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How old is Damian Jones?

24 years (June 30, 1995)

Furthermore, how tall is Damian Jones?

2.11 m

Subsequently, question is, what college did Damian Jones go to? Vanderbilt University 2013–2016

Hereof, what happened to Damien Jones?

Jones became the starting center for the Warriors in 2018–19, starting in 22 of the Warriors' first 24 games. On December 1, 2018, he suffered a torn left pectoral muscle in a 111–102 loss to the Detroit Pistons. He initially was ruled out for the season after undergoing surgery to repair the muscle.

What number is Damian Jones?

30 Atlanta Hawks / Center

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Who is number 15 on the Warriors?

Damian Jones #30 News, Stats, Photos - Atlanta Hawks - NBA - MSN Sports.

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What team did Damian Jones go to?

ATLANTA- The Atlanta Hawks have acquired center Damian Jones and a 2026 second round draft pick from the Golden State Warriors in exchange for forward/center Omari Spellman, it was announced today.

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Why did Warriors trade Damian Jones?

The Warriors traded the big man and a second-round draft pick to the Atlanta Hawks in exchange for forward Omari Spellman. The Athletic's Shams Charania was first to report the news. The Dubs selected Jones with the No. As for the player the Dubs acquired from Atlanta -- Spellman was the No.

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Is Damian Jones injured?

Warriors News: Damian Jones Undergoes Surgery for Torn Pec Injury. The Golden State Warriors announced Friday that center Damian Jones underwent successful surgery Wednesday to repair a torn left pectoral muscle. The 23-year-old big man suffered the injury during last week's 111-102 loss to the Detroit Pistons.

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Why is Damian Jones not playing?

Jones, who is already able to participate in three-on-three drills, hasn't played since undergoing surgery for a torn left pectoral muscle in December. He began the season as the Warriors' starting center, but appeared in just 24 games before the injury.