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Is Kodaikanal better than Ooty?

Last Updated: 12th March, 2020

Kodaikanal Pros:
Tourist rush is much lesser than Ooty. 3. Lesscommercialized and more 'closer to the nature' experience. In termsof greenery, Kodaikanal is far better thanOoty.

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Hereof, which is a better place Ooty or Kodaikanal?

Whether you choose Kodaikanal or Ooty forhoneymoon, the best season to visit both the destinations isthat of the summer season. Ooty can be best exploredfrom the months of March to June, and the best time to visitKodaikanal is that of June to September.

Subsequently, question is, what is the best time to visit Ooty and Kodaikanal? The best time to visit this beautiful hillstation is from October to June. In these months, the temperatureremains somewhere around 25°C which offers a pleasant weather.It is the best time for traveling and sightseeing. Duringthese months, nights are also comfortable.

Similarly, it is asked, is Ooty and Kodaikanal same?

Ooty and Kodaikanal Compare. On the other hand,Kodaikanal with the word meaning of "The Gift of the Forest"is often referred as "Princess of Hill stations". Ooty islocated at a distance of 105 km away from Coimbatore and is afamous hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu in SouthernIndia.

How far is Ooty from Kodaikanal?

250 km

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How many days are enough for Ooty?

Ooty can be covered easily in 1 to 2 days.Check out the 1 day Itinerary to help you plan your trip ina better way. If you wish to extend your stay than there is also ananother 2 days itinerary. To know more about Ooty andmajor tourist attractions, check out it's travelguide.

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Does Ooty have snow?

Ooty doesn't face snowfall. Thetemperature in December 2017 went as low as -5 degrees Celsiuswhich helped us witness help frost, which led to rumors ofsnowfall in Ooty. Ooty doesn't snow due to:High Altitude.

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Is Ooty safe now?

The crime rate in Ooty is low and it isreasonably safe. However, you should take care of thefollowing things: Avoid climbing the hills after 6 pm as the areabecomes dark due to the lack of proper lighting.

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Why is Ooty famous?

Known as a sacred place for the Toda people, PykaraRiver flows through the plateau and form several cascades andwaterfalls. The Pykara falls are one of the most popular touristattractions in Ooty and are famous for the sholatrees, Toda settlements and wildlife.

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Is Ooty good for honeymoon?

The largest rose garden in India is in Ooty,which is famed for more than 3600 varieties and species. You canplan a day picnic in the garden to spend a beautiful day with yourpartner. It is undeniably one of the best honeymoon placesin Ooty you can visit.

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Is Ooty worth visiting?

Yes, it is worth checking out, and thearea is certainly worth a visit, but Ootyitself. cold, wet and miserable, except for a few weeks of theyear. We loved Coonoor and its surroundings.

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Is Kodaikanal good for honeymoon?

Here are the some best place for Honeymooncouples in Kodaikanal: 1. Guna Cave: Located in the PillarRocks Road of Kodaikanal, its one of the beautifulhoneymoon spots in Kodaikanal and is an attractiveand scenic place to spend time with your loved one whileappreciating the beauty of the place.

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Which is the nearest airport to Kodaikanal?

The nearest airport to Kodaikanal is the Maduraiairport, which is located at a distance of 120 km fromKodaikanal. Other airports that are located withinclose proximity to Kodaikanal are Trichy airport andCoimbatore airport located 150 km and 175 km respectivelyaway from Kodaikanal.

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How can I go to Ooty from Kodaikanal?

There are no direct flights or trains or buses betweenOoty to Kodaikanal.The convenient, fastest andcheapest way to reach from Ooty to Kodaikanalis to take Tata Indica from Ooty toKodaikanal.

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Which is highest peak Ooty or Kodaikanal?

5. Perumal Peak. This peak lies in theWestern Ghats, in the picturesque Kodaikanal hill station ofTamil Nadu. It is at an elevation of 8,010 feet (2,440metres), and gives the best views of the Nilgirihills.

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What is the height of Kodaikanal Hills?

The town of Kodaikanal sits on a plateau abovethe southern escarpment of the upper Palani Hills at 2,133metres (6,998 ft), between the Parappar and Gundar Valleys. Thesehills form the eastward spur of the Western Ghats on thewestern side of South India.

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How can I go to Kodaikanal from Bangalore?

The aerial distance from Bangalore to Kodaikanalis 308 km while the road distance between Bangalore toKodaikanal is 462 km.By Train it is 421 Km. There is/are2 direct train(s) from Bangalore to Kodaikanal. Thesetrain(s) is/are Tuticorin Exp (16236) and Nagarcoil Exp(16339) etc.

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Which is better Coonoor or Ooty?

There is no much shopping you can do here. Other thanthese places, you can travel in the toy train from Coonoorto Ooty or Coonoor to Mettupalayam. Coonoor,as well as Ooty, are two great places to visit during yourholidays. If you are looking forward to visiting places andtravelling, Ooty is the best place foryou.

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Is Kodaikanal a good place?

35 Best Tourist Places to Visit inKodaikanal. Places to Visit in Kodaikanal:Kodaikanal Lake, Silver Cascade Falls, Bryant Park, DolphinsNose, Green Valley View, Kodaikanal Solar Observatory,Thalaiyar Falls, Berijam Lake and many more. Loaded with charm,Kodaikanal is a hill town in Tamil Nadu.

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How do I get to Kodaikanal?

Get in
  1. By plane. The closest airports to Kodaikanal are Trichy 150 km,Madurai 120 km and Coimbatore 175 km.
  2. By train. The nearest railway station is Kodai Road, at adistance of 100 km.
  3. By bus.
  4. By car.

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Which is the coolest place in South India?

Best Tourist Places In South India During Summer
  • Munnar, Kerala.
  • Yercaud, Tamil Nadu.
  • Coorg, Karnataka.
  • Alleppey, Kerala.
  • Nandi Hills, Karnataka.
  • Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu.
  • Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu.
  • Idukki, Kerala.

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Is one day enough for Kodaikanal?

In one day you can cover most of the places butnot berijam lake.The places which you can visit arekodaikanal lake,bryant park,dolphin nose,mount valleyview,vattakanal waterfalls,pillar rock,guna caves. But still itwould be hectic and I suggest 2 days are just perfect forkodaikanal.