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How much does lagoon cost?

Last Updated: 16th May, 2020

To participate on rides and special events a YouthSingleDay Passport, Season Passport, or Individual Ride Ticketsarerequired. Individual ride tickets are sold 2 for $1.00, ridesvarybetween 4 to 10 tickets per ride.

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Hereof, has anyone died at Lagoon?

With just 2 ride fatalities from 1960 to 2017 (by usingahalf-million annual visitors as average before 1980 and onemilliona season thereafter), the odds of being killed on aLagoonride would pan out at about 2 chances in 47 millionof dyingon a ride.

Likewise, does lagoon have Fastpass? Lagoon has no Fastpass orSkip-the-Lineoptions, so it pays to arrive early and pick days withlightercrowds if you don't want to wait long for Cannibal andotherpopular rides.

Subsequently, question is, is Frightmares at Lagoon scary?

Come one, come all! Frightmares has somethingforeveryone. With over nine haunted attractions,Halloween-themedentertainment and all of your favorite foods, ridesand games,Frightmares is Utah's number one destination forfamilyfriendly Halloween fun.

Do lagoon season passes include Frightmares?

* Season Passport Includes ParkAdmission,Rides, Lagoon-A-Beach, Pioneer Village,ScheduledEntertainment and Frightmares. X-Venture ZoneAttractionsare not included with the purchase of aSeasonPassport.

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Does lagoon have half day passes?

* Single Day Passports Include ParkAdmission,Rides, Lagoon-A-Beach, Pioneer Village, andScheduledEntertainment. X-Venture Zone Attractions are notincludedwith the purchase of a Single Day Passport. * * Achild 24months of age and younger may enter the park andLagoon ABeach at no charge.

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Can you wear flip flops to Lagoon?

4. Wear flip-flops oropen-toedsandals. You need close-toed shoes to ridemost ridesat Lagoon. Don't forget that your admission to theparkincludes Lagoon-A-Beach!

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Is Lagoon building a new ride?

Lagoon to open new beer garden in2019.(KUTV) -- Lagoon will be opening a newattraction in2019. And no, it's not a new rollercoaster. The amusementpark will be selling beer atLagoon'sBiergarten.

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Did someone die on Space Mountain?

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
In February 2017, a 54-year-old man died afterridingthe attraction.

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Is Lagoon Haunted Utah?

Lagoon is a privately owned amusement parkinFarmington, Utah, United States, located about 18milesnorth of Salt Lake City.

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How high is Cannibal Lagoon?


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What is the fastest ride at Lagoon?

Cannibal – new for 2015 – lifts riders208feet and plunges them into a 116° beyond verticalfree-fallinto an underground tunnel. Cannibal is Lagoon'smostthrilling ride- including a 140 foot tall inverted loopandwater feature. Riders travel up to 70 mph over 2,735 feetandthrough 3 inversions.

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How much are Frightmares tickets?

Frightmares has something for everyone. Withovernine haunted attractions, Halloween-themed entertainment andall ofyour favorite foods, rides and games, Frightmares isUtah'snumber one destination for family friendly Halloweenfun.-Lagoonoffers “no scare zones” in kiddieland thatthe entirefamily can enjoy!

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How are lagoons formed?

Coastal lagoons form alongcoastalplains—flat or gently sloping landscapes. Theyform inareas with small tidal ranges. Coastal lagoonsare createdas a shallow basin near the shore gradually erodes, andthe oceanseeps in between the sandbars or barrierislands.

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Does Lagoon offer military discount?

America First Credit Union: Typically you cansave$9 by paying with AFCU credit or debit card. Costco: In themiddleof the store, you can find coupon deals for $8offadmission. Military: Lagoon offersmajordiscounts for active military with valid ID, andfortheir family too.

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Does lagoon sell beer?

Yes, we do allow guests to bring alcohol.However,it is not allowed inside Lagoon A Beach, intotheLagoon Biergarten & Restaurant and it cannot be leftina cooler unattended. Alcohol isn't sold inthePark.