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How often do you change water for discus?

Last Updated: 21st March, 2020

For this reason, you should changeyourdiscus' aquarium water at least once a week.Somepeople change 20 to 25% of theiraquarium'swater two to three times a week. Ifyourdiscus look and behave healthier after waterchanges,change their watermorefrequently.

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People also ask, what is the lifespan of a discus fish?

Lifespan and cost Lifespan depends on how well thediscusare cared for. It can range from several days to 15years. Theaverage is around 10 years if they are well maintained byinformedowners.

Also Know, are discus fish easy to take care of? Discus are a tropical fish. They thriveinwater temperatures at around 84 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Usingaheater in your tank will keep the water in the perfecttemperaturerange for your fish. Another tip to care forDiscusis feeding them the right kinds of food.

Similarly one may ask, how many discus should I keep together?

The rule of thumb for how many discus youcankeep together doesn't necessarily apply to everyone butis 1discus for every 10 gallons of water. Therefore ifyoufollow that rule you can only keep 10 fullsizediscus in a 100 gallon tank.

What kind of water do discus need?

Discus prefer warm, soft, acidic water.pHshould be between 6.0 and 7.0, with hardness between1°and 4° dKH (18 to 70 ppm). Temperature should bekeptbetween 82° and 86° F, although wild Heckeldiscusprefer water near 90° F. Use an Aqueonaquarium heaterto maintain proper watertemperature.

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Why are discus fish so expensive?

Discus fish are so expensivebecausebreeding and keeping them requires some of the most laborintensivefish keep practices known. Breeding discus,however,requires more care, very good water conditions, lessfish inthe tank and the expensive bigger ones areprobably a yearor so old.

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Do discus fish need light?

Aquarium Requirements
In the aquarium, discus fish need verylittlelight. Ambient light will likely provideenoughillumination for the fish in most cases. However,despitetheir fondness for darkness, they do come from thetropics-- so make sure they receive 10 to 12 hours of lightaday.

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What are the best fish to keep with discus?

If you're looking for some good tank mates, here's a lookat12 that are tops:
  • Top 12 Discus Tank Mates.
  • #1 Cardinal Tetras.
  • #2 Corydoras Catfish.
  • #3 Bristlenose Pleco (Ancistrus)
  • #4 Clown loaches.
  • #5 German Blue Rams.
  • #6 Rummy Nose Tetras.
  • #7 Glowlight Tetras.

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Are Discus hard to keep?

You can make Discus keeping as hard asyoulike! Domestically-bred Discus are really no differenttoany other fish and these are the very basic rules: Keepthemin groups, as they are a shoaling species. Provide themwithchemically clean water.

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What is the best food for discus?

Feeding discus
Given their carnivorous nature, they will dobestwith beef heart and bloodworms because in the wild theyeat smallshrimp, insects, larvae, and small fish. You will findpacks ofbloodworms specifically formulated for discus fishas well asfrozen beef heart that is broken up to meettheirneeds.

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How do you keep discus fish healthy?

To keep discus, keep them in a tankthatholds at least 10 gallons of water per fish. Installaheater and thermometer in the tank so you can keepthetemperature between 84 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, set upahigh-quality filter in the tank to keep thewaterclean.

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Can you have just one discus fish?

In fact, the discus fish are said to beshy.They will only thrive well in an aquarium with a groupofdiscus fish and not quarrel at all. The discusfishshould not be kept alone as they need company andlivingalone might stress them out, eventually leading totheirdeath.

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Can I keep discus and angelfish together?

Both species come from the same area and live inasimilar environment. Angelfish and discus aregoodcandidates for blackwater aquariums. However, whethertheycan live together in an aquarium depends onseveralthings and which aquarist you listen to. Angelfishanddiscus are both cichlids.

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How long does it take for discus to grow?

So, to get a discus from 2.5" to 6"shouldonly take about 6-8 months if everything isdone right andyou know how to do it.But on average, theywill reach the 6"size range within 10-12 months.

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How many discus can be in a 250 Litre tank?

What other tank occupants could go with themin250 litres? The general rule is 10g/discus whenyouget above a 30g. So, I would 5-6 discus (optimum numberaswell), the best of the two being 5 since your going to begoingaway.

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How many Discus are in a tank?

So we recommend an aquarium of 180 litres asanabsolute minimum size, and in this you can house a group of10juvenile Discus. 10 adult Discus (14cm +)withoutcompanion fish and minimal plants / bog wood etc willrequire aminimum of 350 litres.

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How many discus Can I put in a 40 gallon tank?

You are basically correct. When your discusarefull grown and if they pair off you'll want to put one pair in a29gallon. Thanks for the reply Carol. Would it be okay tokeep6 adult discus in the 40 gallon, or would this betoomuch?

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How many discus Can I put in a 60 gallon tank?

It's a pretty big discus fish and it requires55gallons of space per fish. Therefore, if we aretalkingabout a 60 gallon tank, you can only fit 1 royalreddiscus fish into it. These guys require the water tobebetween 79 and 86 degrees, with a pH level between 6.1and7.5.

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Can guppies live with discus?

can guppies live with discus fish. The twofishwill get along without problems but both need different typesofwater parameters thus causing difficulties with housing thetwotogether. Discus should preferably be housed in anallDiscus tank.

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How many times should I feed my discus fish?

3 to 12 months of age – feed up tofivetimes per day. Over 12 months of age – feedtwoto three times per day. Be careful to not overfeedthem.Overfeeding your discus could cause health problemsandwater pollution.

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How can you tell if a discus fish is male or female?

Males have thicker foreheads and lips. Asyourdiscus grow, you'll be able to separate the men fromtheladies by the shape of their dorsal fins. A male'sdorsalfin becomes pointed, while a female's maintains itsroundshape and is usually shorter than amale's.

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Why are discus sensitive?

While hunting for food, discus like toblowthrough the substrate in order to reach the microorganismslivinginside. The lighting should initially not be toostrong,because discus, especially those captured in thewild, arerather light-sensitive. The introduction offloating plantshelps keeping light levels low.