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Is Legolas CGI in The Hobbit?

Given that The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug isset many, many years before the events of LOTRs, and Elves don'treally age anyway, AND quite a few years had passed since Bloomfilmed the final LOTRs movie, Jackson utilized heavy CGI tomake Legolas appear as if he never aged.

Also know, why is Legolas so angry in the Hobbit?

Legolas always wanted to talk more about losingher, but Thranduil refused. It's implied that Legolas wastoo young to know her very well, which helped causethis rift. Though his affection for Tauriel could be blamed for hisrebellion in The Hobbit, it was more likely due to thistension with his father.

is Legolas the same actor in The Hobbit? Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom (born 13 January 1977)is an English actor. After making his breakthrough asLegolas in The Lord of the Rings film series, he rose tofame by further appearing in epic fantasy, historical epic, andfantasy adventure films. He later reprised his role asLegolas in The Hobbit film series.

why are Legolas eyes different in the Hobbit?

(Legolas Wiki) Orlando hated the contacts he worein the Rings trilogy because they stung his eyes after along time of shooting the film. PJ changed Legolas'eyes in the Hobbit to distinguish him from from theSilvan elves of Mirkwood, as Thranduil and his son Legolasare both of the Sindarin.

Is Legolas in The Hobbit book?

Book: Legolas does not appear in TheHobbit; however, in The Lord of the Rings, he is identifiedas the son of Thranduil, who in The Hobbit appears as theElvenking.

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Why is tauriel not in Lord of the Rings?

Tauriel (who was male in the book, as 'Captain ofthe Guard') was not needed, because Arwen already filled the(unnecessary) role of convincing people to fight. Not tomention, the Hobbit split from the cannon in far greater ways thanthe Lord of the Rings movies did.

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Why didnt Aragorn go to the undying lands?

Why wasn't Arwen allowed to go to the undyinglands when she chose to stay with Aragorn? Could she nothave gone later like Legolas did after Aragorn had died? Theshort answer is that marriage to a mortal man means that she wasgranted a choice of being with him for Eternity or Only for a shortwhile on Middle Earth.

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Why is Arwen dying in Return of the King?

So Arwen is dying because she has chosento remain in Middle-earth after her father departs. In the books,Elrond told Aragorn he couldn't marry Arwen until he wasking, because Elrond didn't want Aragorn to becomedistracted from his main task of claiming the throne.

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How old was Legolas?

2931 years old

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Is Legolas a high elf?

Legolas himself probably doesn't date back thatfar, but his ancestry is in the ancient Sindarin kingdom of Doriath(his grandfather was Oropher, an Elf of Doriath, who musthave been of reasonably high birth, being accepted as kingof the Silvan Elves of the Greenwood in the SecondAge).

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How old was Aragorn during the Hobbit?

Yes, Aragorn would have been around at the timeof the Battle of the Five Armies' conclusion… but he wouldhave been about 10 years old. Aragorn was born in theyear 2931 in the era known as “the ThirdAge.”

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Is thranduil in Lord of the Rings?

Thranduil first appears as a character in TheHobbit, where he is not named. The name Thranduil firstappears in The Lord of the Rings, in which his title wasgiven as the King of the Elves of Northern Mirkwood.

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Is Aragorn in The Hobbit?

According to Viggo Mortensen — who playedAragorn in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy — he had afew chats with producers for The Hobbit trilogy aboutreprising his role as the iconic leader of men for the prequels.The prequel films are distinctly Aragorn-less.

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Does Legolas have a wife?

If he marries following the end of LotR, it's notmentioned. He could have married after arriving in theUndying Lands, but there would be no way for anyone to know. Forwhat it's worth, LotR fans, especially but not only movie fans, arefar more interested in Legolas that Tolkien everwas.

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What are the two Blue Wizards called?

Whilst in the essay on the Istari the BlueWizards are given no names, here they are called Alatarand Pallando. Oromë chose Alatar to send to Middle-earth (tocontest the will of Sauron), and Alatar decided to bring alongPallando as his friend.

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Who was king after Aragorn?

Aragorn, crowned King Elessar, ruled theReunited Kingdom of Arnor and Gondor until his death in the 120thyear of the Fourth Age. He ruled with his Queen Arwen, and theirson Eldarion succeeded Aragorn on his death.

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How old is Merry and Pippin?

Peregrin "Pippin" Took (Third Age 2990 -at least Fourth Age 63; 1390 - 1484 in Shire-reckoning,reaching at least 94-years-old) was one of the Hobbits inthe Fellowship of the Ring.

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Who did Legolas love?

But the trailers for Smaug have also hinted at alove story between Legolas and Evangeline Lilly's elfwarrior Tauriel, a character wholly invented for the film. Thatprospect, not surprisingly, has inspired bellyaching among somefans, but Bloom says the relationship is not thatsimple.

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Does Legolas love tauriel?

Legolas shut him down when he threatenedTauriel. You can literally see Thranduil shrink 2 feet.Legolas does not have the same respect for his fatheranymore. On top of that, Legolas' love interestdoes not love him back and there is no future forthem.

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What did Kili say to tauriel?

Modern english = My love. The word amrâlimêhas elvish roots, so Tauriel knows what he says. On a littlefan squealing note here: She knows, and when she denies it, heknows that she knows, resulting in his adorable.

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What happened to Smaug?

Smaug battles Thorin's small group of dwarveswhen they come to Bilbo's aid, before flying off to Lake-town. InThe Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Smaug attacksLake-town. He is killed by Bard with an elongated iron arrow andhis body falls on the boat carrying the fleeing Master ofLake-town.

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How did Aragorn and Arwen meet?

They first met in the gardens of Rivendell.Aragorn was 20 and had just been told by Elrond that he wasthe Heir of Isildur. Arwen was 2000+ years old, and had beenliving in Lothlorien with Galadriel, her grandmother. He andArwen met for the second time there, and this time they fellin love.