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Is there a new Waterloo Road?

When the first episode of Waterloo Roadsuddenly turned up on its YouTube page a short time later, fansasked directly if indeed a revival is in the works. Sadly,the answer is no. Responding directly to fans, a member ofWaterloo Road's social media team clarified: "Thereare currently no plans for a new series.

Moreover, is Waterloo Road ever coming back?

Waterloo Road, BBC One's long-running schooldrama, has "reached the end of its lifecycle" and will not returnafter series 10. The BBC One drama will come to an end afterthe 10th season, which is currently being filmed and will begin inthe autumn. Waterloo Road launched in 2006 and built up aloyal fanbase.

Likewise, when did Waterloo Road end? March 9, 2015

Consequently, is Waterloo Road a real school?

Waterloo Road Comprehensive School is aschool for pupils aged between 12 and 17. From Series 1 toSeries 7, the school was located in Rochdale, GreaterManchester, England. It was located on the fictionalWaterloo Estate. From Series 8 to Series 10 theschool was located in Greenock, Scotland.

What channel was Waterloo Road on?

BBC One BBC Three

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Did Waterloo Road move Scotland?

Waterloo Road stars past and present have reactedwith shock at news that the award-winning TV drama is movingfrom Rochdale to Scotland. The show, which is now filmingits seventh series at the former Hill Top Primary School inKirkholt, will move across the border in April nextyear.

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Why does Waterloo Road move to Scotland?

BBC One's Waterloo Road is set to relocatefrom Rochdale to Scotland for its eighth series. Theinspiration for Waterloo Road came from its creator, AnnMcManus, who spent several years teaching in Glasgow secondaryschools.”

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How many seasons of Waterloo Road is there?

Waterloo Road (TV series)
Waterloo Road
No. of series 10
No. of episodes 200 (list of episodes)
Production location(s) Rochdale, England (1–7) Greenock, Scotland(8–10)

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How many episodes of Waterloo Road are there?


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Who wrote Waterloo Road?

Ann McManus
Maureen Chadwick

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Where was Waterloo Road Rochdale filmed?

Waterloo Road was filmed at Hill Topprimary school on Hill Top Drive in Rochdale for a whole 6years where the set grew as Waterloo Road.

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How did Tom Clarkson die?

Tom Clarkson
Thomas Clarkson
Last Appearance Series 8 Episode 30 (Hero)
Cause/Reason Accidentally fell to his death from the school roof aftersaving Kyle Stack from committing suicide
Born 19 March 1974
Died 4 July 2013 (aged 39)

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Who died in Waterloo Road lorry crash?

Waterloo Road's Alec Newman has confirmed that DenzilKelly dies in the lorry accident seen at the end of the lastseries.

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Is Waterloo Road on Netflix?

Waterloo Road ran for 10 series, 200 episodes andexactly 9 years. Reruns air on CBS Drama in the UK. As of May 2017Series One episodes have been uploaded to the Waterloo RoadYouTube channel. We think Waterloo Road should be onNetflix by the end of this year if it's bought byNetflix from BBC.

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Will there be an Ackley Bridge Series 4?

Ackley Bridge is a British television dramaseries set in a multicultural academy school of the samename, broadcast on Channel 4 from 7 June 2017. A thirdseries consisting of eight episodes was confirmed on 21August 2018, which was broadcast from 18 June 2019 to 6 August2019.

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How many episodes are there in season 2 of Waterloo Road?

Waterloo Road (series 2)
No. of episodes 12
Original network BBC One
Original release 18 January – 26 April 2007