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Is Porterweed a perennial?

Last Updated: 18th April, 2020

Deep velvety purple blooms are produced continuously from spring to fall on this upright to spreading perennial. In zone 10 it is likely to be a reliable perennial if not evergreen. Porterweed is known to reseed particularly in mild winter climates.

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Also asked, how do you care for a Porterweed plant?

Blue porterweed plants grow best in full sun to partial shade. When they are first planted, they need moist soil but, once established, they can handle drought quite well. They can tolerate salty conditions too. If you're planting them as groundcover, space the plants out by 2.5 to 3 feet (.

Also Know, is Porterweed invasive? jamaicensis as both have the distinctive purplish-blue flowers. S. cayennensis, however, is a Category II FLEPPC listed invasive species and should not be planted. Blue porterweed is often available at nurseries that specialize in native plants.

Also to know is, do butterflies like Porterweed?

An evergreen perennial that blooms nearly year-round in many places, its blue flowers attract bees and butterflies. A host plant for the tropical buckeye, blue porterweed also attracts large orange sulphurs, clouded skippers, gulf fritillaries, red admirals, and julias.

Is Porterweed edible?

Locally we have two versions, a native which grows low, and a tall cultivated one. The flowers on both are edible, and the odd part is they taste like raw mushrooms. As with many delicate flavors the nose is quite involved and it takes a few moments for the flavor to come through.

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How do you prune Porterweed?

Add top soil or organic peat humus to the hole when you plant. You can also add in composted cow manure, as well. You may want to trim the shrub occasionally to keep it shaped. Cut it back hard in spring (late March or early April) to encourage new growth to keep it full and bushy.

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How tall are Porterweed?

blue porterweed
Mounding plant to 12 feet tall and wide, with dull green, coarsely toothed, pointed-oval leaves to 3 inches long. Slender flower spikes resembling a rat's tail rise at least a foot above the foliage.

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Is Porterweed native to Florida?

Plant Description:
Porterweed is an annual in North Florida, but may overwinter if protected from the cold. The Florida native S. jamaicensis has a low- growing, sprawling habit and stays below 1 foot tall not including its blue-flowered spikes. Commonly cultivated exotic species include S.