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Is Petrified an adjective?

Last Updated: 28th May, 2020

petrified adjective (FRIGHTENED)
extremely frightened: She's petrified of beingonher own in the house at night.

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Beside this, what does the adjective petrified mean?

extremely frightened, especially so that you cannotmoveor decide what to do. petrified of: Sheisabsolutely petrified of snakes. Afraidandfrightened:afraid, frightened, scared science apetrifiedplant or animal has died and graduallychanged intostone.

Also, is groggily a word? staggering, as from exhaustion or blows: aboxergroggy from his opponent's hard left jab. dazedandweakened, as from lack of sleep: Late nights always makemegroggy the next morning.

Also question is, what part of speech is petrified?


part of speech: transitive verb
definition 3: to daze or paralyze, as with terror or astonishment. Thesuddenscream in the night petrified all the campers.The news ofthedisaster petrified us. similar words: astonish, astound,daze,frighten, immobilize, paralyze, stun, terrify
part of speech: intransitive verb

What is the mean of scared?

scare. Scare is a verb that meansfrightenor intimidate. You might be embarrassed to admit that youdon'twant to go to the beach with your friends because of howmuchseagulls scare you.

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What is the mean of frightened?

adjective. thrown into a fright; afraid;scared;terrified: a frightened child cowering in thecorner.afraid; fearful (usually followed by of): He has alwaysbeenfrightened of heights.

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What does petrified mean in Harry Potter?

—Albus Dumbledore onpetrification[src] Petrificationis the processof being turned to stone. The only proven causes ofpetrificationare the gaze of the Gorgon and the Basilisk, thelatter only whenreflected in or seen through anotherobject.

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What does petrified wood mean?

Petrified wood (from the Latin root petromeaning"rock" or "stone"; literally "wood turned intostone") isthe name given to a special type of fossilized remainsofterrestrial vegetation. It is the result of a tree ortree-likeplants having completely transitioned to stone by theprocess ofpermineralization.

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What does petrified fossil mean?

Petrified fossils form when minerals replacethestructure of an organism. This process, calledpermineralization,occurs when groundwater solutions saturate theremains of buriedplants or animals. As the water evaporates theminerals remain,eventually filling in the spaces left as theorganism slowlydecays.

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What is a petrified oak slab in Minecraft?

Petrified Oak Slab is a slab addedbyvanilla Minecraft. It is a stone slab withawooden texture, that cannot burn and needs a Pickaxetobreak. It is only available in the creativeinventory.

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Who was petrified by the basilisk?

Known victims
Victim Circumstances
Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington Saw the basilisk directly, but as a ghost he could notdieagain.
Justin Finch-Fletchley Saw the basilisk through Nick, who was transparent, did notseethe basilisk directly.
Hermione Granger Saw the basilisk in Penelope's mirror, while near theHogwartslibrary.

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What's the difference between petrified and fossilized?

When a fossil organism is subjected tomineralreplacement, it is said to be petrified. Forexample,petrified wood may be replaced with chalcedony, orshellsreplaced with pyrite. This means that out of allfossils,only the creature itself could be fossilizedbypetrification. But "petrified" has a nice soundtoit.