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Is Kumaoni a language?

Kumaoni is an Indo-Aryan language spokenin the Kumaon region of Uttarkhand in northern India. It isalso spoken by Kumaonis resident in other Indian states; UttarPradesh, Assam, Bihar, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh.

Consequently, is garhwali a language or dialect?

????? ???) is a CentralPahari language belonging to the Northern Zone of Indo-Aryanlanguages. It is primarily spoken by over 2.5 millionGarhwali people who are from the Garhwal Division of thenorthern Indian state of Uttarakhand in the IndianHimalayas.

is the state language of Uttarakhand? Hindi is the official language of thestate of Uttarakhand, and even the illiterate canunderstand this language.

Consequently, what is the main language spoken in Uttarakhand?


What is the meaning of BAL in Kumaoni?

Our senior co-worker throws light at the two wordssaying that the word "bal" is from the Garhwal regionwhile "thehra"(not english 'still') is used in Kumaun. The cast ismade to use these two words to give a touch of the Uttarakhandidialect, if not in entirety, in pieces. Here's what 'Bal'means-

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What is the study of language called?

A linguist is someone who studies language.Linguists study every aspect of language, includingvocabulary, grammar, the sound of language, and how wordsevolve over time. The study of language is calledlinguistics, and people who study linguistics arelinguists.



What is the difference between Kumaon and Garhwal?

Ok Major difference between Garhwal andKumaon is there hills. Kumaon region is morebeautiful beacuase of its small hills as compared toGarhwal(other people can differ with me though i have nevertravelled Kumaon).One common thing about both regions ispeople are very simple ,deep rooted, down to earth andpoor.

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What is meaning of BAL in garhwali?

In Garhwali language, 'Bal 'means'that, or 'power'.

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What is the language spoken in Haryana?

Official languages in Haryana are Hindiand English. When it comes to spoken languages, peoplemainly speak Haryanvi, Hindi and Punjabi. Point to be noted here is: Haryanvi is not a language; its just a dialect of Hindi.And Haryanvi too varies as you move along districts.

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What is garhwali caste?

Sarola Brahmin, also called Saryul and Serul is aGarhwali Brahmin sub-caste from Uttarakhand, India.Sarola Brahmins were the earliest authenticated Brahmincastes in the then small Garhwal Kingdom 1200 yearsago.

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What is the historical name of Uttarakhand?

On November 9, 2000, the state of Uttaranchal—the27th state of India—was carved out of Uttar Pradesh, and inJanuary 2007 the new state changed its name toUttarakhand, meaning “northern region,” whichwas the traditional name for the area.

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What is famous in Uttarakhand?

Simply Heaven Uttarakhand or Uttaranchal is knownfor its natural beauty of the Himalayas, the Bhabhar and the Teraigrasslands and savannas. The Simply Heaven on earth,Uttarakhand is often referred to as the Devbhumi or Land ofthe Gods due to the many Hindu temples and pilgrimagecentre.

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What is the famous food of Uttarakhand?

Aaloo ke Gutke
One of the basic and most popular dishes inUttarakhand, Aaloo (Potatoes) ke Gutke is a simplepreparation where dry spices are roasted and used. Aaloo ke Gutkeare best served with Puri and Kheerein ka Raita (Cucumber and Curdpreparation). This dish is seen mostly served onfestivals.

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Why is Uttarakhand called Devbhumi?

Today, it is often called "the Land of the Gods"(Devbhumi) because of the presence of a multitude of Hindupilgrimage spots. Uttarakhand is known as Devbhumifrom ancient times.

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What is the state fruit of Uttarakhand?

Kaphal fruit is a globose, succulent drupe, witha hard endocarp. According to Ayurveda, it has two varieties basedon the colour of flower: Shweta (white) and Rakta (red). Kaphalfruit has a legendary status in the folklores and songs ofUttarakhand.

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Why was Uttaranchal changed to Uttarakhand?

Uttarakhand was the original name of the state,derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “Northern Land”.It was referred to as Uttarakhand in the Puranas, as well asthe early Hindu scriptures. The name Uttaranchal was givenby BJP when they constituted a separate State ReorganizationCommittee in 1998.

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How many blocks are there in Uttarakhand?

There are 13 districts in Uttarakhandwhich are grouped into two divisions— Kumaun andGarhwal.

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Which district is largest in Uttarakhand?

Uttarakhand is an State of India with population ofApproximate 1.01 Crores. The density of Uttarakhand state is189 per sq km. Uttarakhand State is spread over 53,483 SqKm.

High Literacy.
# District Literacy
1 Dehradun 84.25 %
2 Nainital 83.88 %
3 Chamoli 82.65 %
4 Pithoragarh 82.25 %

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Which government is in Uttarakhand?

Government of Uttarakhand
Governor Baby Rani Maurya
Chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat
Assembly Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly

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Which state language is Sanskrit?

Official status
In India, Sanskrit is among the 22 officiallanguages of India in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution.In 2010, Uttarakhand became the first state in India to makeSanskrit its second officiallanguage.

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How many states are there in Uttarakhand?

In the west, it touches Himachal Pradesh , and in thesouth, Uttarpradesh . The state spread over 53,566 squarekilometers is divided into two divisions of Garhwal and Kumaon andfurther divided into 13 districts.