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Is spectracide Triazicide granules safe for pets?

Last Updated: 14th August, 2021

With most insecticides, such as Spectracide Triazicide Once & Done Insect Killer Concentrate, it is safe for pets to be back into the treated area after it has completely dried.

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Keeping this in view, is spectracide Triazicide safe for plants?

Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer For Lawns & Landscapes (Ready-to-Use) features a long-lasting formula that kills 130+ listed insects on contact. It is ideal for use on lawns and landscapes. It is formulated for use in home lawns, trees, shrubs, roses, flowers and vegetables.

Furthermore, how long after spraying pesticides is it safe for pets? Take Precautions when Using Pesticides Keep your dog away from treated areas for at least as long as the package label suggests; longer is better. Lawn chemicals have been found to stay on grass for at least 48 hours after application.

People also ask, how do you use spectracide Triazicide granules?

Directions For Applying Apply a 3- to 5-foot band of granules next to the house foundation. Distribute granules uniformly. Water lightly immediately after application. Apply at the rate of 0.8 lb per 1,000 sq ft (an area 5 ft x 200 ft).

Is Triazicide harmful to humans?

When used as labeled, the Triazicide products bearing updated labeling (stickered and/or revised) prohibiting application of the products to lawns within 100 feet of a coastal marsh, or stream that drains directly into a coastal marsh should not cause unreasonable adverse effects to humans or the environment.

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How long does it take spectracide Triazicide to work?

Spectracide Triazicide Once & Done Insect Killer Concentrate starts to affect insects as soon as it is applied and they contact the treated surface. It has a residual of up to 8 weeks.

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Can I use Triazicide granules in my garden?

Answer: Spectracide Triazicide Once & Done Insect Killer Concentrate can be applied to vegetable gardens for grubs. Please refer to the product label to ensure your veggies are listed. For the best grub control apply July through October.

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How often can you spray Triazicide?

Answer: Spectracide Triazicide Once & Done Insect Killer Concentrate can be reapplied every 30 days as needed up to 7 times per year.

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What insects does spectracide Triazicide kill?

Spectracide Triazicide Once & Done Insect Killer Concentrate has a quick-acting formula which kills and repels over 180 tough outdoor insects including ants, roaches, crickets, grasshoppers, earwigs, mites, ticks, and stink bugs on contact.

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How long does spectracide last?

Spectracide Weed & Grass Killer kills down to the root and delivers visible results in as fast as 3 hours. Plant new flowers, trees and shrubs in the treated area after just 1 day.

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How do you mix spectracide Triazicide insect killer?

Mix 1.5 fl oz (3 Tbsp) in 1 gallon of water and apply to 300 sq ft. Apply when insects appear or when damage occurs. Spray to wet all infested plant surfaces. Do not apply more than five times per growing season to corn.

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Does spectracide kill plants?

Spectracide® Weed & Grass Killer2 (Ready-to-Use) This product is a non-selective herbicide that will kill any vegetation contacted. It enters plants through the leaves and moves down to the roots. Avoid direct spray or drift onto desirable plants, lawn grasses, shrubs, and trees.

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Does Triazicide kill fleas and ticks?

Yes, Triazicide will kill adult fleas and flea larvae outdoors only. It is a very broad spectrum insecticide designed to kill a wide variety of insects. FYI - Triazicide is not considered professional use, and is strictly a retail product. It is probably 60% effective against fleas outdoors in my opinion.

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Do you water in Triazicide?

Answer: Per the Spectracide Triazicide Once & Done Insect Killer Concentrate Label it depends on what you are treating for in your lawn. For subsurface insect control (mole crickets, grubs), water treated area with additional ¼ to ½ inch of water for optimum results.

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When should I apply insecticide to my lawn?

The final approach is to do nothing (in regards to insecticides) and repair damaged lawn areas when grub damage occurs. Late June to early August is the best time to apply a preventive insecticide. Several insecticides are available to commercial applicators for prevention of white grubs.

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What is the best lawn bug killer?

6 Best Insect Killers for Lawn in 2019
  • EcoSMART Organic Insect Killer.
  • Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer For Lawns and Landscapes (Top Choice)
  • Bonide Insect & Grub Control Granules.
  • Ortho Bug B Gon Insect Killer for Lawns and Gardens.
  • Bayer Complete Insect Killer for Soil and Turf.
  • Sevin Insecticide Lawn Granules.

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How do I rid my yard of millipedes?

How to Get Rid of Millipedes in Your House
  1. Remove moisture from foundation or crawl space.
  2. Use properly functioning gutters, down spouts and splash blocks to keep water away from your foundation wall.
  3. Repair leaky faucets, water pipes and air conditioning units.
  4. Adjust your sprinkler system to minimize water pooling on your lawn.

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How long should I wait after spraying pesticides?

It is important to wait at least 3 hours before you go into your home to allow the pesticide to dry, and limit your exposure.

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How long should dogs stay off fertilized grass?

Fertilizers come in two types: granules or water-based products (that are directly sprayed onto the lawn). Fertilizers look scary – they often are applied by lawn services with warning signs stating that children and pets should be kept off the grass for at least 72 hours.

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Are pesticides harmful to dogs?

Toxicity to pets
Most pesticides or insecticides (typically those that come in a spray can) are basic irritants to dogs and cats, and result in clinical signs of drooling, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

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What pesticide is safe for pets?

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is harmless to dogs and humans, but deadly to many insect pests. The food-grade DE, which is the type to use in your yard, is safe enough to eat. In fact, you can rub it into your dog's coat to keep fleas and ticks away.

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How long do pesticides last?

Under most situations we would encounter in an agricultural setting, a pesticide half-life can range from a few hours to 4-5 years. Most pesticides are broken down by microbes in the soil, so environmental conditions that reduce microbial activity (cold, dry conditions) will extend pesticide remaining in the soil.

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