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How much does Sun Tan City cost?

Last Updated: 23rd February, 2020

Sun Tan City Prices
Item Price
1-Visit Plan (Price Per Month) (Sunless Booths) $19.99
Flex Plan (Price Per Month) (Sunless Booths) $59.99
Commitment Plan (Price Per Month) (Sunless Booths) $39.99
Annual Plan (Price Per Year) (Sunless Booths) $599.99

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In this manner, how much is Sun Tan City membership?

Memberships as LOW as $9.99 | Sun Tan City.

Beside above, how much does a spray tan cost at Sun Tan City? $10 Any Spray Tan | Sun Tan City.

Herein, how much are upgrades at Sun Tan City?

If you're interested in Sunless upgrades, you can Purchase $50 in upgrades and —get $25 FREE! Sunless members: Sunless members may also purchase $50 in Sunless upgrades— this month and get $50 FREE!

How does Sun Tan City membership work?

Benefits of Membership Member-Only Specials – Exclusive weekend discounts and specials throughout the year. Tan When and Where You Choose – Tan at any of our over 250 salons. Freeze Your Price – Freeze your membership to guarantee your pricing. Lower Costs – Memberships are more cost-effective than paying per visit.

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Is it free spray tan week?

Fast, Faster, Fastest, and Sunless Club Sun Members, during Free Tan Week you'll receive discounts on tanning products and services. This week you can upgrade to the next level of tanning for FREE. This week, any new or non-member can tan in our Fast level sunbed for FREE.

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Are spray tans bad for you?

Once hailed as the smart alternative to tanning outside, spray tans can also be hazardous to your health. The concern stems from use of dihydroxyacetone (DHA) in tanning solutions, which interacts with dead cells on the skin's surface to evoke color change. When used properly, DHA is considered safe.

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How much does it cost to unfreeze Sun Tan City?

Anytime after your monthly agreement has been met, you can talk to a Tanning Consultant to freeze your account immediately at no cost upfront. While your account is frozen, an automatic $5 freeze payment will be applied to your account.

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How much does Tanning cost a month?

The fuel will cost you around $45 per month given you live approximately 12 miles away from a salon and use 4 sessions a week. Considering basic tan, your monthly expense on bronzing your body will be on an average $195.

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Is your first spray tan free at Sun Tan City?

For other questions about tanning before your event, stop by your favorite Sun Tan City salon. Don't forget that your FIRST Spray Tan visit is FREE, valid Sunday through Wednesday!

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Can you freeze your sun tan city account online?

To Freeze or Cancel your Membership, please visit or the salon. For your account security, we cannot accept Freezes or Cancels for your membership via email, chat, or phone.

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How often can you tan at Sun Tan City?

For best results, you should tan regularly, but not every day. We recommend waiting 36-48 hours between visits so your tan can fully develop, which equates to no more than 2 – 3 times a week. That's plenty of tanning for building and maintaining your base glow. Getting the most out of your tan at Sun Tan City is easy.

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How often should you tan?

It is suggested that you wait 36- 48 hours in between each session to allow your tan to fully develop in between visits. You can build up your tan by gradually increasing indoor tan-time and tanning two to three times a week. Once you have a tan, you can maintain it by tanning one or two times a week.

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Can I use any Sun Tan City?

Tanning Home for the Holidays
And this is where Sun Tan City can be your resort! Your tanning membership can be used at any of our Sun Tan City tanning salons. So if you see a Sun Tan City, stop in for a quick relaxation session.

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How much does Sun Tan City pay employees?

Average Sun Tan City hourly pay ranges from approximately $7.64 per hour for Sales Associate to $10.75 per hour for Assistant Manager. The average Sun Tan City salary ranges from approximately $17,000 per year for Retail Assistant Manager to $82,215 per year for Assistant Manager.

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How much is double dip at Sun Tan City?

Club Sun Members can purchase a Double-Dip session for only $15 and non-members and new clients can purchase a Double-Dip for $20!

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How do you use UV dollars at Sun Tan City?

Sun Tan City
  1. Go to and Login.
  2. Within the dashboard view on the left side bar, Click on “My Tanning”
  3. Go to the “My Upgrade Dollars” box and Click “Purchase Dollars”
  4. Select “Upgrade Offers”
  5. Select “MEMBER (UV) - $25 Upgrades + $50 Upgrades (Cyber)”
  6. Click "Purchase"
  7. Enter the required information and you are done!

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What is a double dip at Sun Tan City?

A Double-Dip at Sun Tan City is a session in a sunbed, immediately followed with a sunless inclusive session in one of our sunless tanning booths. Many clients prefer to use our instant tanning bed which has a 'tan-tastic' balance of lamps to give you a deep, golden color in just one visit.

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How do I get a spray tan?

10 Things You Absolutely Need to Know Before Getting a Spray Tan
  1. Spray tans last about a week, give or take.
  2. Shower and exfoliate before you tan.
  3. The color won't just wash off.
  4. Apply lotion every day.
  5. It'll get darker after application.
  6. Pat, don't rub, your skin dry.
  7. Wear nail polish.
  8. Think about your bathing suit.

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How much do spray tans usually cost?

How much does a spray tan cost? The price of a single spray tan differ depending on the method and the salon, but clients can typically expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $50 per tan, but you can spend less than that if you use a spray tanning deal on Groupon.

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Do Sun Tan City spray tans look good?

My experience at Sun Tan City was great! With my birthday coupon, I didn't have to pay a dime and I am very happy with the results. The spray tan also smelled really good, kind of tropical-like coconut. It started to smell like a self-tanner after it developed but not as bad or as strong as most self-tanners.

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How do you get a spray tan at Sun Tan City?

Sunless Tanning Tip: Preparing for Your Sunless Tan
  1. Tan at the right time. You need to avoid water for at least 4-8 hours after you tan.
  2. Exfoliate before your session to remove dead, dry skin cells. This allows the bronzing spray to absorb into fresh, clean skin.
  3. Skip the lotion and makeup.
  4. Wear lose-fitting, dark clothing to your session.