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Is Ctet exam tough?

Last Updated: 1st July, 2020

CTET exam is not difficult.

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Also to know is, how many attempts are there for Ctet exam?

Ans. There is no limit on the number ofattempts for appearing in CTET.

One may also ask, what is the benefit of clearing Ctet? CTET helps to filter out the best and effectivecandidates who can actually maintain the level of education today.This examination allows to improve the level of education, pushingthe teachers to teach subjects in a more integral way.

Considering this, what is the salary of Ctet teacher?

The salary scale for qualified CTETteachers: The average pay scale of primary teachers (classI to class V) is around Rs 1.5 lakh per year, while the averagesalary scale of secondary teachers (class V to classVIII) Is around Rs. 2, 30,000 per year. CTET TeacherSalary

Is coaching necessary for Ctet?

CTET is the minimum qualification requiredfor appointment as a teacher for classes I to VIII. NationalCouncil for Teacher Education (NCTE) has entrusted theresponsibility of conducting the Central Teacher Eligibility Test(CTET) to the Central Board of SecondaryEducation.

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Is negative marking in Ctet?

CTET 2019 Marking Scheme
There is no negative marking in the entranceexam.

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Can Ctet be give without B Ed?

Yes, you will be eligible to appear forCTET entrance examination without B.Ed degree.The other option to appear for entrance examination is thatcandidate must have passed minimum 12th from a recognised boardwith Diploma in Education degree.

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How many times Ctet in a year?

The national Ministry of Human Resource Developmententrusted responsibility for conducting the Central TeacherEligibility Test (CTET) to the CBSE, Delhi, which conductsthe CTET twice a year. The CTET is held in 20Indian languages. Approximately 14 lakh candidates apply to sit theexamination.

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Is Ctet exam held twice in a year?

CTET exam was conducted by Central Boardof Secondary Education (CBSE) twice in a year. However, asper media reports, the teacher eligibility test will now beconducted only once a year. CTET exam wasconducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)twice in a year.

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Who can write Ctet exam?

Applicant must be a citizen of India to be eligible forCTET 2019. There is no age restriction, however, candidatemust be minimum 17 years of age. Candidates have to fulfildifferent eligibility conditions to be a Primary or ElementaryTeacher.

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Is Ctet valid in all states?

A State Government can also consider theCTET if it decides not to conduct the State TET. Asper the NCTE, state Govt should conduct a TET at least onceevery year. Minimum 60% marks are required to qualify the TET andthe TET qualifying certificate is valid for seven years forappointment in schools.

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How many times Ctet is conducted in a year 2019?

The candidates can apply for the exam scheduled to be conducted on July 7,2019. CBSE conducts CTET two times ayear to bring national standards and benchmark of teacherquality in the recruitment process.

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What is PRT in Kendriya Vidyalaya?

Kendriya Vidyalaya Primary Teacher (PRT)Salary
Kendriya Vidyalaya primary teacher (PRT)gross & net salary is given in below table. This salarystructure is defined on the basis of the 7th paycommission.

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What is the salary of PGT in Kendriya Vidyalaya?

KVS TGT/ PGT/ PRT Teachers Pay Scale and Salary Structureafter 7th Pay Commission
KVS Staff Current Salary Structure
TGT's (Group B) Trained Graduate Teachers 44900 - 142400 24
Librarian (Group B) 44900 - 142400 24
PRT's (Group B) Primary Teachers 35400 - 112400 24

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How can I get job after Ctet?

Anyway, in order to get a career in teachingafter qualifying CTET you have to apply tovarious government and private institutions. Be in touch withemployment news and search for teacher vacancies.After applying, one might have to face written testand personal interview depending upon the schools they areapplying.

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What is the benefit of qualifying Ctet?

The CTET stands for Central Teacher EligibilityTest. CTET Notification 2018 has been released and it is awonderful opportunity for those who want to become a Teacher. It isa National level examination for those who want to become a teacherin Government aided or Private CBSE schools.

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What can we do after clearing Ctet?

Hello, Central Teachers Eligibility Test (CTET)is the test conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE). As you all know, CTET certificate is the minimumeligibility to get the teaching job. So, after you havecleared CTET, you are just eligible to become a governmentteacher.

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What is PRT teacher?

Originally Answered: What is the PRT teacher'sfull form? Primary Teacher is a category of teacherswhich are qualified to teach the students of Primary classes inschool. The subjects for PRT include: English, Hindi,Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Computer Science,etc.

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Can engineer give Ctet exam?

Yes,you can appear for CTET or TETafter B.Tech . The Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhiconducts the CTET for making appointment of eligiblecandidate as teacher Central Schools.

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What is Dsssb salary?

The average Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board(DSSSB) monthly salary ranges from approximately₹ 19,089 per month for Elementary School Teacher to ₹19,089 per month for Teacher. Please note that all salaryfigures are approximations based upon third party submissions toIndeed.

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Is Ctet valid in Bihar?

In a recent development, the Bihar government hasextended the validity of the certificates for 2 more years.In the central government teaching jobs, the candidates withCTET certificates are considered eligible.

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What is minimum passing marks in Ctet for SC ST?

Candidates must fetch the minimum passing marksor cut off to avail of the Certificate. Candidates who score 60percent or more in the CTET 2019 exam will be considered asCTET pass and will be awarded with the MarksStatement and the CTET qualifying certificate.

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What is TGT?

TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher) & PGT (PostGraduate Teacher) are titles and not courses. There are coursesthat are called TGT courses, like B.Ed is a TGTcourse. TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher) – This means,you are a graduate, who is trained in teaching.