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Is Highway 395 Scenic?

Last Updated: 21st February, 2020

Yes, Highway 395 is much more scenic than I-5 or CA-99. At least from Lone Pine north to the California/Nevada state line, it is highly scenic. Like driving through a big national park with small towns along the way.

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Consequently, what is the highest elevation on Highway 395?

8,138 feet

One may also ask, what is the speed limit on Highway 395? California 178 and U.S. 395 Business carry four lanes east en route to Ridgecrest. This route is at expressway standards with intersections evenly spaced and a 65 mile per hour speed limit.

Simply so, is Hwy 395 Open to Mammoth?

MONO/INYO COUNTY– The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has updated the closure information on U.S. Hwy 395. U.S. Hwy 395 is now closed from State Route 203 (Mammoth Lakes) to Lee Vining due to heavy snow and white out conditions. There is no estimated time for reopening.

Where does Highway 395 begin and end?

The southern terminus of the route is in the Mojave Desert at Interstate 15 near Hesperia. The northern terminus is at the Canada–US border near Laurier, where the road becomes Highway 395 upon entering British Columbia, Canada. Before 1964, the route extended south to San Diego.

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Is there snow on Highway 395?

In April, snow can fall occasionally along 395.

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How far is Lone Pine from Death Valley?

There are 62.91 miles from Lone Pine to Death Valley in east direction and 97 miles (156.11 kilometers) by car, following the CA 190 route. Lone Pine and Death Valley are 2 hours 8 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop.

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When was 395 built?

The Interstate 395 section of the Dolphin Expressway was built in two phases between 19672 and 1971.

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Are chains required in Mammoth?

You must stop and put on chains when highway signs indicate chains are required. You can be cited by the Mammoth Lakes Police Department, Mono County Sheriff's Department or California Highway Patrol and fined if you don't. The speed limit when chains are required is 25 or 30 miles an hour.

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Is US 395 a toll road?

Next on Virginia's extensive toll-road system: Interstate 395. Construction is set to take off before the end of the year along an eight-mile stretch of Interstate 395, where today's high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes are being converted into toll lanes.

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How far is mammoth from Riverside CA?

There are 270.13 miles from Riverside to Mammoth Lakes in northwest direction and 303 miles (487.63 kilometers) by car, following the US-395 N route. Riverside and Mammoth Lakes are 4 hours 57 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop. This is the fastest route from Riverside, CA to Mammoth Lakes, CA.

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Is Mammoth Scenic Loop Open?

Roads open: Convict Lake, Hot Creek Hatchery, Inyo Craters, Lakes Basin (gated at Horseshoe and Duck Pass TH), Lake Mary, Mammoth Creek, Mammoth Scenic Loop, Sherwin Creek. Campgrounds closed: Agnew Meadows, Agnew Meadows Group. RV Park (Private), Sherwin Creek. Devils Postpile Ranger Station is closed.

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Is Benton Crossing Road open in winter?

Benton Crossing road will remain open, but will only be plowed for snow during daylight hours. SR 120 W (Tioga Pass) and SR 108 (Sonora Pass) remain closed. Motorists can expect these passes to remain closed for the winter season.

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What are r1 road conditions?

R1: Tire chains or traction devices required unless you have snow tires. R2: Tire chains or traction devices required unless you have snow tires and 4-wheel/all-wheel drive. R3: Tire chains or traction devices required on all vehicles.

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Is Monitor Pass open?

Caltrans crews have been working on seasonally closed mountain highways to get them open for spring and summer travelers. State Route 89 over Monitor Pass is now open as of Monday afternoon. After the wettest winter in more than 100 years there are still some upper pass areas with 20 feet of snow.

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Is Virginia Lakes Road open?

Welcome to the Virginia Lakes Mutual Water Corporation's Web Site. 01/24/2020: Virginia Lakes road is open to Trumbull campground entrance. There are some ice areas on the road and a couple narrow areas but generally two lanes.

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How many inches of snow does Mammoth Mountain have?

Snow Totals in Mammoth Lakes
Snow has piled up at Mammoth Mountain, giving us a season total of 138 inches at Main Lodge and 162 inches at the summit.

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Is Highway 395 dangerous?

No, California highway 395 is definitely not the most dangerous road in America. The 91 freeway here in California is many many many times more dangerous than 395. In fact, there are bumper stickers that say I Survived The 91.

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Where should I stop between LA and mammoth?

Road Trip Guide: 10 Awesome Adventures From LA To Mammoth Mountain
  • Photograph Mobius Arch. Photo: Tiffany Nguyen.
  • Explore Racetrack Valley.
  • Relax at the Saline Warm Springs.
  • Explore the Owens River.
  • Camp in Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest.
  • Hike to Convict Lake.
  • Backpack to Duck Lake.
  • Hike to Devils Postpile Rainbow Falls.