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Is ice cream franchise profitable?

To be honest, ice cream franchise businesses are very profitable ventures, if some critical factors are taken care of. While setting up an ice-cream business from scratch might prove to be a very expensive and lengthy process, franchising is much easier by way of effort.

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Who Started Cold Stone?

Donald Sutherland
Susan Sutherland

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Where does Cold Stone get their ice cream?

Cold Stone Creamery is an American ice cream parlor chain. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, the company is owned and operated by Kahala Brands. The company's main product is premium ice cream made with approximately 12–14% butterfat, made on location and customized for patrons at time of order.

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How long does a cold stone cake last?

About One Week. Nationwide ice cream cake producer Carvel recommends you do not store ice cream cake in the freezer or refrigerator for longer than seven days. Ice crystals form in the ice cream and degrade its quality within a week.

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Where is the original cold stone?

Tempe, Arizona, United States

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How much does a Subway franchise cost?

Subway is one of the cheapest major fast-food restaurants to franchise. Subway's fee for becoming a franchisee is $15,000 and startup costs, which include construction and equipment leasing expenses, range from $105,800 to $393,600, according to the company.

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Where can I find franchises for sale?

One of the best places to find franchises for sale and to learn more about franchise opportunities is through franchise websites.

The following 13 websites are the best places to find franchises for sale:
  • FranchiseGator.
  • Entrepreneur.
  • Franchise Direct.
  • BizBuySell.
  • America's Best Franchises.

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How much does it cost to open a Baskin Robbins?

Initial Franchise Fee (20-year term): $25,000
You must pay an initial franchise fee (“IFF”) of $25,000 for each Baskin-Robbins Restaurant that you open.

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What is the best Cold Stone ice cream?

  • The Pie Who Loved Me.
  • Strawberry Banana Rendezvous.
  • Chocolate Devotion.
  • Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip.
  • Cookie Doughn't You Want Some.
  • Founder's Favorite.
  • Banana Caramel Crunch.
  • All Lovin' No Oven.

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What is the best ice cream franchise?

The 6 best ice cream franchises include:
  • Kona Ice.
  • Bowl of Heaven.
  • Sub Zero Ice Cream.
  • Dairy Queen.
  • Dippin' Dots.
  • Baskin Robbins.
  • Cold Stone Creamery.

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How much do Cold Stone employees get paid?

Hourly pay at Cold Stone Creamery, Inc. ranges from an average of $7.68 to $16.21 an hour. Cold Stone Creamery, Inc. employees with the job title Server make the most with an average hourly rate of $31.59, while employees with the title Waiter/Waitress Counter make the least with an average hourly rate of $5.99.

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How much does it cost to buy a Dairy Queen franchise?

The franchise fee for a Dairy Queen restaurant is $25,000 to $35,000. The total estimated investment ranges from $382,000 to $1.8 million, with liquid cash available of $400,000. A 4-5% royalty fee on gross monthly receipts is paid to the company.

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How much do Cold Stone cakes cost?

Cold Stone Creamery Prices
Food Size Price
Signature Cakes
Petite 4″ $10.00
Round Small 6″ $24.00
Round Large 8″ $32.00

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What is Cold Stone ice cream made out of?

It's true! Churned from the finest ingredients and mixed with your choice of candy, cakes, fruits or nuts on a frozen granite stone we proudly serve the best tasting, made-to-order ice cream you've ever had.

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Does Cold Stone make ice cream cakes?

Does Cold Stone Creamery make a lactose-free Ice Cream? Cake Batter®, Cinnamon Bun, Cookie Dough, and Oatmeal Cookie Batter ice creams do contain gluten.

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How much does it cost to open a marble slab?

Our franchise fee is $25,000. The total investment for a Marble Slab Creamery franchise can range from $316,085 to $409,135. The cost can vary by location, the size of the store, and geography. The minimum liquidity requirement for this investment level is $100,000 and a net worth requirement of $250,000.

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Is Cold Stone a franchise?

Franchising began in 1994, and the company is now owned by Kahala, which also franchises Blimpie, Surf City Squeeze, TacoTime and other concepts. Each Cold Stone store makes its ice cream fresh daily, and the ice cream is blended by hand with fruits, nuts, candy, cookies and more according to customers' requests.

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What are the 3 C's of cold stone?

Consistency, Curation, and Customization – just like the Cold Stone brand is built on all three, remember that destination marketing isn't just one of them – it's all of them.

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Why is cold stone so creamy?

Cold Stone's ice cream is made on the premises every day, and is categorized as "super premium" by industry standards—meaning it contains 12% to 14% butterfat, which gives it a uniquely creamy texture that sets it apart.