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Is the Otterbox symmetry protective?

It's not super bulky and has a good deal ofprotection.Obviously the Symmetry line isn't as rugged asthe Defenderline but the Symmetry line offers "SlimProtection".Symmetry Series is the slim protectiveiPhone X casethat turns the ordinary into theextraordinary.

Subsequently, one may also ask, is OtterBox symmetry case good?

The Otterbox Symmetry is a decentcase.However, the back of the case is quite slick soit willslide around a bit more than the Otterbox Commuter.Also,the corners are slick which means there is a higher chancethat thecase will fall out of your hand. With that beingsaid, it isa good case for an office dweller.

Likewise, what is OtterBox symmetry? Otterbox Symmetry Series for iPhone review:Slimand stylish protection. Otterbox is a trusted name iniPhoneprotection, but we usually think of the rugged, bulkyDefenderseries cases when their name comes up.

Simply so, which OtterBox case is the most protective?

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: OtterBox Commuter Series.
  • Best Budget: OtterBox Symmetry Series Case.
  • Best iPhone Protection: OtterBox Defender Series.
  • Best Android Protection: OtterBox Defender Series.
  • Best Modular Case: OtterBox uniVERSE Series.
  • Best Folio: OtterBox Strada Series.

What is the OtterBox drop protection?

OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection istheseal of engineered confidence that demonstratesOtterBoxcase designs undergo a myriad of tests to providelasting, trustedprotection from drops, bumps,scratches anddings.

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Does OtterBox symmetry have a screen protector?

For screen protection, the onlytwoOtterbox cases that come with screen protectorsarethe Commuter and Defender. The Commuter is stickyscreenprotector where the Defender is built intothecase.

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What's better Otterbox Defender or symmetry?

The Otterbox Symmetry from Outerbox ismadeslimmer than the Defender series. The case is also madeforpeople out there looking for style and light weight cases.Withone-piece design and slimmer than the Defender series,theSymmetry cases still can protect from a high drop, justin astylish way.

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Does the Otterbox symmetry clear case turn yellow?

Symmetry Series Clear Crystal is madefroma specially formulated material withanti-yellowingproperties, without which the casewould "yellow"from exposure to UV light over time,defeating the concept ofclearly displaying iPhone's flatteringfinishes.

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Why is a transparent case yellow?

The main reason is because of theultravioletradiation of the sun. If you usually use your smartphonewith thecase in outdoor, the case will turnyellowafter a long time exposes under the sun. Of course, UVradiationisn't the only element that can cause plastics andpolymers toage.

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What is the best phone case?

Our Top Picks
  • Best for Samsung Galaxy Note8: Spigen Tough Armor Case.
  • Best for LG V40 ThinQ: OtterBox Defender Series.
  • Best for LG G7 ThinQ: DUX DUCIS Layered Folio Case.
  • Best for LG Stylo 4: Zizo Bolt Case.
  • Best for LG V30: Spigen Liquid Crystal Case for LG V30.

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What is an Otterbox made of?

The type of plastic used to make the coloredOtterBoxesis an ABS plastic that’s reinforcedwithfiberglass. The type of plastic used to make clear OtterBoxesishigh impact polycarbonate. All Otter Boxes (regardless ofmaterialused) offer the same protection.

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Do Otterbox cases work?

The OtterBox isn't winning fans on accident,itdoes work really well and lives up to the claims itmakes.Not only does it work in the short term as farasprotecting your phone from individual incidents, it'salsoeffective for the long term, providing protection overthelife of your phone.

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Which is the toughest OtterBox?

Otterbox Defender Series Case
Many people consider Otterbox to be thegoldstandard when it comes to rugged protection for your iPhone,andthe Defender Series is the toughest case it offers.Itboasts a layered design with a durable siliconeslipcoversurrounded by a polycarbonate shell.

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Will OtterBox replace my phone if it breaks?

Otterbox doesn't replace yourphone,just the case. They will replace the caseif it hassome kind of malfunction but idk about yourphone. No,only the Otterbox case is under theirwarranty.

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Can I use a screen protector with Otterbox Defender?

Personally the otterbox defender is strongenoughwithout tempered glass. Alternatively, you can usezagg HDdry screen protector which will protect yourglassfrom scratches.

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Which Otterbox case is waterproof?

OtterBox has quietly exited thewaterproofcase market, leaving that sort of protection toLifeProof, theSan Diego company Otter Products acquired in2013.OtterBox Preserver waterproof case won't be madefornew phones, but still available for iPhone 5/5s andGalaxyS5.



What is otterbox Screenless edition?

OtterBox Defender Overview
The Otter Box Defender Series ScreenlessEditionCase for Samsung Galaxy S9 features an inner syntheticrubberslipcover, and outer polycarbonate hardshell. Thiscombination ofmaterials is meant to help absorb shock, preventingdamage thatcould come from accidental drops andfalls.

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What is the difference between the defender and Defender Pro otterbox?

Both are made from Synthetic rubber andPolycarbonateshell, both block the port covers. And both haveOtterboxCertified drop+ Protection. The main differenceis that thedefender uses the rubber on the outside andtheCommuter on the inside.

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Does otterbox have a lifetime warranty?

Otter Products, LLC and its affiliatedcompaniesworldwide (“OtterBox”) warrantsOtterBoxproducts against defects in material or workmanshipfor a period ofone year from the original date of purchase of theproduct by aconsumer (the “Warranty Period”). Ihavesent in the requested information on mywarrantyclaim.

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Do Lifeproof cases protect the screen from cracking?

Both case types are waterproof, drop-proof,shockproof, slim and tough but the biggest difference is thattheLifeProof Nuud cases do not include ascreenprotector. If you are prone to cracked orbrokenscreens the LifeProof Fre is the clear choiceforyou.

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How much did Otterbox buy Lifeproof for?

Terms of the deal weren't disclosed, but it was likelyinthe tens of millions of dollars and perhaps even more. In2012,OtterBox had approximately $600 million in revenues.Thatwas up from $10.8 million in 2008. Yes, the iPhone-case game isbigbusiness.

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Can you put a PopSocket on OtterBox?

PopSockets makes those round pop-up disksyoucan stick on the back of your phone to get an extra gripwhentaking selfies or to use as a kickstand. This new Otter + Popcaseis an OtterBox Symmetry case with a PopSocketPopGripbuilt right in. The PopGrip holds a PopTop securelyinplace.

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What is OtterBox Commuter Series?

Commuter Series by OtterBox is builtforbusiness. Featuring a durable, two-layer construction,CommuterSeries withstands serious drops and falls so yourIPhone 6/6sremains damage free.

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What is Alpha glass?

Protect your touchscreen against scratches andscrapeswith Alpha Glass for Apple iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus.Fortified,anti-shatter glass defends your display —reactivetouch retains sensitivity. Plus, you get options: CrystalClear forimmaculate clarity, or Privacy Glass forultimatediscretion.