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How wide are built in refrigerators?

The typical built-in refrigerator towers over 80 inches and can be up to 48 inches wide, and will take a massive bite out of your budget—sometimes $10,000 or more. Until recently, homeowners with limited space and a tight budget were out of luck if they wanted a true built-in refrigerator.

Furthermore, what is the standard width of a refrigerator?

36 inches

Likewise, how wide is a built in fridge freezer? The standard width of an integrated fridge freezer is normally 55cm. However, some wider models can go up to 60cm.

Additionally, how deep are built in refrigerators?


Are built in fridges worth it?

If your fridge space is compatible with a freestanding fridge, it might not be worth it to spend the extra money on a built-in model. If you can find a way to make room in your budget, a built-in fridge can offer a lot of benefits and improve the overall look of your kitchen.

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What are the sizes of refrigerators?

The typical side-by-side refrigerator measures between 30 and 36 inches in width, 67 and 70 inches in height and from 29 to 35 inches in depth. Total volume ranges from 22.5 to 31 cubic feet, with 14.5 to 20 cubic feet in the refrigerator portion.

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How much clearance does a refrigerator need?

Sides: You should leave between ½" to 1" of clearance between the walls and cabinetry. Rear: You should leave a minimum of 1", and preferably 2" of clearance. Typically, because of the electrical or water connection, this will help push the fridge out slightly away from the wall, but 1-2 Inches is ideal.

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What is the width of counter depth refrigerators?

Total depth of counter-depth refrigerators is about 30 inches deep—which is about 5 inches deeper than most counters. The box section only of a counter-depth refrigerator is about 24 inches to 25 inches.

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What size refrigerator for a 36 opening?

Hi Liz4771, The standard width opening for modern refrigerators is 36 inches, with this in mind, refrigerator manufacturers produce all current model refrigerators to be less than 36 inches wide. Most are 35 3/4 inches or less, this allows for the refrigerator to slide into the allotted space.

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What is the best style of refrigerator to buy?

Shoppers with small kitchens may find the best refrigerator is the one that offers the most storage space based on its size. Models with the freezer on top tend to provide the greatest amount of storage space, while French-door models have the least space efficiency of all refrigerator style.

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How wide is a door?

Entry doors are usually 36 inches wide.
While a door width of 36 inches is oversized for an interior door, it's the standard size for front doors. The standard height remains the same, however, at 80 inches.

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Why are built in refrigerators so expensive?

Built In Refrigerators Cost A Lot Because They're A High End Appliance. Refrigerators that are permanently built into the cabinetry cost a lot because their a high end appliance. While that's 100% true, they're are also high end freestanding refrigerators that are less than half the price.

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Can freestanding refrigerator be built in?

Freestanding refrigerators can also be installed in the cabinetry. The full depth means that refrigerator will protrude from the standard 24" cabinets. Built-in refrigerators, on the other hand, are typically 84" tall and have a 24" cabinet depth to ensure the units fit flush with surrounding cabinets.

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Can any refrigerator be built in?

A built-in fridge does not protrude but fits flush with the surrounding kitchen cabinetry, which results in a cleaner, sleek, high-end appearance. Although they are ideally hidden inside the counter, built-in refrigerators function just as well as standard fridges.

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Are counter depth refrigerators worth it?

When Counter Depth Refrigerators Are Worth It
This is a great way to save 6″ of floor space. Counter depth french door refrigerators amplify the benefits, because the half-width doors are much shallower when open. More fridge space can actually be a drawback in small households.

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Why are counter depth refrigerators more expensive?

The main reason to get a counter-depth fridge is aesthetics. They just look better! They're also more expensive and offer less flexibility in terms of features — most are arranged in a French door-style; you won't find many options for a single-door, counter-depth fridge.

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What is the difference between a counter depth refrigerator and a built in refrigerator?

Built-in fridges can be taller and wider
The largest built-in models come with dimensions up to 48-inches wide. However, to maintain the seamless look – both built-in and counter-depth refrigerators are shallower from front-to-back than standard freestanding options.

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HOW MUCH DO built in refrigerators cost?

Built-in fridges typically start in the $5,000 range and go up from there. For example, KitchenAid built-in options can be $7,000 to $9,000.

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Can a French door refrigerator go next to a wall?

French doors on a refrigerator feature two doors that swing out from the center in opposite directions. A freezer drawer is usually installed at the bottom of the refrigerator unit, under the French doors. So you can use a French door refrigerator closer to a perpendicular wall.

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What is the difference between built in and integrated fridge freezer?

Integrated refrigerators differ in that they are completely camoflaged when installed. There are no visible compressor vents, and they are built with an inset door, which sits perfectly flush with your cabinets. When it's closed, an integrated refrigerator looks identical to any other cabinet in your kitchen.

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Are all fridge freezers the same depth?

The depth of an American fridge freezer ranges from 60cm and 80cm. If you want your new American fridge freezer to sit flush with your other appliances, make sure to take the depth into consideration. The depth of an appliance is the size from front to back.

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Are all fridges the same width?

Typically, the standard size for a professional-grade refrigerator falls between 30 to 36 inches width, 67 to 70 inches in height, and 29 to 35 inches in depth. When it comes to the interior, the refrigerator itself should provide you with 14 to 20 cubic feet of space.

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Are integrated fridges more expensive?

While integrated appliances are usually the superior aesthetic choice, they do come at a cost. more expensive) to service integrated appliances due to access issues and they are also more difficult to replace should the need arise. Space is also a consideration – both in terms of inside and out.