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Is pastime one or two words?

A pastime (Note the spelling with one s.)is a hobby, or, as the Oxford English Dictionary puts it,“a diversion or recreation which serves to pass the timeagreeably; an activity done for pleasure rather than work; ahobby; a sport, a game. It is past time for you to doyour pastime.

Beside this, what is considered a pastime?

A pastime is any hobby or activity that you do topass the time. Usually, people enjoy their pastimes. Whenbaseball was more popular, it was called the "nationalpastime," because so many people enjoyed watching or playingit. Baseball is still a major pastime, as are many othersports.

Additionally, how do you use pastime in a sentence? pastimes Sentence Examples
  1. His pastimes in the latest years were as singular as hislabours.
  2. Riding horses was one of her favorite pastimes, and the countryout that way was gorgeous - winter or summer.
  3. The principal pastimes are gambling, boat-racing, cockandfishfighting and kite-flying, and a kind of football.

Herein, what does my favorite pastime mean?

Definition of pastime. : something thatamuses and serves to make time pass agreeably : diversion Herfavorite pastime is gardening. Baseball has been anational pastime for many years.

What is the difference between hobby and pastime?

A hobby is a regular activity that is done forenjoyment, typically during one's leisure time. A pastime issomething that you do in your spare time, Pass time is somethingthat serves to make time pass agreeably, a pleasant means ofamusement, recreation, or sport, to play cards as apastime.

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What is the synonym of pastime?

Synonyms and Near Synonyms ofpastime
hobby, hobbyhorse. dalliance, frolic, frolicking, fun,fun and games, play, recreation, relaxation, rollicking, sport.gamboling (or gambolling), romping. amusement, diversion,entertainment. delight, enjoyment, pleasance,pleasure.

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What's America's favorite pastime?

Football has been the most popular in the UnitedStates with its bone-crushing hits and high-flying action. However,baseball has long been considered America's pastime, withits rich history of almost mythical characters and dramaticmoments.

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What is American pastime?

American Pastime is a 2007 film set in the TopazWar Relocation Center, a Utah prison camp which held thousands ofpeople during the internment of Japanese Americans duringWorld War II.

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Why Baseball is called America pastime?

It's called a pastime for a reason. Unlikefootball and basketball, baseball has been around since the19th century. Although professional baseball had yet to beestablished, the sport was around during the Civil War. Footballand basketball wouldn't take off until the mid-20thcentury.

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What is known as America's pastime?

I'm Steve Ember. Baseball is a sport that began in theeastern United States in the 1800s. It became known as the"national pastime," a game that millions of people continueto enjoy each spring and summer. Major league baseball recentlyopened its new season.

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What is America's favorite pastime sport?

Football is still America's favorite sport— and baseball is striking out, according to a new Galluppoll.

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What are some of your favorite pastimes?

What Do Your Favorite Pastimes Say AboutYour Personality? Whether it's reading, listening, watching,creating, walking, gaming or something else entirely, stopping toponder and reflect on our pastimes can teach us much aboutour own personalities. We all have our favoritepastimes and hobbies.

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What is America's sport?

Sport Favorite sport Major professional league
American football 37% NFL
Basketball 11% NBA
Baseball/Softball 9% MLB
Soccer 7% MLS

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What is the synonym of hobby?

avocation, pastime, diversion, sideline, side interest,leisure-time activity, personal obsession, specialty, whim, fad,unremunerative occupation, favorite occupation, favorite pursuit,pet topic, fancy, caprice, relaxation, whimsy, labor of love, play,craze, divertissement (French), sport, amusement, quest,craft,

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Is pastime a compound word?

You can use pastime as a noun in asentence. A compound word, pastime has more than oneword within it. There's 2 words which are pas, andtime.

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Is it time has past or passed?

Remember that no matter however you havepassed the time” you have never“past the time,” not even in the distantpast. “Past” can be an adjective, a noun,a preposition, or an adverb, but never a verb. If you need to writethe past tense of the verb “to pass,” use“passed.”

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What is past tense with examples?

For example: The past tense of GO is WENT.It does not end in –ED so it is considered irregular. Theword went is used for all subjects – I, you, we, they, he,she, it.

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Had done or have done?

Have done --- Have done is a presentperfect tense, generally it is used when the action iscompleted recently/just now. Had done-- Haddone is a past perfect tense, generally refers to somethingwhich happened earlier in the past, before another action alsooccured in the past.

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What's your favorite past time mean?

A pastime (Note the spelling with one s.)is a hobby, or, as the Oxford English Dictionary putsit, “a diversion or recreation which serves to passthe time agreeably; an activity done for pleasure rather thanwork; a hobby; a sport, a game. Past timemeans, essentially, you should have done something beforenow.

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How do you use fun in a sentence?

fun Sentence Examples
  1. We had fun together.
  2. We began to have fun together.
  3. I think they are all having fun with Alex.
  4. I just thought it would be fun for the man to tell the wifethis for once.
  5. Don't make fun of dreams.
  6. Or are you just tormenting me for the fun of it?
  7. We do have fun with Jumbo.

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How do you use the word rare in a sentence?

rare Sentence Examples
  1. You have a rare ability among our kind.
  2. He let a rare smile cross his face.
  3. She was also able to turn objects into something else, a raretalent.
  4. The table was decorated with rare and beautiful plants andflowers.
  5. "He looks so un-dead-dead," Death said, a rare trace ofinterest in her sweet voice.

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Is a sport a hobby?

Some hobbies are sports; somehobbies are not. (Though pretty much every sport willbe also be played at a hobby level.)“Hobby” is something you do for fun, rather thanas your primary vocation. “Sport” is a physicalactivity, generally involving some kind of physical skill andexertion*.

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What are interests and hobbies?

Hobbies vs. interests
Hobbies and interests are closely relatedbut may not always be the same. Hobbies are activities thatyou engage in, while interests are passive ideas or topics.For example, you might list “international travel” as ahobby if it's something you doregularly.