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Is it OK to put a hot tub indoors?

Hot tubs require a well-ventilated area. This isusually less of a concern outdoors—as long as your spais placed in an open-air location, the fresh air will take care ofventilation. However, if you put your hot tubindoors, installing proper ventilation is a must in order tocirculate the hot, moist air.

In this regard, how do you maintain an indoor hot tub?

Don't bring that hot tub inside until you plan for wateraccess, drainage, flooring, moisture and air circulation.

  1. Choose the right indoor hot tub and contractor.
  2. Consider flooring and drainage around hot tub.
  3. Have easy access to water.
  4. Plan for moisture in the room.
  5. Install an exhaust fan.
  6. Ceiling fans keep it comfortable.

One may also ask, how far should a hot tub be from the house? You might also need a building permit before you canbegin your tub's installation. In some areas, includingMinnesota and California, you must set the tub back at least5 feet from your property line. For an above-ground hot tub,measure from your property line to the edge of the tub'sstructure.

Accordingly, can you put a portable hot tub in your basement?

A basement works well as a spot for a hottub. The concrete floor can handle theweight of the tub. But moving a hot tub indoors, toany room, presents some problems that can cause major damageto your home. A basement hot tub provides year-roundhot tubbing.

Can you put a hot tub in your garage?

Placing your hot tub in the garage can be a goodcompromise between the two options, as most garagesare well ventilated and are protected from the elements aswell. A hot tub in the garage can provide hours ofrecreation.

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How do I keep my hot tub water crystal clear?

Keep a Cloudy Hot Tub from Coming Back
  1. Fill your clean hot tub with filtered water.
  2. Create and follow a regular maintenance schedule to keep yourwater chemistry balanced, and everything clean and sanitary.
  3. Keep your filter clean.
  4. Maintain an appropriate level of sanitizer.
  5. Use a line flush product.
  6. Test your water.

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How often should you drain your hot tub?

For a typical family spa that formulashould be telling you to drain and refillyour hot tub about every three months. When youdecide to drain your hot tub, it's a good opportunityto give the plumbing and jets a thorough clean too.A spa with clean plumbing gives you clearer, fresherwater and better circulation.

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What's the difference between a hot tub and a Jacuzzi?

According to Wikipedia: a Hot Tub is a largetub or small pool full of heated water and used forhydrotherapy or pleasure. Some have jets for massage purposes.Hot tubs are sometimes also known as spas, or by the tradename Jacuzzi.

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How long do hot tubs last?

Inexpensive hot tubs that are not constructedwith quality materials may last only about five years. Atthe other end, hot tubs made with high-quality materialsthat also typically come with a long warranty and a highprice tag, can last 20 years or more. Mid-grade hottubs have an average lifespan of around 10 years.

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Should I leave my hot tub on all the time?

Yes, you should leave your hot tub on allof the time. Hot tubs are designed to always beswitched on and it's more economical to keep the waterhot than it is to heat it up from cold each time youwant to use it.

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How soon can you use hot tub after adding chemicals?

Just remember to shock the tub after eachuse and then it will have 24 hours or so for thechlorine levels to dissipate to safe levels. Just to be onthe safe side it's always worth doing a quick water testbefore you get into your hot tub to make sure thateverything is as it should be.

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How much does an indoor hot tub cost?

According to Popular Mechanics a hot tub as theone described above would cost around $3,500 to $8,000depending upon the total size and the number of jets and extrafeatures. The average "footprint 1" of such atub is around 5'x6' and 30' in depth.

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Is cloudy hot tub water safe?

The short answer to this question is no, cloudywater in your hot tub is not safe. Your hottub should be crystal clear when you go to use it and not fullof cloudy water you can hardly see through. When thewater in your hot tub is cloudy, it points tothe presence of a problem.

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Are inflatable hot tubs any good?

Despite this perhaps harsh claim, inflatable hottubs are relatively strong. The walls are rigid and are strongenough to sit on. If you follow some simple rules like nojewellery or glass and regularly maintain the filter and pumpsystems you should expect up to 5 years of good reliableservice from your spa.

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Do inflatable hot tubs work in winter?

Testing has proven to us that it is possible to use aninflatable hot tub in the cold weather, or in thewinter. The best portable hot tub pumps are strongenough to maintain max water temperature in ambient airtemperatures that are below freezing.

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How can I heat my hot tub faster?

Generally, a hot tub in good working conditionwill raise the water temperature between 3-6 degrees per hour. Tohelp your hot tub heat quicker, make sure to leave the coveron as heat can escape from the water surface. If your hottub is located outside, the air temperature also is afactor.

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What chemicals do I need for my inflatable hot tub?

  • Chlorine. Chlorine is the most popular inflatable hot tub watersanitizer by far.
  • Chlorine tablets. You use chlorine tablets in the plasticchemical floater that comes with your inflatable hot tub.
  • Chlorine granules.
  • Bromine.
  • Minerals.
  • Checking the correct levels of sanitizer.
  • Chlorine shock.
  • Bromine shock.

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How much is a 2 person hot tub?

Two-person Hot Tub AverageCosts
Two-person hot tubs typically range inprice from $3,000 to $7,000. At the lower end of thatprice range, you will get a small, basic hot tub withabout 10 jets and a simple seating arrangement.

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What is the deepest inflatable hot tub?

The Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub is one ofthe most popular inflatable hot tubs out there because ofits affordability, quality construction and Coleman's well-earnedreputation for customer service. This is a big hot tub thatmeasures 6 feet 4 inches across and 28 inchesdeep.

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Does a hot tub heat faster with jets on?

Heating your spa, with the spa cover on,will raise the water temperature at a faster ratethan heating without the spa cover. Do not run thejets when your spa is either heating up or is not inuse: The air generated from the jets cools the temperaturein the water.

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How much electric does a hot tub use?

The electricity cost of your hot tubdepends on several factors - the water temperature, the unit priceper kilowatt hour as well as how frequently you use yourhot tub. Typically, with a quality, energy efficient model,you can expect to pay less than $1 per day.

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Do you need a permit to have a hot tub?

According to the building code, (does not applyto all areas), a prefabricated swimming pool (and that wouldinclude hot tubs) installed above ground at a single-familyresidence does not require a building permit,unless the water capacity exceeds 5000 gallons.

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How much does it cost a month to run a hot tub?

Your hot tub electricity cost depends on afew factors: unit price per kilowatt hour, the temperatureyou heat the hot tub to and how often the tubis used. In advanced testing, we have found that it typicallycosts less than $1 per day to run a hot tub,with more recent spa models hovering around $23 permonth.