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Is saavn paid now?

Saavn, one of the leading online music streamingapps, is now JioSaavn. Jio Music app, on the other hand, hasbeen rebranded. As a complimentary gift, the Jio customers cannow avail 90 days of premium membership, JioSaavn Pro, asper the app listing on App Store.

Correspondingly, is saavn free now?

Saavn App now free. JioSaavn (formerlyknown as Saavn & JioMusic) is an Indian music streamingservice and a digital distributor of Bollywood, English and otherregional Indian music across the world. It's free now. Nosubscription payment needed anymore.

Furthermore, which music app is best? The 8 Best Music Download Apps for Android andiOS
  1. Spotify. Spotify is currently the most popular streamingservice.
  2. Apple Music. If you have gone all-in on the Apple ecosystem,Apple Music is the best option for you.
  3. Amazon Music.
  4. Pandora.
  5. SoundCloud.
  6. Slacker Radio.
  7. Google Play Music.
  8. YouTube Music.

Also know, is saavn free with Jio?

Reliance Jio and Saavn have released a newintegrated platform offering Jio users a 90-day freepremium services of JioSaavn Pro, the streaming service's premiumproduct. The service will be offered on a 'freemium' model in Indiawith all users having access to the ad-supportedproduct.

Is JioSaavn free after 90 days?

As a complimentary gift, the Jio customers can now avail90 days of premium membership, JioSaavn Pro, as perthe app listing on App Store.

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Did Jio buy saavn?

So far, JioMusic is only available to Jiosubscribers. BENGALURU| MUMBAI: India's largest company RelianceIndustries set the country's digital sector aflutter late lastmonth, by announcing that its music streaming unit would merge withSaavn India, creating a new entity deemed to be worth $1billion.

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Is saavn free in India?

Now, talking about India-based music services,you can use them anytime as the audio streaming is free.Both Saavn and Gaana offer the music library of roughly thesame size with around 30 million songs.

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What is JioSaavn pro?

JioSaavn Pro is our premium subscription service!It's your all-access pass to tons of features. Unlimited downloadsfor offline listening. Beautiful 320kbps audio.

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How do I cancel my saavn subscription?

  1. Open Google Play.
  2. Tap on the Menu.
  3. Select "My Subscriptions"
  4. Select Saavn.
  5. Scroll down and tap "Cancel Subscription"

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Is JioSaavn free for Jio users Quora?

Current JioMusic and Saavn users shall migrate tothe integrated JioSaavn platform and Jio subscriberswould enjoy seamless access to the integrated app. Additionally, aspart of this launch, Jio users will also get a 90-dayextended free trial of JioSaavn Pro, the streamingservice's premium product.

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How can I get caller tune from Jio saavn?

How to Activate Caller Tune using Jio Saavn MusicApp?
  1. First, download or the Jio Saavn Music app on your Android oriOS smartphone.
  2. Login using your My Jio account credentials.
  3. Search and select the song you wish to set as caller tune.
  4. Hit the 'Set as JioTune' button a preview will pop up.

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What Spotify free?

With the Spotify free plan, you can access allplaylists, discover new music and share tunes with friends. You canalso play any playlist, album, or artist but only while in ShufflePlay mode. Spotify is free to use on mobile, desktopor tablet - so it's accessible with ease, wherever youare.

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Is Caller Tune in Jio free?

Reliance Jio provides its customers withfree access to its suite of apps and free SMSs alongwith the 4G data and unlimited voice calling. Now, you canset caller tunes to your number free of cost so thatusers hear the song when they call you.

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Is saavn and Jio saavn same?

Reliance Industries Ltd has merged its two musicstreaming service — JioMusic and Saavn into one,months after RIL bought Saavn for $104 million and said thatit would be merging the two. The new app is called JioSaavn(no surprises there) and is downloadable on all app stores,including the Jio app store and JioPhone.

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Is got free for Jio users?

Jio users get access to live sports, prime timeepisodes and selected Indian movies for free. If you are aJio user, you will need a Hotstar Premium membership towatch premium English content.

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Who is the owner of gaana?'s founding member Avinash Mudaliarquits; Pawan Agarwal appointed new head. Avinash Mudaliar, head andalso part of the founding team of, the musicstreaming service from the stable of Times Internet Ltd (thedigital arm of the Times of India group), has left thecompany.