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How much is Gates Presidential platter?

Last Updated: 1st May, 2021

Gates Bar-B-Q Inc. Menu
Slab $23.95
Four Bone (Plate For 2) $29.50
Large Party Tray(7-8) $79.95
Small Party Tray(4-5) $43.50
President's Tray(7-8) $82.00

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Just so, what comes on Gates Presidential platter?

The president's choice is a full rack of ribs, a half chicken, brisket, a big link of sausage that I think is 2 links, smoked ham, and smoked turkey. It also came with what looked like a jar of pickles.

Furthermore, what is Gates BBQ known for? But Gates is most famous for its baked beans, which are the standout. They are served soupy, with a heavy touch of sweet molasses -- no BBQ flavoring as many places employ -- and are delicious.

Herein, what comes on Gates BBQ small party tray?


  • Large Party Tray. Serves 7-8.
  • Small Party Tray. Serves 4-5.
  • President's Choice. Serves 7-8, Includes Chicken & Sausage.
  • 1/2 Pound of Sliced Meat. Beef, Ham, Turkey, Pork.
  • 1 Pound of Sliced Meat. Beef, Ham, Turkey, Pork.

Are Gates ribs beef or pork?

Burnt ends at Gates really are the fatty trimmings from the smoked beef. This sandwich actually includes a portion of regular sliced smoked beef. The ribs at Gates are among the smokier specimens you'll find in Kansas City.

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How much is a mixed plate at Gates BBQ?

Gates Bar-B-Q Inc. Menu
Slab $23.95
Chicken $8.95
Sausage $8.95
Mutton $12.95
Mixed Plate $21.25

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Who is the owner of Gates BBQ?

Owner Ollie Gates speaks out about overnight fire that destroyed Gates Bar-B-Q. INDEPENDENCE, Mo.

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How many gates BBQ are there?

Gates Bar-B-Q on State Line Road in Leawood, Kansas has little changed over the years. Gates is an old Kansas City, Missouri BBQ chain with 6 locations in the metro area, including this one off I-435 and one in Kansas City, Kansas.

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Why is Kansas City famous for BBQ?

Kansas City is famous for its burnt ends, no matter the meat. In fact, the city is known for the meat varieties, too – sauce or no sauce. But what are burnt ends? The New York Times defined burnt ends as the fattiest part of the brisket, twice-cooked and “the most delicious.”

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Is Gates barbecue sauce gluten free?

Gates BBQ sauce is fantastic. Kansas City BBQ in general is unique and flavorful, Gates' extra hot has a zing and depth of flavor superior to many hot sauces that "burn" but with little taste. Gates does not put wheat in their sauce for preservatives, so if you're gluten intolerant this sauce may work.

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Who is known for BBQ?

1. Kansas City, Missouri. Kansas City is so closely associated with barbecue that one of the best-selling sauces in the nation is named after their smoked meat masterpieces.

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Are Kansas City ribs pork or beef?

Kansas City barbecue is characterized by its use of a wide variety of meats: pork, beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, sausage, and sometimes even fish. Burnt ends – the crusty, fatty, flavorful meat cut from the point of a smoked beef brisket – are much in demand.

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What are the different BBQ styles?

Here's a primer on America's principle barbecue sauce styles.
  • Eastern North Carolina Vinegar Sauce.
  • Piedmont or Lexington-Style Dip.
  • South Carolina-Style Mustard Sauce.
  • Texas-Style Mop or Basting Sauce.
  • Kansas City-Style Sauce.
  • Alabama White Sauce.
  • Additional Notes on American Sauces.

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What state has the best BBQ sauce?

Top 10 U.S. states for barbecue
  • Missouri.
  • North Carolina.
  • Georgia.
  • Florida.
  • South Carolina.
  • California.
  • Virginia.
  • New York.

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What makes KC BBQ different?

Kansas City. What makes KC barbecue different from other regions is that a variety of meats are used. From beef, pork, chicken, and sausage, no meat is off limits! Thankfully we've strayed away from the smoked raccoon, possum, and woodchuck that was served in Perry's time.

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Which Kansas City is famous for BBQ?

Kansas City BBQ: 6 Top Picks You Won't Want to Miss
  • Z-Man Sandwich from Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que. Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que has grown to become one of the most popular barbecue joints in Kansas City.
  • Q39. Q39 is one of the best barbecue restaurants in Kansas City.
  • Arthur Bryant's.
  • Woodyard Bar-B-Que.
  • Slap's BBQ.
  • Gates Bar-B-Q.