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How much is Tony Gonzalez worth?

Tony Gonzalez net worth and salary: Tony Gonzalez isanAmerican football player who has a net worth of $20million.Californian-born Gonzalez earned his net worth as atight end forNFL teams Kansas City Chiefs and AtlantaFalcons.

Thereof, who is Tony Gonzalez wife?

October Gonzalez m. 2007

Beside above, how much is Michael Vick worth? Introduction. Michael Vick is a formerAmericanfootball quarterback who played 13 seasons in the NFL.Vickwas regarded as having transformed the quarterbackposition withhis rushing abilities and was named to three ProBowls. As of 2019,Michael Vick's net worth isestimated to be roughly$15 Million dollars.

In this manner, did Tony Gonzalez retire as a Chief?

Gonzalez was traded to the Atlanta FalconsonApril 23, 2009. He officially announced his retirementfromthe game of football on December 30, 2013. Following hisplayingcareer he began a broadcasting career with CBS Sports in2014 andjoined FOX Sports prior to the start of the 2017NFLseason.

Is Tony Gonzalez Hispanic?

Early years. Gonzalez was born inTorrance,California, and was raised by his mother, Judy, who workedtwo jobsto support the family. His father's family is of CapeVerdean,Jamaican, and Scottish descent, and his mother's family isofAfrican American, Euro-American, Mexican-American, andNativeAmerican ancestry.

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Who is October Gonzalez married to?

Tony Gonzalez
m. 2007

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Do NFL Players choose team for Hall of Fame?

An enshrinee, however, is not askedto“declare,” nor does the Hall ofFamechoose” a team under which a newmemberis enshrined. When elected to the Pro Football Hall ofFame,an individual is recognized for his accomplishments asaplayer, coach, or contributor.

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Is Tony Gonzalez number retired?

Though the club has not moved to retireGonzalez'snumber — the club has an overall shortageofnumbers, as the Chiefs have already retired10jersey numbers, which is among the most in the NFL—Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt hinted that Gonzalez'sloomingfirst year of eligibility for the Pro Football Hall ofFamein

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How many Kansas City Chiefs are in the Hall of Fame?

The Kansas City Chiefs feature forty-fourformerplayers and franchise contributors in their team halloffame.

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How many Super Bowl rings does Howie Long have?

During his tenure as a player, Long was namedtoeight Pro Bowls and helped the Los Angeles Raiders winachampionship in Super Bowl XVIII in 1984. Hewasinducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in2000.

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Is to in Hall of Fame?


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What NFL player has won the most games?

QB Tom Brady won his 226th career gametotie Adam Vinatieri for the most career wins ever byanNFL player. Brady has 199 regular season wins and27postseason wins.

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Who has the most Super Bowl touchdowns?

  • Roger Craig – San Francisco vs. Miami, XIX (1-R,2-P)
  • Jerry Rice – San Francisco vs. Denver, XXIV (3-P)
  • Jerry Rice – San Francisco vs. San Diego, XXIX (3-P)
  • Ricky Watters – San Francisco vs. San Diego, XXIX(1-R,2-P)
  • Terrell Davis – Denver vs. Green Bay, XXXII (3-R)
  • James White- New England vs.

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Who gets the Super Bowl ring?

The NFL traditionally covers the cost of roughly150rings for the championship team, which are rewardedtoplayers, coaches, executives and others at the winningteam'sdiscretion.