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How much does XS Nightclub cost?

Entry level tables at XS Las Vegas startat$1,000 and are typically at locations on the patio oftheclub. Tables in the main room are priced starting at$2,000.Bigger tables in the main room start at $2,000 and the besttablesare priced at $5,000 and above.

In this manner, how much does it cost to get into XS Nightclub?

Cover charge is common at XS Nightclub attheentrance. Men typically pay between $30 and $100 dollars andwomenbetween $20 and $75.

Also, how old do you have to be to get into XS Nightclub? Buyer and guest(s) must be at least 21 yearsold.A valid government issued ID must be presented toenter thenightclub and purchase or consumealcohol.

Beside above, what should I wear to XS Nightclub?

XS Dress Code A nice pair of slacks or jeans, a collared shirt,withsome nice dress shoes will do. Perhaps add a sport coat.Noathletic shoes, jerseys, baggy clothes orhats/ballcapsallowed.

What casino is XS nightclub in?

XS Nightclub. Take your bottle service onthedance floor or in the luxury cabanas surrounding the Encore poolatXS nightclub at Encore, named the hottestnightclubin the world by Condé NastTraveler.

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Can you wear jeans to XS Las Vegas?

For the men we recommend playing it safe andgoingwith attire that always works. For XS Las Vegasdressing innice jeans or dress pants, dressshoes, and abutton up shirt or sports coat will always beaccepted. Ifyou are looking for more info see our guides onDressCode Clothing & Shoes Not Allowed.

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What is Nightswim at XS?

The May 7 grand opening party for XSSundayNightswim features Grammy Award-winning duo andWynnNightlife Residents The Chainsmokers. Drawing a crowd ofbeautifulpeople, Encore Beach Club Nightswim is a vibrantmixture ofdaytime pool elements with the excitement andentertainment of anightclub.

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What time do Chainsmokers play at XS?

XS Guest List Opens At 10 pm. On weekendnights,XS opens their guest list line at 10 pm whichisbefore club opening.

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What should I wear to swim at night?

We recommend that guys wear swimming trunks andashirt or a tank top. And for the ladies, swimsuits orcover-upsover swim attire. That said, you don't have towearswim attire if you don't want to. If you prefer, you candressup, or you can wear more casual clothestoo.



How much are drinks at Drai's nightclub?

How much do drinks cost atDrai'sBeach Club? Mixed drinks / cocktails Start at$15, Beers$10, Shots $10, and Bottles start at $595.

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How much are drinks at XS Las Vegas?

Mixed drinks / cocktails start at $15(youraverage drink will be $20), beers at $8, shots at$8.Bottles start at $475.

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How much is a bottle in Vegas?

While the price of a bottle depends onthenightclub, the time of year, and the day of the week, prices inLasVegas clubs typically run between $350 - $575perbottle plus tax, waitress gratuity, table tips, andotherfees that can reinvent themselves.

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How do you get on the Las Vegas guest list for clubs?

We've streamlined the process on how to add yourself toourLas Vegas club guest lists by following thesesimplesteps:
  1. Select your club.
  2. Include your contact name.
  3. Select the date you want to attend.
  4. Pick The size of your group.
  5. Enter your contact info so we can send confirmations.
  6. That's it, we then do the rest.

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Can you wear flats to Vegas clubs?

Flats are frowned upon while sneakers andflipflops are never acceptable. The dress code in Vegascasinosis miles away from the dress code at the nightclubslocatedwithin them. While it can be hard to dance inthem,Vegas club attire generally dictates that youshouldwear heels.

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What is the dress code in Las Vegas?

Shorts, torn clothes, sneakers, flip flopsandt-shirts are out. If you must wear a shirt without a collar suchasa t-shirt or pull over, dress it up with a jacket.Suitabledresses, skirts, blouses, button down shirts,slacks, jeansand jackets are all okay.

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What do you wear to Encore Beach Club?

Men should sport board shorts, a T-shirtandsandals or flip-flops; undershirts, cut-off shorts andathleticwear like gym shorts, sneakers and sports jerseysareforbidden. The same goes for Encore Beach Club,where baggyclothes, chains and see-through swimwear will getyou nofarther than the door.

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What hotel is Encore Beach Club at?

Encore Beach Club at Night
Encore Beach Club's popular Nightswimhasexpanded to Wednesdays. The Strip's favorite late-night poolpartyhappens Wednesday, Friday and Saturday all summer long.Resortguests receive preferred entry by purchasing tickets throughtheconcierge at (702) 770-7070.

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How late is Xs open?

XS Nightclub is open until around4:30am.

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What should I wear to Xs night swim?

XS Nightclub Attire
No tank tops, work boots, chains or baggyjeans/shorts.No athletic gear including gym shorts, tennis shoes,sweat pants,hats, etc. No clothing that contains rivets,hooks, studs,etc. No shorts, flip flops, or swimwear (except forscheduledNightswim events).

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How much is a table at XS?

Entry level tables at XS Las Vegas start at$2,000and are typically at locations on the patio of theclub.Tables in the main room are priced starting at$3,000.Bigger tables in the main room start at $5,000 andthe besttables are priced at $8,000 and above.

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Can you go to clubs in Vegas at 18?

You must be over 21 to enter casinos andmostnight clubs. Some concert halls, however, hold venuesopento anyone over age 18. Some strip clubs willallowyou to enter, but not allow you to enter thebararea. One club serves the Vegas area and catersonlyto those under 21.

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Where is XS Nightclub Las Vegas?

XS Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

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What clubs in Vegas play hip hop?

Top 10 Hip Hop Clubs in Las Vegas
  • Drai's Nightclub at Cromwell.
  • Kaos Nightclub at the Palms.
  • 1 OAK LV at The Mirage.
  • Chateau at Paris.
  • Tao Nightclub at Venetian.
  • Light at Mandalay Bay.
  • Ling Ling Room at Hakkasan.
  • Heart of Omnia at Omnia.

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Who owns XS nightclub in Las Vegas?

In fact, putting in 20-hour days —ornights, as it were — the pair may be thehardestworking guys in Vegas. Together with Victor Drai,whoco-owns Tryst and XS with the Wynn organizationandheads up this powerhouse trinity, the Waits brothers overseeanightlife empire.