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Is Cheese Wagstaff Randy's father?

Last Updated: 20th May, 2021

Randy's biological father, with whom hehas no contact, is the infamous Melvin "Cheese"Wagstaff. While this fact is never referred to on the show,series creator David Simon confirmed the relationship in a lectureand stated that there was not enough time in Season 5 to reveal itas he had originally planned.

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Also question is, why did cheese betray Prop Joe?

However, Cheese betrays Joe for the rewardmoney, and Stanfield has his enforcers murder Butchie. Joefears reprisal from Omar and decides to leave town. Stanfield thenseizes on Cheese's feud with Hungry Man to convinceCheese to betray his uncle.

who was the snitch in the wire? Randy Wagstaff is a fictional character on the HBO dramaThe Wire, played by Maestro Harrell. Randy is anenterprising student who is dependent on social services. Duringseason 4, he was an 8th grade pupil at Edward Tilghman MiddleSchool and is friends with Namond Brice, Michael Lee and Duquan"Dukie" Weems.

Similarly, it is asked, who is cheese in the wire?

Cheese Wagstaff. Calvin "Cheese" Wagstaff(Named "Melvin Flagstaff" during Season 2) was a African-Americandrug dealer, on the HBO television series The Wire. He isportrayed by hip hop recording artist Method Man.

How did Prop Joe die?

Robert F. Chew -- best known for playing PropositionJoe on "The Wire" -- was found dead yesterday in his apartmentin Baltimore TMZ has learned. According to the coroner inBaltimore, Chew died of cardiovascular disease. He was onthe cult HBO show -- which took place in Baltimore -- for fiveseasons.

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Who killed Omar in the wire?

Kenard shoots Omar in the side of the head,killing him. This brings closure to some of theforeshadowing in Season 3, as Kenard was the young boy Bunkwitnessed imitating Omar at the Barksdale stash houseshootout.

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Who gave up butchie in the wire?

Donnie Andrews, a reformed stickup man whose storyinspired the character Omar Little on the acclaimed HBO drama“The Wire,” died late Thursday or early Fridayin Manhattan. He was 58. He died of complications during emergencyheart surgery, said Michael Millemann, one of his lawyers. He livedin Baltimore County, Md.

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Why did cheese kill his dog?

The unit mistakenly presumed Cheese was usingcode words to discuss a murder when they overheardhim on a tapped phone describing how he shot his dog.After arresting Cheese, the unit interrogators revealedtheir faulty wiretap evidence to him in an effort to forcehis confession.

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Who killed Bodie the wire?

During a brief shootout in which Bodie nearlykilled both Snoop and Chris Partlow, O-Dog, a new member ofMarlo's gang, approached Bodie from behind and shot himtwice in the head, killing him.

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Who played Kimmy on the wire?

Kimmy (Kelli R. Brown)
On crime drama series The Wire, recurringcharacter Kimmy and her girlfriend Tosha were introduced inthe second season as a young lesbian couple who made a livingrobbing drug dealers.

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What happened to Avon Barksdale on the wire?

A spokesman for the city Health Department, for whichBarksdale worked in the Safe Streets program, and anofficial at the Butner, N.C., medical prison where he diedconfirmed his death from an undisclosed illness. Attempts to reachhis family were unsuccessful. Barksdale said he left a lifeof crime.

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Why was Omar killed on the wire?

The shocking end of an era for fans of "The Wire"rolled out Sunday night on HBO when Omar Little was shot inthe head. Omar was killed buying a pack of cigarettesin a local corner-store by a kid who looked like he hadn't evenreached puberty yet.

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Does bubbles get killed in the wire?

Later, Johnny died of an overdose in one of MajorColvin's "Hamsterdam" zones. By season's end, Bubbles wasselling white t-shirts to young drug dealers. It was in doing sothat he met a young homeless boy, whom Bubbles took on ashis new friend and protégé.

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What happens to bubbles in the wire?

Bubbles is first seen as a homeless addict andbest friend and mentor to Johnny Weeks. The two run a scam creatingcounterfeit money using a photocopier and coffee staining.Bubbles successfully uses the money to purchase drugs from acrew of dealers working for the Barksdaleorganization.

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Who wrote the wire series?

David Simon
Ed Burns
George Pelecanos
David Mills

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Does Kima die in the wire?

Though Kima Greggs does get shot in thatepisode, as written, she survives. And those characters who weren'tkilled off often disappeared for entire episodes, or evenseasons when the show moved locations.