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How old is Shane Stardew Valley?

Abigail, Haley, Sebastian, Penny, Maru, Alex and Sam as 19-24 years old. Leah, Elliott, Shane, Harvey, Sandy and Emily as 28-35 years old.

In this regard, can you date Shane in Stardew Valley?

Like all romance options in Stardew Valley, Shane can be won over by giving him stuff. Shane absolutely loves being given Pizza, Pepper Poppers, Beer and Hot Peppers. All of Shane's loves are pretty easy to acquire and can be given to Shane at maximum twice per week.

Secondly, how many years can you play in Stardew Valley? While most Harvest Moon games, Barone said, end after two in-game years of farming, he designed Stardew Valley so people could play as long as they want (one beta tester, he said, is five or six years — about 400 real-world hours — into running her farm).

Also question is, what does Shane like from Stardew Valley?

Shane lives with his aunt Marnie and rents a room at her ranch. He helps out around the ranch by taking care of the chickens. He also works as a stock clerk at JoJaMart and spends his free time in the Stardrop Saloon. Shane seems to suffer from depression, is a heavy drinker and loves frozen pizza.

How many hearts do you need to date in Stardew Valley?

eight hearts

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What do GREY hearts mean in Stardew Valley?

The grey hearts simply signify that you are unable to fill them. To solve this, simply give them a Bouquet when at 8 Hearts.

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Can you have kids in Stardew Valley?

Kids can be found in Stardew Valley from the start, but having kids of your own is also possible. In order to have kids you first need to have a wife or a husband. They also need to be happy, meaning they have at least 12 hearts. Once the child is born, the sex will be revealed and then the player can name the child.

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What does Emily like Stardew?

Her home is south of the town square, right next to Jodi's, at the address 2 Willow Lane. She works most evenings at The Stardrop Saloon starting at about 4:00 PM. Emily loves to make her own clothing, but fabric can be difficult to come by in town. Among her favorite gifts are cloth and wool.

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What gifts does Abigail like in Stardew Valley?

Abigail is a villager who lives at Pierre's General Store in Pelican Town. She is one of the twelve characters available to marry.

Best Gifts: Amethyst Blackberry Cobbler Chocolate Cake Pufferfish Pumpkin Spicy Eel

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Where is Robin's AXE?

Take the Axe to Robin at Carpenter's Shop, north of Pelican Town. She is usually found there most of the days. Give it to her like you would give a present to any NPC.

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Can I marry Shane in Stardew Valley?

However, his attitude starts to change towards any player who chooses to befriend him. He works at JojaMart most days between 9am and 5pm, and after work he frequently spends his evenings in The Stardrop Saloon.

Family: Marnie (Aunt) Jas (Goddaughter)
Marriage: Yes
Best Gifts: Beer Hot Pepper Pepper Poppers Pizza

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What is Alex's favorite gift in Stardew Valley?

Favorite Gift(s)
Alex loves sports, specifically "grid ball", and hanging out at the beach. He is quite arrogant and brags to everyone that he is going to be a professional athlete.

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How many hearts do you need to dance with Stardew Valley?

In this festival, you can dance with one of the bachelors/bachelorettes if you talk to them and invite them to dance, but you must have a minimum affection at least 4 heart with them first. You can talk to the other villagers and they will have regular Flower Festival related lines.

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How do you get the 14 hearts in Stardew Valley?

Once you've reached ten hearts with an eligible villager, you can give them a Mermaid's Pendant to propose. After you've married a villager, they get an expanded fourteen-heart friendship meter.

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How do I make pizza at Stardew Valley?

Pizza is a type of food in Stardew Valley. A delicious food that almost everyone likes. You can make the pizza with 1 Tomato, 1 Cheese, and 1 Wheat Flour. You can also buy this item at the Stardrop Saloon for 600g.

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Where is the flower dance?

The Flower Dance event is a festival that takes place on the 24th of every Spring from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM in the far west of the Cindersap Forest across the bridge south of Wizard's Tower. It will trigger as soon as you enter the forest. In this festival you can dance with one of the bachelors or bachelorettes.

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What gifts does Sebastian like Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley Gift Guide: Sebastian Edition
Sebastian loves Void Egg, Obsidian, Sashimi, Frozen Tear, and Pumpkin Soup, as well as all Universal Loves. He also likes Universal Likes, and Quartz.

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What does Abigail like in Stardew Valley?

Most of all, Abigail loves Amethyst, Chocolate Cake, Blackberry Cobbler, Pufferfish, Spicy Eel and Pumpkin. Give her one of these items and she will say that you're the best! If you want to add some diversity, still googling “what does Abigail like”, then you can also find some universal gifts, which everyone loves.

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What is Gridball?

Gridball is a new sport created by Steve Porter from Lisburn in March 2018. Gridball is a team game similar to indoor football played on a grid marked out court. Each team must try to dislodge the ten protected cones at the opponents end of the grid using a ball. The game is best of five or seven sets.

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Where does Shane live?

Dawson lives in Calabasas, California with his fiancé, Ryland Adams.

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Do you die in Stardew Valley?

You don't technically die. If your HP drops to zero the day just ends and you wake up in your bed and lose some money. Not sure about on your farm since I've never used the Wilderness farm, but you also lose a few random items if you "die" in the mines.

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Does Stardew Valley end after 3 years?

Stardew Valley does not abruptly end like some Harvest Moon games, where you are forced to try again if you want a better ending (and lose all your progress in some games). Thankfully, you can keep playing after the 'end' of Stardew Valley and even retry for a better 'score'.

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What does favorite thing do in Stardew Valley?

A custom text field on the character creation screen, Favorite Thing is referenced in Stardew Valley whenever the player eats a stardrop. For example, if you enter “apples” as your favorite thing, when you eat a stardrop you will be shown the following message: You found a stardrop!

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