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How tall is Bruhl?

1.76 m

Similarly, you may ask, what nationality is Daniel Bruhl?

Spanish German

Also Know, who plays Fredrick Zoller? Daniel Brühl Inglourious Basterds

Subsequently, one may also ask, what languages does Daniel Bruhl?

English Spanish French German Catalan

Does Hans Landa recognize Shoshanna?

Yes, Landa knew who Shoshanna was at that time. The key hint is in the question he claims to have forgotten to ask. Landa is the Jew Hunter. He proves he has already done investigations into Shoshanna by asking about her projectionist, so the only real question is how much else he already knows.

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Is Nation's Pride a real movie?

Stolz der Nation (in English Nation's Pride) is a film-in-film in Inglourious Basterds. The film tells the tale of sniper Frederick Zoller, who is seen as a hero by the Nazi administration.

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Who was Hans Landa based on?

Hans Landa - Real-Life SS "Jew Hunter" in France. SS Colonel (Standartenführer) Hans Landa - a Nazi "Jew Hunter" who speaks four languages and takes his work seriously in occupied France - is played by Christoph Waltz.