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How much should I charge for a blog post?

As a minimum I would say you should chargeatleast $50 per hour for post creation, $100 per hourforphotography, and $150+ per hour if you are a real expert inyourfield.

In this regard, how much does a 500 word blog post cost?

The average freelance bloggers make (from this survey)is$54 per 500 words. Bloggers with less than 1 yearofexperience typically charge around $50 per500words.

how much should I charge for copywriting? Charge at least $50 an hour. If you're used to working for $15 or $20 an hour inafull-time job, you may find it difficult to ask for $50 an hourormore. However, for most freelance copywriting,thatshould be your minimum. Charge less, and you'llhavea hard time making a living.

Considering this, how much do bloggers get paid?

Another survey, this one of 1,500 ProBlogger readerswhosaid they're trying to make money by blogging, found that9%make between $1,000 and $10,000 a month and 4%makeover $10,000 a month. But the vast majority makes lessthan $3.50per day. (Most of these were blogs less than two yearsold,though.)

Do you have to pay for a blog?

If you just want to create a personalblog,you can do so for free through ifyou want to host a blog on your own serverwith yourown domain name, you can do so for under $50 ayear. But ifyou are trying to make money from yourblog,you will have to spend money to makeit.

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How long does it take to write a 500 word blog?

On average, it takes me about 1 hour 15 minutestowrite and article of 500 words, including editingandproofing. But, I can crank out an article on some topics inabout 60minutes. And 500 words can take aslong a 2hours.

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How long does it take to write 1000 words?

If you're experienced with writing,itshould really only take you about half that time.Soa 1000 word article should take you about 1.5 to2hours. A 2000 word article should take you about 3to4 hours.

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How much should I charge for a freelance blog?

Most intermediate to advanced freelancewriterscharge between 10 cents and $1 per word, depending ontheamount of work they will have to put into the project. But, thewaythey bill that average range will vary.

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What is a good word count for a blog post?

Benefits of Longer Blog Posts
According to research done by popularbloggingplatform, Medium, the ideal length for blogposts is 1,600words (or seven minutes of reading). Thisnumber is based onan analysis of the “average total secondsspent on eachpost and compared this to thepostlength.”

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How many pages is 1000 words?

1 page is 500 words single spaced,250words double spaced. 2 pages is 1,000 wordssinglespaced, 500 words double spaced. 3 pages is1,500words single spaced, 750 words double spaced.4pages is 2,000 words single spaced,1,000words double spaced.

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How much should I charge for a 500 word article?

Based on my experience it usually takes you up toonehour to write a 500-word article. So, if yourhourlyrate is $25 per hour, you can do the math. The catch isthatfreelance writing prices can vary a lot. You can getanarticle for just one dollar or you can pay $100forit.

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How long is too long for a blog post?

How Long Should a Blog Post Be for SEO?Theresult of this research concludes that the ideal blogpostlength is 1,200+ words. Medium had reported in 2013 thatthe ideallength of a blog post is 7 minutes or 1,600 words.In short,the ideal blog length depends on yoursituation.

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Is freelance writing lucrative?

Case studies are super lucrative as afreelancewriting niche – and probably always will be–because they serve as powerful social proof and thereforehelpcompanies drive sales.

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Who is the highest paid blogger?

Without much further ado, let's check out the top 10highestpaid, professional bloggers of 2018!
  • Arianna Huffington: HuffPost.
  • Peter Rojas: Engadget.
  • Rand Fishkin: Moz.
  • Michael Arrington: TechCrunch.
  • Pete Cashmore: Mashable.
  • Martin Lewis:
  • Brian Clark: CopyBlogger.
  • Perez Hilton:

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How do beginner blogs make money?

Let me break them down for you.
  1. Affiliate Income. One of the easiest and most common waystomake money blogging, for beginners, is affiliate marketing.
  2. eBooks. If you want to sell your own products, an ebook isagreat way to make money blogging.
  3. Online Courses.
  4. Freelance Writing.
  5. Google Adsense.
  6. Coaching and Consulting.

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How can I make $100 a day?

  1. How to Make $100 A Day: Creative Ways to Make Money.
  2. Get paid to walk.
  3. Get paid to take surveys.
  4. Become a Respondent (up to $150/hour)
  5. Get paid to watch videos online.
  6. Download these 2 apps and make $125 by going online.
  7. Make an extra $100 pet sitting.
  8. Get paid to shop.

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Can I really make money blogging?

Yes, it is possible to make money blogging.Thereis an ever-increasing number of people making moneyfromblogging at a part-time to full-time level—howeverthey are still in the minority.

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What is a lifestyle blogger?

“A lifestyle blogger createscontentinspired and curated from their personal interests anddailyactivities. As such, lifestyle blogs are oftentimeshighlypersonalized to the author's location, life stageandexperience.” A lifestyle blogger is, by definition,acurator of personal interests and daily activities.

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How do I start a successful blog?

How to Start a Successful Blog on a Budget
  1. Choose a Host. The first step to starting your blog is to pickahost.
  2. Choose a Topic.
  3. Choose a Domain Name.
  4. Install WordPress.
  5. Choose a Theme.
  6. Start an Email List.
  7. Monetize Your Blog.

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How long does it take to make money blogging?

How long does it take to make money blogging?Ifyou're a beginner allow 6 months to make coffeemoney(a few dollars a month), 12 months to make apart-timeincome and 24 months to make afull-timeincome.

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What should my blog be about?

What should I blog about?
  • Consider your passions.
  • Consider the blogs you read.
  • Teach everything you know.
  • Think about missing content from your favorite blogs.
  • Focus on presenting solutions to problems.
  • Write as a leading learner.
  • Think about the body of work you want to have infiveyears.
  • Write to a specific person.

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How do I calculate my hourly rate as a freelancer?

A common approach to figuring out an hourly rate istodivide the salary you want by the number of hours workedeachyear:
  1. 40 hours/week × 52 weeks/year = 2,080 hours.
  2. $100,000 desired salary ÷ 2,080 hours = roughly $50perhour.

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How much do freelance editors make?

Some freelance book editors will workfor$10 to $20 per hour, but you can expect experiencedbookeditors to charge $25 or more per hour. Expect to paymorefor editing technical writing or specialized subjectmatter,as well.

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How much do freelance copywriters make?

There are a lot of variables, obviously, but I'm goingtogive you some ballpark figures. A new (trained)copywritercould make anywhere in the $25 to $35 perhour range, soyou're looking at beginning salaries between roughly$52,000 and$62,000.