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How was the foreigner dressed in a horse and two goats?

The foreigner was dressed in khaki clothes, making him look like a policeman or a soldier. What was the visitor actually interested in? The American visitor was actually interested in the clay horse statue. He wanted to buy it and take home as a showpiece.

Regarding this, who was the foreigner in a horse and two goats?

Muni, an old goat herder, lives with his wife in one of the huts. He is the poorest resident of the village. Every day, he herds his flock of forty goats and sheep to the highway on the outskirts of the village and lets them graze as he sits and watches them.

Subsequently, question is, how did Muni understand that the foreigner was making reference to the horse? Answer: When Muni tried to back out from the conversation, the foreigner stopped him and asked him if the horse statue was his. Though the linguistic barrier was still there, Muni understood that the reference was being made to the Horse and not to the mutilated body.

Subsequently, question is, what is the main conflict in a horse and two goats?

The main conflict in the story 'A horse and Two goats': The major conflict of the story named 'A Horse and two Goats' is when the Farmer and the tourist (American) never speak with each other.

What was the visitor actually interested in?

The visitor was actually a foreigner interested in the the clay statue the foreigner offered an American cigarette Tu Muni soon after they met it was a surprise to Muni because he was saw the american cigarette first time.

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Why did Muni speak in a fearful tone in the extract?

1. What did Muni speak in a fearful tone in the extract? A mutilated dead body had been found thrown under a tamarind tree at the border between Kritam and Kuppam a few weeks ago. Muni realised he could not run and spoke in a fearful tone to talk his way out of trouble.

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What was the belief of the villagers about the horse in a horse and two goats?

What was the belief of the villagers about the horse in "A Horse and Two Goats"? Muni explains that the horse statue represents the Redeemer, who will come in the form of a horse to save the good people when the world ends. The American man wants to buy the horse; Muni is not

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What kind of place is Kritam?

Answer: Kritam is a small village in India. The village is quite similar to other village, but what unique thing that Kritam has is it has a Statue of horse. People who are residing in this village is very poor.

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What did Muni say about the horse?

muni interprets the statue: '' this is our the end of kali yuga, this world and all other worlds will be destroyed, and the Redeemer will come in the shape of a horse. ''

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Why are Muni and American businessman unintelligible to each other why do they continue to converse with each other?

Muni and the American were unintelligible because of the language communication gap that was there in between them. They continue to converse because the American business man was fascinated to buy the statue of the horse.

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What did Muni dream of?

Muni, dreamt of setting a small shop by putting a thatched roof and by spreading the gunny sack out on the ground and displaying on it some fried nuts, green coconut, coloured sweets on the highway for the hungry travelers. This was the dream of the Munni in the horse and two goats.

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Which characteristic trait of Muni is revealed?

Muni is an old Indian Man living in a very small village in India. Inner characterisation :Regarding inner characterisation, Muni's personality traits are revealed through the way he talks, the content of his conversation and the way he acts. The Indian comes across as a very typical village man.

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How did Muni lose his several cattle?

Muni lost several cattle under unknown circumstances. He lost them very quickly. As of now, he has now came down to only two goats, which were tethered to the trunk of a drumstick tree. It is not actually said in the story.

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What is the theme of a horse and two goats?

Culture clash is the central theme of “A Horse and Two Goats .” Two men from different cultural backgrounds meet and are unable to understand each other's way of life. Muni is uneducated, rural, and Indian, while the American is affluent, urban, and learned.

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How did Muni care for his sheep and goats?

He carried a crook so that he can break the branches of the trees on the way to feed the goats.. Answer: Muni went outside regularly.So,the sheep and the goats can have their own food. He carried a crook with him to break the branches of a tree and to feed the sheeps and goats.

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What has Muni said about the end of the world?

3. What has Muni said about the end of the world? At the end of the world the Redeemer would come on the horse statue which would grow bigger and be called Kalki. There would be floods in which Kalki would carry good people to safety and the evil would perish.

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What is referred to as the courtesies of the season?

In the short story of “A Horse and Two Goats” by R. K. Narayan, the legendary writer in Indian English, the courtesies of the season refers to the etiquette of a person.

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How does Muni show himself as a gossip monger?

In the story - "A horse and two goats", Muni shows himself as a gossip monger by asking the red faced foreigner several questions about his family life and children and telling the American about his theatrical days, Vishnu avatars, cattles, etc. without even realising that the foreigner did not understand anything.

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How does Muni feel after returning empty handed from the village shop?

ANSWER: Muni feel humiliated after returning free handed from the village shop as he was not able convince village shopkeeper to give him groceries and ingredients to make drumstick sauce on credit. Further on coming back to home, he was humiliated by his wife for the same.

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What did Muni think of the card that the American gave him?

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Muni thought that the card was a warrant for his arrest. Because he could not read English, Muni could only guess at the contents of the card. When the American gave him the card, Muni immediately felt suspicion and fear.

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Where did Muni lead his goats to what did he do there?

Muni lead his goats to the outskirts of Kritam. He sat there near the horse's statue and saw vehicles on the road .

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When was a horse and two goats published?

January 26, 1970

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Why is Muni wife upset and angry?

Hello friend! Here's ur answer! Munis wife was upset and angry as they had no money and there was no food in the kitchen and all that muni got was seven drumsticks from the drumstick tree. Muni wanted to chew the drumstick out of sauce instead of eating the boiled leaves at such an old age.

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What does Muni refer to?

(i) Muni refers to the body that was found mutilated, and thrown under a tamarind tree at the border between Kritam, and Kuppam.