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Is God of War appropriate?

Last Updated: 20th April, 2020

If God of War (2018) was a movie, it would berated R for strong brutal violence, disturbing images and somelanguage. Recommended age: 16-17+ because of the brutal violence,emotional moments and somewhat strong language. Without the maturestory and strong language, it would easily be for ages 14-15+ andup.

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Consequently, what is God of War Rated M for?

ESRB has rated PS4 exclusive God OfWar 2018 as M rate game. The above is newly updatedratings where ESRB has specified the weapons andbrutal action to fight with enemies. God of War is built inNorse era before this many of its predecessors were based on Greekmythology.

Additionally, what age is God of War? Recommended age: 16-17+ because of the brutalviolence, emotional moments and somewhat strong language. Withoutthe mature story and strong language, it would easily be forages 14-15+ and up.

Secondly, is God of War violent?

While God of War used to be anultra-violent and gory video game series, the latest entryhas changed a lot. Not only has the violence been toned downa lot, but the game now has a more mature storyline. The content isstill violent, but decidedly less so. There is no drinkingor use of substances.

Why is the last of us rated M?

One of the best PlayStation exclusives Sexual References: Despite the mature rating,the game displays minimal sexual innuendos. Violence: The gamesmature rating is based on it's "Intense Violence". The gamedisplays scenes in which characters get dismembered anddecapitated.

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What is Horizon zero dawn rated?

Age Rating for Horizon ZeroDawn
Aloy uses arrows, spears, and explosive traps to injureand kill machines, boar, and occasional humanenemies.

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Who is Kratos wife?

Kratos' wife is named Faye and she is aGiantess from Jotunheim. Though much of her death and life isunknown, we know that she was an important Giant and she seemed toknow the entire journey that Kratos and Atreus would goon.

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Will God of War get a sequel?

Sony Santa Monica hasn't officially confirmed God ofWar 2 (or whatever the name will be) is in the works butwe expect that a sequel won't release until after theHoliday 2020 release of the PS5 - unless it releases as a launchtitle for the next-generation console.

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Which god of war is the best?

Guide: Best God of War Games Ranked
  • 7: God of War: Ascension.
  • 6: God of War: Chains of Olympus.
  • 5: God of War (2005)
  • 4: God of War: Ghost of Sparta.
  • 3: God of War III.
  • 2: God of War II.
  • 1: God of War (2018)

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Who is the guardian in God of War?

Faye is a crucial—albeit unseen—charactermentioned extensively in God of War. She is the second wifeof Kratos and the mother of Atreus.

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Did God of War win game of the year?

God of War Wins Game of the Year. God ofWar from Sony Santa Monica won Game of the Year, andRockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption 2 won 4 awards, morethan any other title, including Best Performance and BestNarrative. The full list of winners for The Game Awards 2018is as follows.

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How long was Kratos the God of War?

Ten years of service makes Kratos around 38when he becomes the God of War. Daedalus's notes sayabout twelve years passed from when Zeus commissioned him tobuild the Labyrinth to when Daedalus is imprisoned withinit.

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Where are the Ancients in God of War?

God of War (2018)
With the exception of the one in Alfheim, mostAncients dwell in Midgard, usually hidden in its landscapesthanks to having bodies of rock.

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Is God of War Betrayal canon?

Chronologically, it takes place after God of War.However, it is hinted that Betrayal is actuallynon-canon to the God of War series. Unlike the othergames in the series, it was never released on home or portableconsoles. It is currently available on operators and portalsworldwide.

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How do you slow down time in God of War?

Walk toward the Fates Statue until thecrystal begins to glow. Press the L1 and R1 buttons onthe controller at the same time. Thisactivates the Amulet of the Fates, which slowsdown time.