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How much is the Singapore Tourist Pass?

Last Updated: 19th February, 2020

The Singapore Tourist Pass comes with a fixedcost per day (S$10 for 1-Day Pass, S$16 for 2-DayPass and S$20 for 3-Day Pass). The ez-link cardcosts S$12, inclusive of a S$5 non-refundable card cost andS$7 travel value. The Singapore Tourist Pass will revert toa normal ez-link card upon expiry of the pass.

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Similarly, it is asked, how much does MRT cost in Singapore?

MRT fares

Adult Senior citizen / Persons with disabilities Student1
$0.83 - $2.08 $0.55 - $0.88 $0.38 - $0.59

Secondly, how do you pay for buses in Singapore? Take the bus ticket as proof of receipt when youpay with cash. Visitors to Singapore can use theSingapore Tourist Pass, which offers all-day unlimitedtravel on MRT and LRT trains, and basic busservices.

In this manner, where can I buy MRT pass in Singapore?

The Pass can be bought at the TransitLinkTicket Office at selected MRT stations listed here,or at the Concession Card Replacement Office at Somersetstation. They are also available 24 hours daily at the AutomatedSTP Kiosks at Changi Airport MRT Station (Terminal 2 and 3)near the Transitlink Ticket Office.

Does Singapore Tourist Pass include Sentosa Express?

SG Tourist Pass A special ez-link card that offers touristsunlimited travel* on Singapore's basic bus services, MRT andLRT trains for 3 days duration. The pass excludes rides onpremium services such as Sentosa Express, RWS8, FastForward, Night Rider and Nite Owl buses.

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Is entry to Sentosa free?

Free admission to Sentosa from Oct 1 for moreSingapore residents. Child concession card holders enteringvia the Sentosa Express monorail also visit for free,while visitors who take bus service 123 will pay only thebus fare. Travel around the island on the SentosaExpress, Sentosa buses and beach trams isfree.

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Is the Singapore Tourist Pass worth it?

Though a little expensive, the JR Pass is wellworth the cost, especially with the unlimited, costlyshinkansen rides. But getting an unlimited pass forSingapore's tiny island is an entirely different story! TheSTP costs S$20 for a 3-day pass with a refundable $10 rentaldeposit.

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Is Singapore safe?

Generally, Singapore is very safe tovisit. It is probably the safest country in Asia to travel to, butit has its dangers. Use your common sense and keep your valuablesclosely by your side, since the most common type of crime is pettytheft.

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Can EZ Link card be refunded?

Just head on down to any TransitLink Ticket Office andyou will receive a refund of the remaining travelvalue in the card. Please note that the $5 card costpaid during the purchase of the card isnon-refundable.

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Where should I stay in Singapore?

Singapore's 9 Best Areas To Stay In
  • Orchard Road (black)
  • Colonial / Historic District (green)
  • Marina Bay (blue)
  • The Quays – Clarke, Robertson & Boat (turquoise)
  • Bugis & Kampong Glam (purple)
  • Chinatown (red)
  • Little India (yellow)
  • Sentosa Island (pink)

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How many MRT lines are there in Singapore?

The MRT network encompasses 199.6 kilometres(124.0 mi) of route, with 119 stations in operation, on standardgauge. The fully automated North East, Circle and Downtownlines form the longest fully automated metro network in theworld.

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How is public transportation used in Singapore?

The three main modes of public transport inSingapore are the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), buses andtaxis. Buses are, by far, the most common form of publictransportation in Singapore, followed by the MRT and taxisrespectively.

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What you Cannot do in Singapore?

Singapore Law: What You Should Not Do When VisitingSG
  • Do NOT Chew Gum. Travelers need to take note of this.
  • Eating and Drinking in Public Trains.
  • Possession of Illegal Drugs.
  • Do NOT Litter.
  • Do NOT Forget to Flush the Toilet after Using.
  • Smoke ONLY in Designated Areas.
  • Vandalism.
  • Do NOT Jaywalk, Use Designated Walkways.

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What should I avoid in Singapore?

7 Things Tourists Should Avoid Doing in Singapore
  • Throw Your Litter Into The Bin.
  • Avoid Chewing Gum.
  • Ask For Food Prices Before Ordering.
  • Avoid Vandalism at Any Cost.
  • Smoke Only at Designated Smoking Areas.
  • Be Sensitive to Singapore's Multi-Cultural Society.
  • Avoid Eating In Public Trains and Buses.

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What are the do's and don'ts in Singapore?

Do's and don'ts while in Singapore
  • DO be respectful and conservative. Try to be as conservative asyou can to respect the locals.
  • DON'T smoke in public. In most public places in Singapore,smoking is illegal.
  • DO use public transportation.
  • DON'T chew gum.
  • DO address people with their titles.
  • DON'T jaywalk.
  • DO carry cash.
  • DON'T litter.

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Can you drink Singapore water?

It is safe to drink directly from the tap, saysthe PUB. Singapore's tap water is well withininternational guidelines set by the World Health Organisation, aswell as the United States Environmental Protection Agency'sdrinking water standards. It is suitable for drinkingwithout further filtration or boiling.

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Do I need vaccinations to go to Singapore?

The CDC and WHO recommend the followingvaccinations for Singapore: hepatitis A, hepatitis B,typhoid, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, rabies, meningitis,polio, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), Tdap (tetanus, diphtheriaand pertussis), chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia andinfluenza.